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Lobster Motorcycle

Chefs at an exhibition hosted by the Fuzhou Hotel in Fuzhou, China, made motorcycle sculptures out of pieces of lobster. Warning: not street-legal in the US.  SEE PHOTO
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Motorcycle Cake

From Instructables.com
motorcycle cake

I worked all night to make this Motorcycle cake for my 3 year old as a last min thought.
It is carved out of store bought pound cake, gumdrops for the lights, store bought cookies and drinking straws for handle bars. READ ON
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Hairy Bikers' Mother's Day recipe: Mud pie

Simon King and Dave Myers

Hairy Bikers Dave Myers and Si King have always been aware that Mums Know Best... And to prove it, they've rummaged in the bottom drawers, cupboards and memories of houses and families across the nation for their secrets, recipes and top cooking tips. So mums, subtly leave this webpage open so your sons and daughters can spread the muddy-lovin' goodness and make this wonderful pudding to treat you today...

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