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A Look At One Of The “Other” Biker Gangs – The Blue Knights

We’ve all heard of biker gangs, the famous/notorious 1%ers. These motorcycle clubs (M/C), called names like Hells Angels, Bandidos, Rebels, etc are common place, you will find them all over the world. The term 1%er was coined by the AMA when one of the gangs came into the news after some violence. AMA stated that they represented 1% of the motorcycle population. And the term stuck.  READ ON

Road warriors love their 'geezer glides'

They may look like aging outlaws, but coffee - not whisky - is the "road pop" of choice for a group of about 150 Vancouver Harley-Davidson enthusiasts who meet up regularly for dry social events and group tours.

Larry Davidson, 62, and Darcy Biagioni, 56, are part of the 56-and-over age group whose ownership of motorcycles has exploded in B.C. in the past decade. They hang out almost every other day and ride together in fair weather as paying members of the Vancouver chapter of the Harley Owners Group, made up of older riders from all walks of life who congregate at their informal clubhouse - Trev Deeley's motorcycle dealership on Boundary Road. READ ON

Love of bikes lasts for a century

There is more to motorcycling than the mud, the tricks and the tracks, as Lucy Townend finds out.

For a group of motorcycle enthusiasts that has been around for 102 years, the Manawatu-Orion Motorcycle Club (MOMCC) isn't doing too badly.

The fundamentals are the same - riders on motorbikes racing around - but the how and what those riders do has evolved over the years.

Manawatu-Orion Motorcycle Club patron, and life member, Errol Conaghan has been involved for more than 40 years and has seen it all. READ ON