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The Original Article Appeared in the 4th Edition of the
Busted Knuckle Chronicles 2009

Big Bore and Cams ….is it worth it? 

I get asked this question a lot at the shop …the addition of the big bore is going to give you a lot more torque …torque simply put is what  you feel when you twist the throttle… a big bore is the best bang for your $$$. It’s giving you something that you will feel when you twist it on … cams on the other hand are what tells the engine when to make the most power and torque ….

Stock cams make the power come on at low RPM ranges and drop off close to mid range… you can get a huge number of different cam combos …we like to use the HD 211 in older bikes and from 07 up we like the HD 255 cams… both of these make power from mid range and up to the REV Limit … but can take a slight bit of power away at low speeds …so to add to this we use a thinner head gasket such as the Cometic .030 steel units…these are .010 to .015  thinner  than a stock gasket and therefore rise the compression slightly and this gives the engine more low RPM power…added to the improved mid range and up power that the cams add this makes a good combo.

We have done Big Bores with stock cams and they work very well but adding the cams can give you a lot more at highway speeds when passing a truck etc.

As with any modifications you need to add a good set of pipes with the Big Bore if you have not done this already and a good Dyno tune by a qualified tech is a must to get the most from your engine mods.

Ride Safe and Ride informed with

Brian - HTT
& Technician at Toys for Big Boys, Moncton NB


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