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Electric Motorcycles

Translogic 178: Lightning LS-218 Electric Motorcycle

translogic 178With the high cost of battery technology, electric vehicle owners are asked to pay a premium for greener transportation. That's a hard sell for enthusiasts, who are most interested in performance per dollar. Perhaps the tipping point for EV adoption exists at the intersection of increased power and decreased emissions relative to gas alternatives. READ ON

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Jay Leno Rides The Lightning LS-218 Electric Motorcycle

Electric motorcycles are fairly proven tech at this point, with multiple options available to riders. The real challenge now is continuing to improve performance to add range, cut weight and boost power. Jay Leno is back on two-wheels again this week for a ride on the Lightning Motorcycles LS-218 electrified sportbike. With victory at Pikes Peak and a land speed record on its belt, this is a real competitor in the EV cycle scene.  READ ON

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Pushing Limits Of Electric Motorcycles: Terry Hershner Wins Vetter Challenge

If you follow electric motorcycles, you'll likely have heard of the legendary Terry Hershner. 

Terry likes to ride. Scratch that: Terry loves to ride. He also loves pushing the envelope, and happens to be pretty good with electronics.  READ ON

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Brammo slashes the price of its electric motorcycles (Enertia now $6,995)

Electric car makers aren't the only ones slashingprices these days. Electric motorcycle maker Brammo is holding a big sale for the end of the summer, cutting prices on its electron-burners by a pretty significant amount. READ ON

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Electric Motorcycle Road Trip: What I Learned, What You Need To Know

Electric Motorcycle Road Trip: What I Learned, What You Need To KnowLast summer I took a cross-country road trip with a group of people driving different types of electric vehicles.

It was an amazing experience, and our trip, our adventures, and our misadventures were portrayed in the documentary Kick Gas.  READ ON

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