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Bunker was once home to 'Asylum Crew'

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OSHAWA -- Recognize this place?

Well, you own it.

Welcome to 487 Ortono Ave., Oshawa -- a bit of a fixer-upper, but with unique potential: a reinforced front door fit for a bank vault, nine-foot steel fence, outdoor security cameras and a spacious area that can be used as a rec room or, as was the case with the previous owner, a booze can.

The previous owner? The Hells Angels.

Current title holder: The Attorney General of Ontario, acting on behalf of you.

Not much has happened with the property in the shadow of Hwy. 401 at Bloor Street and Wilson Road since the fall of 2006 when police, armed with a writ of seizure, laid siege to it. The Oshawa chapter of the club -- known among the Angels as the Asylum Crew -- assumed the digs from the Satan's Choice Motorcycle Club when the homegrown bikers were assimilated by their international brothers in 2000. To read the rest of the article: http://newsdurhamregion.com/news/article/115068