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Electric Motorcycles

Montclair Teacher Crosses Country On Electric Motorcycle

Ben Rich Crossing the country on a motorcycle can be a daunting adventure.

But doing so aboard an electric motorcycle? That’s something else altogether. READ ON

Tesla Of Motorcycles? Energica Electric Superbikes Can Blast Off From 0 To 60 MPH In Less Than Three Seconds

Energica has so far sold 10 units of the Ego, which is priced at $28,500, and the limited edition Ego45 that sells for $51,349.Tesla is slowly displacing the gasoline-powered vehicles to and clearing the way for the more environmentally-friendly electric vehicles. READ ON

EV Update: Super Charger for Electric Motorcycle

electric motorcycles“Hey, Jo!” began Brandon’s message. “Hope all is well with you! I am about to release a new charger for Zero Motorcycles that fits into the tank, and lets you charge up the bike in about an hour.” Since most of the EVs that I’ve had first-hand experience with take almost a full night to recharge, I was definitely intrigued. Even more so, of course, because: Brandon. READ ON

Motorcycles continue their electric ride in Europe

Volta Motorbikes BCN City - Source Volta MotorbikesIt was announced yesterday that Volta Motorbikes had chosen Delta-Q Technologies as its battery charging solutions supplier for its BCN City and BCN Sport electric motorcycles. READ ON

Mission Electric's record-setting motorcycle is dead

missionElectric motorcycle enthusiasts have been waiting a long time for the Mission RS, and that wait is finally over. Just not in a satisfying way. READ ON

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