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Route Summary

bwater1) Starting on the east side of Bridgewater and crosses over to the west side of the La have river which then continues on down the south shore. This route hosts a multitude of great beaches which I suggest you stop at along your way.

The start of the route features the sweeping road along west La have down to the Dublin shore. Another favorite road of mine which in the summer of 2008 will have it's re paving project finished. This gives this road almost a ten out of ten in my books.

As you leave the La have river you come upon your first beach.

Crescent beach is know for it's big waves and one of the few beaches in Nova Scotia that it's legal to drive you vehicle on.




2) Not too far down the road is Rissers Beach and Campground which is a very popular beach due to its onsite cafeteria, wonderful boardwalk, and lifeguard staff.

3) Just across the cove is another beech called green bay which is much more secluded and is lined with private cottages. Although it is out of the way down a dead end road it's definitely worth checking out. this is also the location of our first and only detour and resting area because there is a place where you can buy food and drink down the Green Bay road and is a nice place to rest on the beach.

As you head out from the resting area you'll be traveling along the Medway coast which is a great road with wonderful rock beaches where you can stop and enjoy the view.

With a short trip along the 103 highway you will arrive at the last leg of this route which takes you along a the coast from Medway to Brooklyn...




3) At the end of this route is the town of Liverpool. A quite little town located at the end of the mersey river this town has a great ship building history and in it's hay day was one of the most successful fishing villages around.

Road Conditions

Roads: 10/10
Weather: 8/10
Traffic: 8/10

Scenery: 10/10

Total: 9/10

The Great Nova Scotia Road Route is provided by Scott Cameron of Wolfville NS and owner of:


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