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Electric Motorcycles

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Johammer J1 Electric MotorcycleFor those of us who are avid fans of motorcycles, changing the game, the design, and the concept of motorcycles is not something we take lightly. Well today we’ve got something that is sure to turn some heads, change some opinions, and provide a greener approach to the motorcycle world. Today we get a first look at the interesting, eye-catching, and stunning, Johammer J1 electric motorcycle. READ ON

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LITO Green Motion SORAIn a country where winter never seems to end, it takes a pretty passionate bunch of people to develop an all-new motorcycle, especially an electric one.

The folks at LITO Green Motion did just that, and their premium motorbike is called the SORA. Apart from the drivetrain and battery cells, all its components are made in Quebec, and the bike is also assembled in La Belle Province. READ ON

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The Brammo Empulse is one badass electric motorcycle, and this cutaway video goes beneath the skin of this electric crotch rocket to show what makes it go.

As we covered in our reviews, the Brammo Empulse is no joke on either the streets or the race track. But what makes it all go? That’s where Brammo’s Brian Wismann comes in, as he takes us on a technical overview of the high-tech inner workings that make the Empulse one of the best electric motorcycles on the market. READ ON

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2014 Brammo Empulse2014 Brammo Empulse and Empulse R

This week, Brammo released information on its 2014 Empulse and Empulse R electric motorcycles.

These Empulse bikes, which feature a water-cooled engine, six-speed transmission and integrated J1772 rapid charging, are both evolutions of the 2013 models. READ ON

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2014 electric motorcycles: buyer’s guideElectric motorcycles are now ready for primetime, and this year’s selection shows that the pace of development is quick. This buyer’s guide focuses on street-legal, highway-ready motorcycles.
There are many two-wheeled electric vehicles out there that are more properly considered scooters or dirt bikes, but this guide covers only motorcycles (plus a scooter or two) that are safe to use on all highways. READ ON