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2014 Honda CTXHonda has introduced the first two motorcycles of its new CTX (Comfort, Technology and eXperience) series. The 2014 CTX700 and its siblings (CTX700N, CTX700D, and CTX700ND) are variations of the company's 2012 NC700 model which was designed mainly as reliable, inexpensive bikes for new riders.

First shown to the biking community at this year's International Motorcycle Show in Chicago, the CTX700 is designed to offer a comfortable ride for all comers, regardless of their experience and body size. The CTX700N is the "naked" version of the same bike while the D submodels are equipped with dual clutch automatic transmissions and anti-lock brakes to make them particularly accessible to new riders. Honda hopes that the combination of these features and the rather low entry cost (the CTX700N has a suggested retail price of US$6999, with the D submodels costing about $1000 more) will help entice a new group of riders into the world of motorcycling. READ ON

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Unlike other motorcycle manufacturers which have happily announced sales increases in 2012 over previous years, red giant Honda has to do with 5% less. 

Some of you might wonder how come Honda sold less bikes in 2012 than in 2011, especially as new nifty models have surfaced and gained almost instant popularity. The answer is the sales in Asia: the biggest market for Honda motorcycles is in Asia, with almost three quarters of the bikes bearing the winged red badge being sold there. READ ON

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The folks at Honda Motorcycles prove two things with this new model year. You can make improvements on classic designs, and it’s possible to ride a quality motorcycle for less than the cost of the biggest flatscreen TVs.

The 2013 Honda bikes include new models, enhanced classics and the standard corps of reliable rides. READ ON

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The mercury was hovering at 26 degrees, the sky was decorated with whispy clouds, and several osprey were circling high above as I rode through the twist and turns of backroads farmland and orchards on the 2012 Honda CBF600SA.

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Almost everything is new on this machine, except for the motor.

Excitement started to build quickly in the fall of 2011 when Honda announced its new CRF250L street-and-trail on the show circuit. Honda’s been building dual-sports in the 200-250cc range for decades, but many riders were underwhelmed with 2008’s CRF230L. That bike’s motor traced its roots back to the 1970s, and didn’t have the performance of previous quarter-litre street-and-trails, like the XL250R.


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