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BMW recalls motorcycle helmets

26-11-2015 Hits:14 BMW http://beta.iol.co.za - avatar http://beta.iol.co.za

This particular helmet, identified by the model code 059241P on the chinstrap, does not fully meet the approval test requirements of the European standard UNECE R 22.05.Munich, Germany - Recalls are becoming so commonplace in the automotive world that we sometimes don't bother to report on them if it's a model that's not sold in South Africa and there's no safety risk involved. READ ON

Indian Scout And Scout Sixty: Premium Motorcycles For the First-Time Rider

26-11-2015 Hits:6 Indian http://www.forbes.com - avatar http://www.forbes.com

ABOVE: Scout has 100 horsepower, more than enough for all-day riding.If you’re looking for a first motorcycle and love Indian’s design ethos, you might want to spend a year experiencing the physics of two wheels on a 100-horsepower Indian Scout, or the newly introduced 78-horsepower Scout Sixty, named for its slightly smaller 60 cubic inch engine. READ ON

Husqvarna returns to the street with vitpilen 701 concept motorcycle

21-11-2015 Hits:94 Husqvarna http://www.designboom.com - avatar http://www.designboom.com

husqvarnaRevealed at EICMA 2015, swedish motorcycle company husqvarna celebrates 112 years of heritage by extending their model range with the ‘vitpilen 701’ street bike concept. the new addition has a minimalistic layout and is powered by a large displacement single-cylinder engine. READ ON

Indian Motorcycles gets back on track with affordable Scout Sixty

21-11-2015 Hits:19 Indian http://www.foxnews.com - avatar http://www.foxnews.com

 (Indian Motorcycles)The reborn Indian Motorcycle company’s expansion continues with the new Scout Sixty, its lowest-priced bike yet. READ ON

Honda's Motorcycle and Automobile Engineering Prowess Combine in the Honda Project 2&4 Shown at the Los Angeles Auto Show

18-11-2015 Hits:41 Honda http://www.prnewswire.com - avatar http://www.prnewswire.com

Honda's Motorcycle and Automobile Engineering Prowess Combine in the Honda Project 2&4 Shown at the Los Angeles Auto Show Honda Logo.LOS ANGELES, Nov. 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Showcasing the racing spirit of Honda and its unique place in the world of high-performance, high-tech mobility, the Honda Project 2&4 made its North American debut today at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show. READ ON

Ducati Unleashes New XDiavel Cruiser Motorcycle [w/Video]

18-11-2015 Hits:37 Ducati http://www.carscoops.com - avatar http://www.carscoops.com

DucatiThe Ducati that our photographers spied not so long ago is finally here; it’s called the XDiavel and it’s a beast of a motorcycle. READ ON

Victory Motorcycles Reveals Project 156 based power-plant

18-11-2015 Hits:107 Victory http://www.cycleworld.com - avatar http://www.cycleworld.com

Victory MotorcyclesVictory Motorcycles today revealed the production version of the engine that powered Project 156 up Pikes Peak this summer, and will power an upcoming 1200cc class motorcycle. READ ON

A Legend Reborn: Indian's Scout Sixty is an entry-level ode to the open road

18-11-2015 Hits:24 Indian http://www.digitaltrends.com - avatar http://www.digitaltrends.com

TIndian Motorcycleo say Indian Motorcycle has had a tumultuous history would be a major understatement. The brand was founded in 1901 — arguably making it America’s first motorcycle company — and it enjoyed a significant amount of early success, growth, and technological breakthroughs. READ ON


BMW wheels out single-cylinder G 310 R motorcycle

14-11-2015 Hits:41 BMW http://www.autoblog.com - avatar http://www.autoblog.com

bmwBMW makes a lot of motorcycles, including cruisers, enduros, off-roaders, sport bikes, and scooters. The one thing it hasn't done is a single-cylinder motorcycle with less than half a liter of displacement. But that all changes with the arrival of the G 310 R. READ ON

Triumph Bonneville Reborn Tour Set to Start

13-11-2015 Hits:27 Triumph http://www.motorcycle-usa.com - avatar http://www.motorcycle-usa.com

TriumphTriumph Motorcycles America is pleased to announce the launch of the Bonneville Reborn Tour set to begin next week. The tour will stop at unique venues, consumer motorcycle shows and Triumph dealerships across the U.S. and Canada to showcase the iconic new line of Bonneville motorcycles. READ ON

Yamaha Teases the Ray of Darkness, a New MT Motorcycle - Video

10-11-2015 Hits:178 Yamaha http://www.autoevolution.com - avatar http://www.autoevolution.com

yamahaYamaha is about to expand the MT range with at least a new model, the most recent teaser from the House of Iwata announces. We're already numb from the lackluster info a lot of manufacturers got us used to this fall, so we're no longer bitching about the fact that it doesn't offer ANY hint. READ ON

Roland Sands "Faster Wasp"

10-11-2015 Hits:169 Yamaha http://www.motorcyclecruiser.com - avatar http://www.motorcyclecruiser.com

yamahaFollowing in the footsteps of Shinya Kimura, Roland Sands has stepped up and collaborated with Yamaha to create an exciting new chapter in the ‘Faster Sons story. Taking everything cool and iconic from Yamaha’s Sport Heritage bike building philosophy and taking it to the next level with pure sports DNA running through its veins. READ ON

World's largest Harley-Davidson dealership opens in Scottsdale

10-11-2015 Hits:51 Harley-Davidson News http://www.abc15.com/ - avatar http://www.abc15.com/

hdOne of the Valley's biggest parties of the year is back this Saturday with the 4th Annual Bob's Biker Blast – but it comes with a twist in 2015. READ ON

Review: Indian motorcycle is one strong, dark horse

08-11-2015 Hits:34 Indian http://www.usatoday.com - avatar http://www.usatoday.com

IndianLong, low and blacked out from front to rear, the Indian Chief Dark Horse is a head-turning cruiser with a tinge of menace that forces passers-by to stop and look. READ ON

The Auto Sleuth: Car or motorcycle? Honda says yes to both

06-11-2015 Hits:41 Honda timescolonist.com - avatar timescolonist.com

Honda’s Project 2&4 concept combines elements of an open-wheel single-seat racer and a motorcycle.   Photograph By Honda - See more at: http://www.timescolonist.com/the-auto-sleuth-car-or-motorcycle-honda-says-yes-to-both-1.2104198#sthash.kWUQvzoq.dpufLately, the Spymaster has noticed that Honda has been more heavily amping up its involvement in motorsports, including plans and broad hints of sportier production vehicles. Recently, the automaker released details of the Project 2&4 concept machine that combines elements of an open-wheel single-seat racer (except for the tiny fenders) and a motorcycle - READ ON

Video review: BMW S1000XR is sportier and tourier than most sports tourers

06-11-2015 Hits:56 BMW gizmag.com/ - avatar gizmag.com/

BMW S1000XR:The BMW S1000R super-naked is an absolute monster, but now it's got a much more respectably dressed older brother in the S1000XR adventure sports machine. READ ON

Yamaha’s robot can ride a motorcycle today. Eventually it might be your chauffeur.

31-10-2015 Hits:244 Yamaha https://www.washingtonpost.com - avatar https://www.washingtonpost.com

yamaha robotRobotic vehicles aren’t really new. We count on machines for our anti-lock brakes, cruise control and more. Tesla’s autopilot and Google’s self-driving pod are even stronger examples.

Here's the New Look of the Classic Triumph Bonneville Motorcycle

29-10-2015 Hits:51 Triumph popularmechanics.com/ - avatar popularmechanics.com/

Classic Triumph Bonneville Ask a kid to draw a motorcycle and they'll draw something like the Triumph Bonneville. Since it came out in 2001, the bike's marriage of modern functionality with 1960s lines that evoke Dennis Hopper and Steve McQueen has accounted for huge sales. READ ON

Days of Future Past: Honda Celebrates History with These Rad Tokyo Motorcycle Concepts

29-10-2015 Hits:57 Honda http://blog.caranddriver.com - avatar http://blog.caranddriver.com

hondaForget automobiles for a moment. Honda as we know it began after World War II with an engine meant to be affixed to a bicycle. In 1949, the company began selling a motorcycle of its own design—the Dream—and well, the rest is a rather storied history of innovation and sales success. READ ON

Yamaha built a motorcycle-driving robot, and it's already challenging a world champion

29-10-2015 Hits:265 Yamaha theverge.com - avatar theverge.com

The Tokyo Motor Show, known for far-out concepts, is underway in Japan. We've already seen some pretty strangedesignsourselves, but none of them are anything like what Yamaha just announced: an autonomous, motorcycle-riding humanoid robot called Motobot. READ ON

World's largest Harley dealership to have grand opening

26-10-2015 Hits:50 Harley-Davidson News abc15.com - avatar abc15.com

H-DThe much-anticipated grand opening of the new Harley-Davidson of Scottsdale has been announced for Nov. 7, 2015, to coincide with the 4th Annual Bob’s Biker Blast. READ ON

Harley-Davidson Wants You to Quit Your Dreary Job, Burn Your Clothes and Go Experience Life

26-10-2015 Hits:58 Harley-Davidson News http://www.adweek.com - avatar http://www.adweek.com

H-DIn this two-and-a-half-minute branded film from Germany, a despondent salaryman strives to reconnect with his "inner child" and find meaning in his dreary, white-collar life. READ ON

Honda Launches Neowing: Concept Three-Wheel Motorcycle to be Showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show

18-10-2015 Hits:52 Honda http://yoursinglesourcefornews.com - avatar http://yoursinglesourcefornews.com

The NeowingThe Neowing moniker seems to have been inspired by Goldwing Honda’s touring icon. Neowing would be powered by a hybrid combination of a secondary electric motor and a primary 4-cylinder gasoline boxer unit similar to the Goldwing’s 6-cylinder motor. READ ON

Yamaha Unveils DT-07 Flat Track Concept

16-10-2015 Hits:318 Yamaha motorcycle-usa.com/ - avatar motorcycle-usa.com/

Yamaha DT-07 Flat Track Concept Specs:Yamaha provided an interesting vision of its possible dirt trackin’ future at the AIMExpo this year with its slick, FZ-07-based Flat Track concept, the DT-07. The “Dirt Tracker Concept,” as its dubbed in Yamaha press material, was built through a collaboration between Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. and Jeff Palhegyi Design (JPD). READ ON

2016 ZERO Motorcycles - First Look Review

16-10-2015 Hits:328 Zero cycleworld.com - avatar cycleworld.com

zeroThe one electric motorcycle manufacturer really making a go of it so far is Zero. Changes for 2016 are not massive, but they do bring a few key improvements to extend range, increase performance, and cut charging time. READ ON

Bruce Cook becomes first paraplegic to successfully backflip a motorbike

16-10-2015 Hits:332 Motorcycle Reviews http://business.transworld.net - avatar http://business.transworld.net

Cook Will Appear at All of Nitro Circus’  Read more at http://business.transworld.net/news/bruce-cook-becomes-first-paraplegic-to-successfully-backflip-a-motorbike/#7rmOzI518cywhP9h.99Canadian Bruce Cook has made history as the first ever paraplegic to successfully land a backflip on a motorcycle. Cook has overcome diversity time and time again, and this achievement is truly a testament to his willpower and drive in the face of what looks like the impossible.

2016 Yamaha YZ250FX Review

14-10-2015 Hits:296 Yamaha mcnews.com.au - avatar mcnews.com.au

Todd Jarratt on the 2016 Yamaha YZ250FXFor many years Yamaha produced the YZ250F for motocross racers and the WR250F for trail enthusiasts, but a gap remained between those two machines. In 2015, Yamaha resolved this issue, introducing the “in between machine” – the YZ250FX. READ ON

2015 Yamaha Dealer Built Winners Unveiled

14-10-2015 Hits:301 Yamaha motorcycle-usa.com/ - avatar motorcycle-usa.com/

France’s Liberty Yam won the Yamaha Dealer Built VMax class with its V-Speed 1700 Cafe Dragster. This summer kicked off with the first-ever Yamaha Dealer Built competition. The initiative follows from the massive success of Yamaha’s Yard Built campaign that has seen the world’s top customizers collaborating to create stunning builds based on the Sport Heritage range. READ ON

Honda CBR350RR debut at 2015 Tokyo Motor Show

14-10-2015 Hits:82 Honda zigwheels.com - avatar zigwheels.com

HondaHonda had recently showcased the Light Weight Super Sport concept motorcycle which will be unveiled at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. READ ON

Husqvarna Svartpilen, Husqvarna Vitpilen to launch in 2017, could be made in India

14-10-2015 Hits:316 KTM http://indianautosblog.com - avatar http://indianautosblog.com

The Husqvarna 401 Vitpilen and the 401 Svartpilen are based on the KTM Duke 390. KTM owned Husqvarna unveiled three concept motorcycles at the International Motorcycle Expo in Milan last year (2014 EICMA), two of which were the 401 Vitpilen and the 401 Svartpilen. According to Morebikes.co.uk, both motorcycles will be launched in the UK in 2017. READ ON

Indian Black Hills Beast Custom Motorcycle | Exposed

07-10-2015 Hits:60 Indian https://ultimatemotorcycling.com - avatar https://ultimatemotorcycling.com

Indian Black Hills BeastDough Siddens and Nick Jaquez of the Sturgis-based IndianMotorcycles.net has done the unthinkable – they turned a 2015 Indian Scout into a hill climb motorcycle. READ ON

BMW Concept Stunt G 310 (TVS-BMW K03) motorcycle unveiled [PHOTOS]

07-10-2015 Hits:75 BMW ibtimes.co.in - avatar ibtimes.co.in

BMW Motorrad unveiled the Concept Stunt G 310 motorcycle at the 2015 Salao Duas Roda motorcycle show in Sao Paulo, which started on 7 October. READ ON

Honda unveils three new concept motorcycles ahead of 44th Tokyo Motor Show

04-10-2015 Hits:96 Honda ibnlive.com - avatar ibnlive.com

HondaOnly weeks from the Tokyo Motor Show, the Japanese manufacturer has unveiled a number of attractive new concept motorcycles that include a light and sporty two-wheel and a spectacular three-wheel. READ ON

Yamaha XVS1300 Custom to be released in a new colour

03-10-2015 Hits:334 Yamaha motorbiketimes.com - avatar motorbiketimes.com

The bike will now be released in a sleek Matte GreyThe XVS1300 Custom bike from Yamaha will now be released in an all new colour

Out with the old and in with a new, in a manner of speaking. Yamaha has recently announced that the popular XVS1300 Custom motorcycle will be released in a new colour for 2016. READ ON

Harley-Davidson goes electric (sort of)

03-10-2015 Hits:82 Harley-Davidson News http://onmilwaukee.com - avatar http://onmilwaukee.com

hdIn 1965, a young folk singer named Bob Dylan shocked the music world when he played the electric guitar live on stage for the first time instead of his traditional acoustic. READ ON

Ducati teases motorcycle press with 'This is Black'

30-09-2015 Hits:119 Ducati clutchandchrome.com - avatar clutchandchrome.com

this is blackThe world of motorcycles is facing something of a two-wheeled mystery in our riding world. The big question mark is courtesy of Ducati by releasing a video titled ‘This is Black’. READ ON

Can-Am to Lend Name to Duel at Daytona During Speedweeks 2016

22-09-2015 Hits:539 Can-Am PRnewswire.com - avatar PRnewswire.com

DAYTONA BEACH, FL, Sept. 19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ - BRP, the manufacturer of world renowned motorized recreational vehicles and engines, will serve as the title sponsor for the 150-mile qualifying races for the DAYTONA 500 at Daytona International Speedway (DIS), part of Speedweeks 2016. The races will be known as the Can-Am Duel At Daytona.

New Yamaha naked motorcycle spotted in Thailand, could be Yamaha MT-15 – Spied

22-09-2015 Hits:383 Yamaha http://indianautosblog.com - avatar http://indianautosblog.com

yamahaw Yamaha naked motorcycle has been spotted testing in Thailand, and the local websites are speculating that it could be the naked variant of the Yamaha R15 Version 2.0. READ ON

Can Harley-Davidson's Hip, Urban Street 750 Hack it on the Highway too?

19-09-2015 Hits:79 Harley-Davidson News motorcyclistonline.com - avatar motorcyclistonline.com

HDSome decisions are easy. For an early January journey from my current base near Palm Springs, California, to Phoenix then Las Vegas then St. George, Utah, and back, I looked first at my Volkswagen Jetta wagon with heated seats and then at the Mysterious Red Sunglo Harley-Davidson Street 750 parked beside it. READ ON

Honda's Project 2&4 puts the thrill of a motorcycle on 4 wheels

16-09-2015 Hits:498 Honda http://mashable.com - avatar http://mashable.com

Honda's Project 2&4 unveiled at the 2015 Frankfurt Auto ShowIt's easy to forget that Honda makes more than reliable family sedans. Once in a while, however, the Japanese car- and motorcycle-maker likes to remind us that it still has a wild side with things like the 2&4, which was unveiled at the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show this week. READ ON


Harley Davidson announces the Ultimate Test Ride competition

12-09-2015 Hits:100 Harley-Davidson News http://budapestreport.com - avatar http://budapestreport.com

Harley DavidsonMONTRÉAL, Sept. 11, 2015 /CNW Telbec/ - Innovation, meet heritage. Recently Harley-Davidson (NYSE: HOG) revealed Project LiveWire – the first Harley-Davidson electric motorcycle. READ ON

BMW Navigator Street GPS

11-09-2015 Hits:143 BMW cycleworld.com - avatar cycleworld.com

BMW MotorradWith the new Navigator Street, BMW Motorrad is offering an inexpensive entry-level navigation system for BMW motorcycles without navigation preparation option. The new Navigator Street supplements the existing BMW Motorrad Navigator, which will remain part of the product range. READ ON

Honda's latest concept is part car, part motorcycle, totally rad

10-09-2015 Hits:448 Honda cnet.com/ - avatar cnet.com/

hondaHonda's two-wheel and four-wheel racing roots come together in Project 2&4, a conceptual racer that combines the look and handling of an open-wheel race car with the open feel and high-revving heart of a racing bike. READ ON

Russian Ural motorcycle model has Wisconsin theme

07-09-2015 Hits:526 Ural jsonline.com - avatar jsonline.com

'Camp Wandawega' model designed for rough terrainWhat happens when a former Soviet-era motorcycle company that still manufactures bikes in Russia partners with a Wisconsin summer camp? Well, they build a Camp Wandawega-themed motorcycle, of course. READ ON

Harley-Davidson Street 750 recalled in India

29-08-2015 Hits:120 Harley-Davidson News http://indianexpress.com - avatar http://indianexpress.com

The manufacturer noticed a problem with the fuel pump which is said to be equipped with an inferior quality seal at the inlet. - See more at: http://indianexpress.com/article/auto-travel/bikes/harley-davidson-street-750-recalled-in-india/#sthash.wT0c1NNx.dpufHarley-Davidson has issued a recall on its entry-level Street 750 cruiser motorcycles in India. The American two-wheeler manufacturer has recalled the Harley-Davidson Street 750 due to defect in fuel pump module installed on the bikes. READ ON

Let’s Go! Suzuki Motorcycle unveils new look of its 110 cc scooter

28-08-2015 Hits:567 Suzuki indiainfoline.com - avatar indiainfoline.com

SuzukiSuzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited (SMIPL), a subsidiary of one of the world’s leading two-wheeler manufacturers Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan, has unveiled the new look of its 110 cc scooter Let’s. READ ON

Honda celebrates 40 years since creating the touring-bike genre

28-08-2015 Hits:121 Honda theglobeandmail.com - avatar theglobeandmail.com

HondaForty years ago, Pierre Trudeau was Canada’s prime minister, Saturday Night Live hit the TV airwaves for the first time – and the world was introduced to a motorcycle that created the touring-bike genre and would become one of the most well-known nameplates: the Honda Gold Wing. READ ON

Harley-Davidson Lineup Gets Darker And More Powerful For 2016

26-08-2015 Hits:138 Harley-Davidson News broadcastermagazine.com - avatar broadcastermagazine.com

Harley-DavidsonMILWAUKEE, Aug. 25, 2015 /CNW/ -- Two new hard-hitting Dark Custom models, the most powerful cruiser lineup in company history, and a broad range of performance and styling enhancements throughout the range highlight Harley-Davidson's powerful new model lineup for 2016. READ ON

Polaris revs up electric motorcycle business with Victory Empulse TT

23-08-2015 Hits:972 Victory startribune.com - avatar startribune.com

photo by PolarisPolaris Industries was all-in this year at the Sturgis Motorcyle Rally. Jay Leno led the company’s first Veterans Charity Ride-to-Sturgis. And there in South Dakota, Polaris also became the first large manufacturer in the industry to unveil a full-size electric motorcycle — the Victory Empulse TT. READ ON

Honda CBR500R, CB500F Fuel Sensor Recall Affects 14,575 Motorcycles In US

22-08-2015 Hits:108 Honda http://blog.motorcycle.com - avatar http://blog.motorcycle.com

hondaThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has formally announced the recall of 14,575 units of the Honda CBR500R and CB500F in the U.S. from model years 2013 to 2015 because of a faulty fuel level sensor. READ ON

Canada recalls Harley Street 500s, 750s for fuel pump replacement

19-08-2015 Hits:97 Harley-Davidson News dealernews.com - avatar dealernews.com

Harley-Davidson OWNERS OF Harley-Davidson Street 500 and 750 motorcycles are awaiting news of a new recall after Canada issued one on Aug. 11 related to a fuel pump issue. READ ON

Victory Motorcycles Empulse TT Unveiled (video)

30-07-2015 Hits:864 Victory cycleworld.com - avatar cycleworld.com

cycleworld.comVictory Motorcycles Press Release:

Building on the innovative design and engineering that produced the fastest U.S. electric motorcycle at the 2015 Isle of Man TT Zero race, Victory Motorcycles has introduced the 2016 Empulse TT, the first all-electric addition to the Victory lineup. READ ON

Motorcycle Road Test: Honda CB300 a good machine for any level of rider

29-07-2015 Hits:148 Honda northumberlandnews.com - avatar northumberlandnews.com

Honda CB300 a good machine for any level of riderThe first ride is the worst ride when I’m picking up test bikes. 

It’s a 70 km run cross-town run on busy urban highways, dangerous territory that I tend to regard as sort of a transportation-themed Zombieland, crowded with texting twits, lane-swapping NASCAR wannabes, and frazzled commuters desperately trying to get to the scene of their next accident on time. READ ON

Harley-Davidson Debuts Electric Motorcycle on Canadian Tour

29-07-2015 Hits:132 Harley-Davidson News techvibes.com - avatar techvibes.com

harley-davidsonAs car companies work on offering more electric options on their fleets, a familiar name is bringing EV technology to motorcycles. READ ON

KTM 1190 Adventure reviewed: Dual-sport with electronics magic takes adventure to a new level

28-07-2015 Hits:925 KTM mirror.co.uk - avatar mirror.co.uk

Fraser rides the KTM 1190 AdventureI HAVE decidedly mixed feelings about KTM’s 1190 Adventure.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great bike.

I mean a really fantastic bike. READ ON

New Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R by 2016

28-07-2015 Hits:988 Kawasaki cartrade.com - avatar cartrade.com

new kawasakiKawasaki’s World Superbike Series’ manager Guim Roda recently hinted at an all new litre class rocket from the manufacturer. Talking to Speedweek, he informed that they are going to get a whole new bike for the 2016 season of the competition. The bike is expected to get race-spec electronics and a more refined and powerful engine. READ ON

Suzuki Hybrid Motorcycle Patent Shows Up

22-07-2015 Hits:885 Suzuki autoevolution.com - avatar autoevolution.com

Suzuki Hybrid MotorcycleA patent attributed to Suzuki shows the generic design of a - wait for it - hybrid sport motorcycle. It is yet uncertain whether Suzuki is indeed planning to take this step and enter a new era, but since this technology has already proved its benefits, we might very well see such a machine rolling on the streets quite soon.  READ ON

Motorcycle fans show off with hot Harley Davidson along Rebel Road

18-07-2015 Hits:139 Harley-Davidson News mlive.com - avatar mlive.com

A group from different cities across Michigan pose for a portrait next to a 2015 Softtail Deluxe Harley Davidson during the second day of Rebel Road on Friday, July 17, 2015 in downtown Muskegon, Mich. (Andraya Croft | MLive.com)MUSKEGON, MI – Motorcyclists and their fans came to Rebel Road from all over West Michigan and the state Friday afternoon. READ ON


Harley-Davidson 2015 Sturgis Rally Schedule of Events Announced

17-07-2015 Hits:157 Harley-Davidson News cycleworld.com - avatar cycleworld.com

Harley-Davidson Press Release:From a chain cutting-rally kickoff to the last demo ride, sparks will fly as Harley-Davidson® takes over the city of Sturgis to kick off the 75th Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally® with a new line-up of activities. READ ON

KTM 1290 Super Duke R Recalled for Potential Fuel Leaks

15-07-2015 Hits:854 KTM autoevolution.com - avatar autoevolution.com

KTMTransport Canada and the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission inform customers that the 2014 model year KTM 1290 Super Duke R naked motorcycles might be affected by a fuel line issue. READ ON

Royal Enfield motorcycle plans Paris to Bogota expansion

13-07-2015 Hits:64 Royal Enfield livemint.com - avatar livemint.com

Royal EnfieldMumbai: British troops parachuted into battle with the Royal Enfield motorcycle during World War II. These days, the 122-year-old brand’s Indian owner wants to reinvent it to appeal to slick, urban riders from Paris to Bogota. READ ON

The Indian Scout Motorcycle: A Cruiser for When You Don't Want a Harley

11-07-2015 Hits:157 Indian bloomberg.com - avatar bloomberg.com

The Indian Scout starts at $10,999Hello, my name is Hannah Elliott, and I’ve never ridden a cruiser.

Oh, I’ve operated motorcycles for years. Mostly sport bikes and café racers: Ducatis, Hondas, Moto Guzzis. I first learned to ride on a Ducati Monster 796. I’m a sucker for a dirt bike. I like them upright. I like them light. (I can’t do a single pull-up. But I’ll address that later.) READ ON

2016 BMW R1200RS - First Ride

09-07-2015 Hits:267 BMW cycleworld.com - avatar cycleworld.com

bmwThere are better touring bikes in BMW’s lineup, and better sportbikes, so we have to ask: Is there still a huge market for a traditional twin-cylinder sport-touring machine? BMW thinks so. After all, it invented the class with the original 1973 R90S. READ ON

BMW dynamic brake light to protect motorcyclists from rear-end collisions

07-07-2015 Hits:307 BMW gizmag.com/ - avatar gizmag.com/

brake lightEmergency braking often entails the risk of ending up rear-ended by a following vehicle whose operator failed to analyze the situation soon enough. READ ON

Yamaha's motorcycle design team made this 360-degree drum kit sphere

05-07-2015 Hits:934 Yamaha engadget.com - avatar engadget.com

yamahaLike some kind of corporate Freaky Friday, Yahama tasked its motorcycle design team with making some instrument concepts -- and asked the opposite of its instrument design team. With no constraints like (well) commercial viability, designers were able to (and did) go to town. READ ON

2016 BMW S1000XR – First Ride

04-07-2015 Hits:321 BMW cycleworld.com - avatar cycleworld.com

bmwYou may not realize it, but BMW’s S1000XR is really the bike you need, even if you don’t like the tall “quasi ADV meets The Jetsons” appearance. Okay, I didn’t exactly just call the XR ugly, but it doesn’t exactly speak to one’s heart in the same way BMW’s R nineT does. READ ON

Five Women, Their Harleys and a Camera

01-07-2015 Hits:176 Harley-Davidson News cyclenews.com - avatar cyclenews.com

HDHarley-Davidson and photographer Lana MacNaughton announce upcoming Highway Runaways Ride paying homage to women riders blazing their own trail. READ ON

2015 Kawasaki Ninja Experience Tour

01-07-2015 Hits:1007 Kawasaki tractionlife.com - avatar tractionlife.com

photo: Kanishka SonnondraFew interactions in life are as exciting as purchasing a motorcycle, regardless of your age, gender or level of experience. One of the more frustrating aspects about such a purchase however is that you are rarely able to participate in a test drive like you would when buying a car or truck. READ ON

Kawasaki Returns as OEM Exhibitor at 2015 American International Motorcycle Expo

01-07-2015 Hits:1055 Kawasaki ammoland.com/ - avatar ammoland.com/

KawasakiIRVINE, Calif. –-(Ammoland.com)- The American International Motorcycle Expo (AIMExpo) and Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A., (KMC) announced today that the manufacturer has joined the growing list of OEM exhibitors set to take part in the third annual event, to be held October 1518, 2015 at the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) in Orlando. READ ON


LATEST POPULAR VIDEOS Get a daily delivery of PSFK SUBSCRIBE BMW Motorcycle Concept Gets You to Hidden Surf Spots

23-06-2015 Hits:295 BMW psfk.com - avatar psfk.com

Path 22 BMW has just unveiled a new motorcycle concept that’s inspired by the surf of Southern France. Named after a forest-hidden trail that leads to a secret beach, The Concept Path 22 is meant to convey a specific way of life and reconnect riders with the roots of surf and motorcycle culture. READ ON

Honda RC213 V-S breaks cover

23-06-2015 Hits:116 Honda thestar.com - avatar thestar.com

Honda RC213MotoGP is the motorcycle equivalent of Formula One and the machines have the latest technology, the fastest speeds and the world’s best riders. READ ON

Motoblot Chicago Motorcycle Rally will be powered by Triumph

20-06-2015 Hits:238 Triumph cycleworld.com - avatar cycleworld.com

motoblotThe 11th annual Progressive Insurance Motoblot Chicago powered by Triumph will take place on June 25-28 in Chicago, Ill., with a full weekend of motorcycles, events and live music. The weekend’s festivities begin with a VIP Kick Start Party and continue through the weekend with a vendor paddock, motorcycle show and live music from the Chicago School of Rock, among others. READ ON

Harley-Davidson’s Hurdle: Attracting Young Motorcycle Riders

20-06-2015 Hits:194 Harley-Davidson News wsj.com - avatar wsj.com

Matt LevatichMILWAUKEE—Harley-Davidson Inc., long associated with the 1960s counterculture movement, now needs to spark a new one. READ ON

Swiss Rider Seeks Cross Continent Motorcycle Record on Victory

18-06-2015 Hits:1527 Victory https://ultimatemotorcycling.com - avatar https://ultimatemotorcycling.com

Urs PedraitaWhen Victory Motorcycles released its Cross Country bagger in 2010, the Polaris-owned company likely had no clue that someone would use the machine in attempt to break a world record. READ ON

MotoGP-inspired street motorcycle

17-06-2015 Hits:145 Honda foxsports.com - avatar foxsports.com

The Honda RC213V0-S is the most expensive street-legal production motorcycle ever offered by a major manufacturer.Honda has introduced a street-legal racing bike that goes on sale in July for the eye-popping price of $184,000. READ ON

Honda unveils $184,000 motorcycle

13-06-2015 Hits:145 Honda foxnews.com - avatar foxnews.com

HondaExotic cars finally have some real competition in the toys for rich girls and boys department.

Honda has introduced a street-legal racing bike that goes on sale in July for the eye-popping price of $184,000. READ ON


Updated CRF Motocrossers Announced in 2016 Honda New-Model Announcement

12-06-2015 Hits:149 Honda businesswire.com/ - avatar businesswire.com/

MARKHAM, Ontario- The 2016 two-wheel model announcement includes Honda’s competition-ready motocross bikes, the CRF450R, CRF250R and CRF150R. “We’re very pleased to announce Honda’s 2016 CRF motocross models” said Derek Verheyen, National Sales Manager, Motorcycle Division.

Indian Motorcycle Turns Up the Heat From Coast-to-Coast With the "Great American Summer Cookout" on June 13 at Dealers Nationwide

12-06-2015 Hits:231 Indian indianmotorcycle.com - avatar indianmotorcycle.com

indianAll Riders and Enthusiasts Are Invited to Gear Up for Riding Season and Join the Indian Motorcycle Family for Great Food, Prizes, Entertainment, and More at Local Dealerships Read more

BMW Concept 101 motorcycle unveiled

08-06-2015 Hits:387 BMW http://overdrive.in - avatar http://overdrive.in

bmwBMW Motorrad has unveiled its new Concept 101 motorcycle at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. The Concept 101 is BMW’s take on an American touring bike. It manages to look radical despite the classic proportions that seem common place in the US. READ ON

Aprilia Thinking About Sacking Marco Melandri

08-06-2015 Hits:979 Aprilia autoevolution.com - avatar autoevolution.com

aprilia-logo250Team Aprilia Racing Gresini is considering putting an early end to the contract with Marco Melandri. Even though in certain conditions, Melandri's performance seemed to be improving, drawing the line leaves both Romano Albesiano and Fausto Gresini frustrated with the lack of consistency from the Ravenna pilot. READ ON

Motorcycle review: New KTM Duke might just be a dream come true

08-06-2015 Hits:1308 KTM ocregister.com - avatar ocregister.com

KTMThere was a time I didn’t only test motorcycles by day but dreamed about them at night. They were at the center of my psyche long after I’d powered them down, even when I was at rest. READ ON

K&N Yamaha Star Bolt RK Series Air Cleaner

08-06-2015 Hits:1181 Yamaha cycleworld.com - avatar cycleworld.com

K&NIn 2014 the Star Motorcycle division of Yamaha Motor U.S.A threw a wrench in the works of their competitors. There has been a shift in the motorcycle cruiser market over the last few years. Motorcycle manufacturers, like the Yamaha Star Motorcycles division, have taken notice of the growing number of younger motorcyclists seeking stylish, fun-to-ride, middle weight cruiser motorcycles. Yamaha has penetrated this market segment with the 2014 Yamaha Star XVS950 Bolt and XVS950R Bolt R-Spec motorcycles. READ ON

2016 Yamahas - First Look

08-06-2015 Hits:1269 Yamaha cycleworld.com - avatar cycleworld.com

yamahasWell, make that three Yamahas plus the 2016 Star Bolt. READ ON

Harley-Davidson's electric motorcycle needs a few more years to power up

05-06-2015 Hits:136 Harley-Davidson News theverge.com - avatar theverge.com

LivewireHarley-Davidson has been showing off its first electric motorcycle, Project LiveWire, for nearly a year now, taking the prototype on promotional tours around the US to gather feedback from riders. READ ON

Try out a Can-Am Spyder this summer - Demo Tour

31-05-2015 Hits:1900 Can-Am http://www.brp.ca - avatar http://www.brp.ca


can-amTest Ride a Can-Am Spyder this summer! Here is the schedule: Read On


31-05-2015 Hits:200 Harley-Davidson News stargazette.com - avatar stargazette.com

HDMotorcycle culture is in their blood, that's why Dave and Brian Sedlack have opened another Harley-Davidson dealership.

The father-son duo have taken ownership of the Finger Lakes Harley-Davidson shop in Cayuta. This is the second Harley-Davidson business for the family. They opened a Syracuse shop in 1977. READ ON

Gujarat Police get customized Harley-Davidson Street 750

29-05-2015 Hits:209 Harley-Davidson News http://indianautosblog.com - avatar http://indianautosblog.com

The Street 750Nine Bridges Harley-Davidson, a dealer for Harley-Davidson motorcycles in the city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, delivered six Harley-Davidson Street 750 motorcycles customized specially for the Gujarat Police Department earlier this week. READ ON

BRP recalls 1,375 Can-Am Spyder three-wheeled motorcycles in Canada

28-05-2015 Hits:3025 Can-Am 660news.com - avatar 660news.com

QC tireVALCOURT, Que. – Quebec-based BRP Inc. is recalling more than 7,000 of its 2013 Can-Am Spyder three-wheeled motorcycles in Canada, the United States and elsewhere to fix problems that could lead to fires. READ ON

BMW Motorrad Concept 101 unveiled

22-05-2015 Hits:550 BMW worldcarfans.com - avatar worldcarfans.com

bmwThe Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este continues as BMW Motorrad has taken the wraps off their new 101 Concept. READ ON

Harley Plans 2015 World Ride June 27-28

21-05-2015 Hits:149 Harley-Davidson News motorcycle-usa.com - avatar motorcycle-usa.com

HD World RideJust ride. It’s a simple idea that expresses the passion that unites motorcycle riders around the world, regardless of age, location, or brand. It’s also all anyone needs to do to join the thousands of Harley-Davidson motorcycle riders and Harley Owners Group members who are flexing their freedom and hitting the open road during the Harley-Davidson World Ride on June 27 and 28. READ ON

Royal Enfield Bullet Overtakes Harley-Davidson in Motorcycle Sales

14-05-2015 Hits:174 Royal Enfield https://agmetalminer.com - avatar https://agmetalminer.com

Source: FT and BloombergIt may seem absurd at first sight to compare an icon of America’s heritage, the Harley-Davidson, with a British transplant to India from the 1940’s, but both the Harley and Enfield share at least one thing in common. Both trade on a marketing image that is soundly retro, much as Harley has tried to appeal to a younger audience, it’s old guys like me that drool over those classic lines and make up the majority of their owners. READ ON

Jay Leno's 1936 Harley-Davidson is entirely unrestored

14-05-2015 Hits:243 Harley-Davidson News roadandtrack.com - avatar roadandtrack.com

Jay Leno's 1936 Harley-DavidsonWe love Jay Leno because he's a true gearhead. Yes, his many, many millions of dollars have enabled him to amass a car collection bigger than some cities' municipal fleets, but all those cars and motorcycles don't just languish in the garage. Jay takes them out and exercises them. READ ON

Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin motorcycle coming to US

13-05-2015 Hits:4301 Honda slashgear.com - avatar slashgear.com

HondaHonda has announced plans to bring its CRF1000L Africa Twin motorcycle to the United States, something that will happen starting some time early next year. Honda made the announcement earlier today, saying that it is bringing back “one of motorcycling’s most celebrated and evocative names”. READ ON

Victory built an electric race motorcycle for the insane Isle of Man TT

13-05-2015 Hits:4258 Victory theverge.com - avatar theverge.com

victory ilseofmanIf you're familiar with Victory, bike racing, and the Isle of Man TT, putting all of those words in a single sentence is a little difficult to process: Polaris' motorcycle operation is best known for its cruisers and touring bikes with big V-twins designed to go head to head with Harley-Davidson. In reality, a race bike — much less an electric one — is the furthest thing imaginable from Victory's core DNA. READ ON

AIMEXPO: Zero Motorcycles Confirms 2015 Attendance

11-05-2015 Hits:4287 Zero http://www.cycleworld.com - avatar http://www.cycleworld.com

American International Motorcycle Expo Following a successful first year involvement, the American International Motorcycle Expo (AIMExpo) and Zero Motorcycles, the world’s leading manufacturer of electric motorcycles, have announced that the pioneering OEM will return for its second year of exhibiting this October 15-18 at Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center (OCCC). READ ON

Project 156 Video hits the ai

08-05-2015 Hits:4472 Victory Robert Pandya - avatar Robert Pandya

race to cloudsVictory Motorcycles just released a new video that teases the upcoming Roland Sands Designs “Project 156” that will race at Pikes Peak this summer. I cannot share any other information that what you may be able to glean from the video itself – but I promise you this will be like no other Victory Motorcycle you have ever seen. 

Project 156 Video hits the ai

08-05-2015 Hits:4445 Victory Robert Pandya - avatar Robert Pandya

ictory Motorcycles just released a new video that teases the upcoming Roland Sands Designs “Project 156” that will race at Pikes Peak this summer. I cannot share any other information that what you may be able to glean from the video itself – but I promise you this will be like no other Victory Motorcycle you have ever seen. 

Three-Wheeler Motorcycle Rally coming to Deadwood

01-05-2015 Hits:4102 Trike News bhpioneer.com/ - avatar bhpioneer.com/

deadwoodDEADWOOD — With an aging boomer market on the backs of and negotiating the handlebars of motorcycles across the country, trikes are taking the motorcycle industry by storm, and the organizers of the first-ever Three-Wheeler Motorcycle Rally in Deadwood this summer are strategically positioning themselves going into the turn. READ ON

BMW apollo streamliner motorcycle concept

20-04-2015 Hits:742 BMW slashgear.com - avatar slashgear.com

bmw conceptA new concept motorcycle has debuted from a designer named Mehmet Doruk Erdem. The concept is called the BMW apollo streamliner concept and one glimpse at it and you can tell it's more for top speed than daily riding to and from work. The concept looks like something that would be running the salt flats.  READ ON

BMW apollo streamliner motorcycle concept

20-04-2015 Hits:695 BMW Gator - avatar Gator

bmw conceptA new concept motorcycle has debuted from a designer named Mehmet Doruk Erdem. The concept is called the BMW apollo streamliner concept and one glimpse at it and you can tell it's more for top speed than daily riding to and from work. The concept looks like something that would be running the salt flats.  READ ON

Victory Motorcycles American Victory Rally

17-04-2015 Hits:4186 Victory cycleworld.com - avatar cycleworld.com

victoryVictory riders will carve roads to scenic peaks, valleys, and vistas of Colorado during the 2015 American Victory Rally (AVR) in Colorado Springs June 25-28.

The new location was chosen so riders can enjoy the power and performance of their motorcycles alongside other Victory owners as they ride on some of the world’s most scenic roads. READ ON

U.S. Triumph Dealers set records through 1st quarter of 2015 - up to speed

14-04-2015 Hits:387 Triumph motorcyclistonline.com - avatar motorcyclistonline.com

triumphA record-setting first quarter by Triumph Motorcycles America, which included the highest single day retail sales ever on March 31st, resulted in the company as the top selling European brand in North America. The ranking is based upon motorcycle unit sales in the 500cc-plus on-road and dual-sport categories for the U.S. and Canada. READ ON

BMW Motorrad Newest AIMExpo Exhibitor

10-04-2015 Hits:778 BMW http://www.motorcycle-usa.com - avatar http://www.motorcycle-usa.com

The AIMExpo event serves as a platform to host the Annual Dealer Meeting and Conference.The American International Motorcycle Expo (AIMExpo) and BMW Motorrad USA (BMW) have announced that the premium German brand will make its debut as the newest OEM partner for the third-annual event, scheduled for October 15-18 at Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center (OCCC).  READ ON

BMW Motorrad Newest AIMExpo Exhibitor

10-04-2015 Hits:633 BMW http://www.motorcycle-usa.com - avatar http://www.motorcycle-usa.com

The AIMExpo event serves as a platform to host the Annual Dealer Meeting and Conference.The American International Motorcycle Expo (AIMExpo) and BMW Motorrad USA (BMW) have announced that the premium German brand will make its debut as the newest OEM partner for the third-annual event, scheduled for October 15-18 at Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center (OCCC).  READ ON

Suzuki Motorcycle launches Gixxer new variant SF for Rs 83,439

08-04-2015 Hits:1164 Suzuki http://economictimes.indiatimes.com - avatar http://economictimes.indiatimes.com

SuzukiNEW DELHI: In a precursor to bigger sibling Maruti Suzuki's goal of selling locally made vehicles to parent Suzuki Motor Corporation, unlisted twowheeler company Suzuki Motorcycle Pvt has embarked on a plan to export its India-manufactured bikes to Japan.  READ ON


Stefano Venier's custom Diabola V65C made from Moto Guzzi motorcycle

08-04-2015 Hits:348 Moto Guzzi designboom.com - avatar designboom.com

http://www.designboom.comInitially developed in 2012, Stefano Venier created the custom ‘diabola V65C’ motorcycle with the intention of keeping one of the five models to himself. however, with customers interested from venice, monza, milan, london and orlando, the limited editions have now found their homes and riders. READ ON


Special Edition 2016 Triumph Speed Triple 94 And Speed Triple 94 R Revealed

04-04-2015 Hits:394 Triumph http://blog.motorcycle.com/ - avatar http://blog.motorcycle.com/

2016 Triumph Speed Triple 94 If any manufacturer is known for pumping out special edition versions of its core models, it’s Triumph. The British manufacturer is at it again, announcing special editions commemorating the 1994 debut of the Speed Triple 900. READ ON

Honda builds 300,000,000 motorcycle, from far cry to Gold Wing

27-11-2014 Hits:416 Honda thehoopsnews.com - avatar thehoopsnews.com

Honda built their 300,000,000th motorcycle, and it may look like a trip down memory lane to some, but to others, it’s exactly what the iconic brand needed to celebrate the breakthrough build. READ ON

Indian Motorcycles breaks ground on new Sturgis facility

23-11-2014 Hits:444 Indian bhpioneer.com - avatar bhpioneer.com

STURGIS — Less than six months after Indian Motorcycles made a historic return to Sturgis with a shop on Lazelle Street, motorcycle industry heavies, city officials, and a goat wearing a GoPro camera gathered near the corner of 11th and Main for a groundbreaking ceremony for the shop’s new 22,000 square-foot facility. READ ON

Exclusive Interview with KTM’s Thomas Kuttruff: More Electric Bikes Coming

12-11-2014 Hits:2811 KTM AutoEvolution - avatar AutoEvolution

During this year's ECIMA show in Milan, we swam in a sea of orange machines to reach KTM’s PRManagerThomas Kuttruff. We sat down, had a coffee and some water and chatted about what plans KTM has for the future. Even more, Thomas agreed to give us some insights of the all-new 1050 Adventure, and some hints about the electric directions the Mattighofen manufacturer might take.

One of the most interesting moves in late 2014 is the 1050 Adventure, KTM’s first road-focused machine in quite a long time. Is it the beginning of a new orange era? Read more and find out.   READ ON

Mercedes-Benz strikes deal with motorcycle manufacturer

08-11-2014 Hits:454 MV Agusta The Press  - avatar The Press


MV Augusta and Mercedes-Benz will work together to reach more customers.Having missed out on a deal with Ducati, Mercedes-Benz has bought a stake in Italian motorcycle manufacturer MV Agusta.

Ducati worked with the German brand's AMG performance arm to create a special edition of its Diavel motorcycle that might have led to more.

But the Volkswagen Group bought Ducati for €860 million in 2012, preventing Mercedes-Benz, AMG or its parent company Daimler from forger closer ties with the well-known bike builder.  READ ON


2015 Triumph Rocket X LE First Look

07-11-2014 Hits:2318 Triumph Motorcycle USA - avatar Motorcycle USA

2015 Triumph Rocket X LETriumph calls it the “Rocket” for a reason. Twist the grip and you’d better be holding on tight because it launches like its namesake. With the biggest production engine around, the 2294cc Triumph Rocket III delivers a claimed 163 lb-ft of torque at only 2750 rpm. There’s no other bike like it, which is evident by the motorcycles we’ve pitted it against over the years, from a Rune to a V-Max to the Diavel, and straight line the Rocket III’s never had a problem holding its own despite its size.  READ ON

New Aprilia Tuono V4 1100: The Naked from Hell

05-11-2014 Hits:1474 Aprilia motorcycledaily.com - avatar motorcycledaily.com

The horsepower wars are in full swing! Aprilia has announced an even nastier Tuono with an additional 100 cc of displacement. The Tuono V4 1100 puts out a claimed 175 hp, and nearly 90 foot/pounds of torque! Here is what Aprilia has to say about this new model: READ ON

World’s fastest motorcycle, the Kawasaki Ninja H2, has F1 and aerospace technology

04-11-2014 Hits:2764 Kawasaki news.com.au - avatar news.com.au

With a design inspired by Formula One motor racing cars and a supercharged engine that uses aerospace technology, the Kawasaki Ninja H2 is expected to blast from 0 to 100km/h in less than 2.5 seconds. READ ON


13-10-2014 Hits:2368 Triumph Motorcyclist - avatar Motorcyclist

2015 Triumph Thruxton SpecialOn October 11th during the 2014 Barber Vintage Festival at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, AL, Triumph Motorcycles in conjunction with Ace Café London announced that the United States and Canadian markets will receive the Triumph Thruxton Ace Special Edition by the end of 2014. READ ON

2015 Can-Am Spyder F3 First Ride

06-10-2014 Hits:4249 Can-Am Motorcycle USA - avatar Motorcycle USA

2015 Can- Am SpyderGet out your pitchforks and torches and prepare to storm the walls of the MotoUSA castle, because what I am about to tell you will freak you out. The 2015 Can-Am Spyder F3-S is a kick in the ass. I would ride it. Not when I have to or need to. But for fun. That’s right, a three-wheeled machine is worthy of motorcyclists' attention. I have thick skin (and those owning one may need to as well) so bring it on, but let me explain before you hand down my sentence as a traitor or heretic. READ ON

Motorcycle review: Kawasaki Ninja is a sporty tourer

05-10-2014 Hits:3091 Kawasaki usatoday.com - avatar usatoday.com

Mention Kawasaki Ninja to many motorcyclists, and thoughts of pure sport-bike riding will likely come to mind. READ ON

2015 Aprilia Caponord 1200 Rally First Look

01-10-2014 Hits:1743 Aprilia Ultimate Motorcycling - avatar Ultimate Motorcycling

2015 Aprilia Caponord RallyEarlier this year, Aprilia revived the Caponord name – a model that disappeared from the US lineup in 2005.

This new bike – the 2015 Aprilia Caponord 1200 – was designed by Miguel Galluzzi, the Argentinian who penned the debut 1993 Ducati Monster – a model that became an icon of naked motorcycles. READ ON


Harley-Davidson recalls XG500 and XG750 motorcycles

01-10-2014 Hits:566 Harley-Davidson News Consumer Affairs - avatar Consumer Affairs

Harley-Davidson Motor Company is recalling 1,384 model year 2015 XG500 and XG750 motorcycles manufactured June 11, 2014, to August 14, 2014.

The fuel tank filler neck may be insufficiently flat, preventing the fuel cap from sealing properly. This could allow fuel to leak, increasing the risk of a vehicle fire.  READ ON

Kawasaki reveals most powerful motorcycle ever

01-10-2014 Hits:3176 Kawasaki Fox News - avatar Fox News

2015 Ninja H2RKawasaki has unveiled the 2015 Ninja H2R, and it’s simply the most powerful production motorcycle ever. Its supercharged 998cc inline-4 pumps out an incredible 300 hp, substantially more than even a top flight MotoGP racer has.

It’s a track bike, and not street legal, but a road version called the H2 will be introduced in a couple of weeks, likely with somewhat less power. READ ON

2015 Zero Motorcycle Line First Look

30-09-2014 Hits:3911 Zero Motorcycle USA - avatar Motorcycle USA

The 2015 Zero MotorcyclesZero Motorcycles revealed its 2015 lineup at Intermot in Cologne, Germany. The Zero S, SR, DS and FX all receive significant updates, including new Showa suspension, Bosch ABS systems, Pirelli tires and motor enhancements. The S, SR and DS get a redesigned seat and all four models get updated mirrors, softer compound grips and a revised throttle controls. These updates transfer to Zero’s Police and Military segments as well, which see the introduction of a new model, the Zero FXP. READ ON

Harley-Davidson recalls all 2014 Touring motorcycles

29-09-2014 Hits:493 Honda CNN Money - avatar CNN Money

Harley-Davidson is recalling about 126,000 motorcycles over a problem with the clutch that could cause crashes.

The recall applies to all model year 2014 Touring bikes, including the three-wheeled trikes and custom designed bikes.  READ ON

A friend in need - back on two wheels.

20-09-2014 Hits:447 Indian Robert Pandya  - avatar Robert Pandya


Harley gives sneak peek of electric prototype

13-09-2014 Hits:360 Harley-Davidson News greenbaypressgazette.com - avatar greenbaypressgazette.com

It didn’t end well for Captain America and his sidekick, Billy, while riding their Harley-Davidsons in the 1969 film. But a story about a couple of rebels chasing freedom on the open road suited a generation. READ ON

Indian Motorcycle launches motorbike Scout

02-09-2014 Hits:449 Indian http://indianexpress.com - avatar http://indianexpress.com

Indian Motorcycle recently unveiled their latest offering called Indian Scout and with the new model, Indian has made owning its motorcycles a lot affordable. READ ON 

Granddaughter visits the Angus roots of Harley-Davidson motorcycles

27-08-2014 Hits:372 Harley-Davidson News thecourier.co.uk - avatar thecourier.co.uk

The granddaughter of one of the founders of Harley-Davidson motorbikes has visited her family’s ancestral home in Angus. READ ON

Harley-Davidson Events at Sturgis 2014

30-07-2014 Hits:424 Harley-Davidson News motorcycle-usa.com/ - avatar motorcycle-usa.com/

Harley-Davidson® is kicking off the 74th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in the Black Hills of South Dakota with a full arsenal of activities and events that will electrify all motorcycle enthusiasts. READ ON

Indian motorcycles plan to introduce dual colour options

26-07-2014 Hits:468 Indian http://overdrive.in - avatar http://overdrive.in

After launching its motorcycles in the country in January this year, Indian plans to introduce dual colour options including the superb cream-red combination that is sure to be a hit. READ ON

Honda launches 2014 version of CB Shine 125cc motorcycle

24-07-2014 Hits:575 Honda http://indianexpress.com - avatar http://indianexpress.com

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Pvt. Ltd introduced the latest iteration of the popular 125cc CB Shine motorcycle today. The latest iteration of one of the best selling motorcycles in the segment has been refreshed and now sports better styling. READ ON

Some Harley motorcycles plagued by 'Death Wobble'

14-07-2014 Hits:563 Harley-Davidson News KPHO.com - avatar KPHO.com


The last thing a rider wants to do on a motorcycle is lose control, but that's what some Harley-Davidson riders say happened to them.

To riders such as Vince Herre, the bikes are a status symbol. "I like it just because it's Harley-Davidson," Herre said.

Other riders, such as Cliff Anderson, said there's a certain amount of homegrown pride.  READ ON

Honda Just Announced The Best First Motorcycle Ever

14-07-2014 Hits:660 Honda Infinitely Wild - Gizmodo - avatar Infinitely Wild - Gizmodo

The 2015 Honda CB300F Shopping for your very first motorcycle? Start here. The 2015 Honda CB300F promises to be fun to ride, affordable and incredibly cheap to run. It's the perfect learning tool for new riders.

The CB300F is a naked version of the new-for-2015 Honda CBR300R, itself an update of the amazingly capable CBR250R. Shorn of its plastic fairings, the bike sheds 9lbs and $400, now coming in at just 348lbs (wet) and $3,999. And, oh yeah, did we mention the 71mpg fuel economy? READ ON

Harley-Davidson recalling 66,421 motorcycles

09-07-2014 Hits:431 Harley-Davidson News kalb.com - avatar kalb.com

DETROIT (AP) — Harley-Davidson is recalling 66,421 Touring and CVO Touring motorcycles from the 2014 model year because their front wheels can lock up without warning.  READ ON


2014 Kawasaki Versys 1000

09-07-2014 Hits:3910 Kawasaki Top Speed - avatar Top Speed

2014 Kawasaki Versys 1000The Kawasaki Versys 1000 is one of the most versatile motorcycles designed by the Japanese manufacturer.

The motorcycle is powered by a liquid - cooled, 4 - stroke, in-line four, DOHC engine with a displacement of 1,043 cm³. The unit is mated on a six speed transmission and delivers a maximum output of 86.8 KW (118 PS) at 9,000 Rpm and 102 NM (10.4 KgfM) at 7,700 rpm. READ ON


KTM recalls Enduro R motorcycles

09-07-2014 Hits:3486 KTM Consumer Affairs - avatar Consumer Affairs

KTM North America is recalling 649 model year 2014 690 Enduro R motorcycles manufactured October 2013, to April 2014.

The rear brake pedal mounting bolt in the affected motorcycles may loosen, allowing the rear brake pedal to detach from the motorcycle. If the rear brake pedal detaches, the rider would only have the front brake to slow or stop the motorcycle, increasing the risk of a crash. READ ON


Motorcycle Review: 2014 Honda CBR650FA

04-07-2014 Hits:756 Honda Driving dot Ca - avatar Driving dot Ca

2014 Honda CBR650FA PHOTO: David Booth, DrivingA thrilling sportsbike for the budget-minded

CALABOGIE, Ont. — Listen up young men between the ages of 20 and 28 shopping a new motorcycle. If you’re the typical young brigand, full of piss and vinegar, you’re probably considering a 600-cc supersport machine; you know, a Honda CBR600RR, a Kawasaki ZX-6R or a Suzuki Gixxer, all the standard race replicas that have been the staple of the young and testosterone-fueled for nigh on two decades. READ ON

2015 Indian Motorcycles to Debut at Sturgis

26-06-2014 Hits:534 Indian Motorcycle USA - avatar Motorcycle USA

Indian at SturgisIndian Motorcycle, America’s first motorcycle company, today announced its plans and itinerary for the 74th annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, which formally runs August 4-10 in Sturgis, South Dakota. As the company celebrates the one year anniversary of its re-introduction into the motorcycle industry with the launch of the 2014 Indian Chief, this year’s unveiling of model year 2015 promises to be another memorable moment in Indian Motorcycle history. Visit the Indian Motorcycle event page for updates.  READ ON

Husqvarna unveil 2015 range

26-06-2014 Hits:2967 Husqvarna MC News - avatar MC News

TE300Husqvarna Motorcycles are proud to unveil their offroad model range for 2015. The brand encompasses a full line up of both motocross and enduro bikes plus a professional 85cc minicross machine.

Less than one year after the creation of Husqvarna Motorcycles GmbH (October 2013) and the launch of the ‘new era’ model range by Husqvarna, the Brand with Swedish origins introduces to the world media the new model year 15 model range. READ ON



21-06-2014 Hits:2103 Triumph Triumph - avatar Triumph


Harley-Davidson Motor Company Reveals Project LIVEWIRE, The First Electric Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle

20-06-2014 Hits:405 Harley-Davidson News bustedknucklechronicles.com - avatar bustedknucklechronicles.com

H-D Invites Consumers to Ride, React, and Shape the Future of this New Bike

CONCORD, Ontario (June 19, 2014) – Innovation, meet heritage. Today, Harley-Davidson Motor Company (NYSE:HOG) reveals Project LiveWire – the first Harley-Davidson® electric motorcycle.  READ ON

Harley-Davidson Is Making An Electric Motorcycle

19-06-2014 Hits:346 Harley-Davidson News http://jalopnik.com - avatar http://jalopnik.com

Harley fanatics are about to lose their collective shit. The crew from Milwaukee is going to show off its first electric motorcycle tomorrow, causing scads of chap-wearing dentists to revaluate their alternative weekend lifestyles.  READ ON

Triumph sells 450 motorcycles since inception, targets 1,200 in 2014-15

10-06-2014 Hits:2008 Triumph Motoroids - avatar Motoroids

Triumph Motorcycles, entered the Indian market in November last year.After much anticipation and a really long wait, British two-wheeler manufacturer, Triumph Motorcycles, entered the Indian market in November last year. Pricing of some products came as a disappointment. Yet, the company managed to sell 450 units throughout the country. Vimal Sumbly, Managing Director of Triumph India said that the company aims to sell 1,200 units of its products in 2014-15 and 1,500 units in 2015-16. READ ON


New Dirt Focused Honda Adventure Bike for 2015?

04-06-2014 Hits:853 Honda advpulse.com - avatar advpulse.com

Popular German motorcycle magazine Motorrad (circulation of 135,000) is reporting in their April cover story that Honda plans to build a new Africa Twin that could revolutionize the Adventure Touring market. This new model isn’t another bloated 1200cc GS wannabe or adventure styled street bike, but a proper Adventure Bike with a real dirt focus. READ ON


CHP returns to Harley Davidson bikes; SoCal dealer hopes more police agencies will follow

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This file photo shows Harley Davidson motorcycles used by the Los Angeles Police Department. The brand is making a return to the California Highway Patrol after years of being passed over for BMWs.Harley Davidson motorcycles are returning to the California Highway Patrol after years of being passed over for BMWs. 

Oakland Harley Davidson is building four bikes a week for the CHP at a cost of about $28,000 per bike.  Last week, the dealership delivered its 104th CHP motorcycle since winning the contract a year ago. READ ON

Biker claims Old Glory 'wind resistance' prompts Harley-Davidson to void warranty

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David Zien, seen here on one of his previous motorcycles, was told by Harley-Davidson that the warranty on his new bike was void because of the flags he let fly from the rear. (Courtesy: BikerNet.com)BIKERNET.COMA hog-riding former lawmaker from Wisconsin claims that Harley-Davidson voided his motorcycle's repair warranty because of the patriotic flags he let fly from the back of his chopper.

However, Harley-Davidson says the warranty is still in effect and just his warranty claim has been denied. READ ON


Harley Davidson Street 750 in High Demand

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Harley Davidson Street 750Iconic cult bike maker Harley-Davidson has hit the sweet spot with its model 'Street 750', that is built in India, accounting for nearly 60 per cent of its April sales in the country within the first month of starting deliveries. (Read: Harley Davidson Street 750 Review)

The company, which is present in India through a wholly-owned subsidiary Harley-Davidson India, had launched the Street 750 priced at Rs. 4.1 lakh in February and opened for bookings in March.  READ ON

Motorcycle Review: 2014 Honda F6C Valkyrie

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TEMECULA, Calif. — Imagine you wanted to build a roadster or a muscle car. Imagine further that you thought to yourself that it’d be a great idea to strip a Winnebago as the starting point. No matter how hard you’d try to explain to everyone that the reason you chose that path is that’s where you found the big engine and chassis you wanted, pretty much everyone would think you were a little touched in the head.  READ ON

2014 Honda CRF250L Review | Dual Sport Motorcycle Test

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2014 Honda CRF250LThere’s nothing like a dual sport bike for everyday practicality and fun — from the comfortable upright seating position, to the long-travel suspension, to the stress-free handling — and the 2014 Honda CRF250L is a good example of why these inexpensive on- and off-road motorcycles are so popular.

Of course, there is a trade off for the functionality of a bike that can take you from the asphalt to the dirt, and that starts with the seat height; dual sport bikes are taller than their street-only counterparts, though shorter than pure dirt bikes (like the Honda CRF250X). READ ON

2014 Honda Valkyrie First Ride

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2014 Honda Valkyrie First RideGratification is immediate, an orchestra of 40mm throttle bodies and six fuel injectors synchronized with the twists of my right wrist, the hit of torque urgent, six cylinders operating in harmony to spin the 180mm patch of Dunlop rubber behind me. The initial surge continues throughout the Valkyrie’s powerband, smooth and linear until a healthy midrange punch around 4200 rpm provides extra kick. As the road to Idyllwild, California, climbs up and through the San Jacinto Mountains, the Valkyrie’s low-slung Flat Six keeps the center of gravity down and transitions are swift and sharp through the switchbacks and sweepers. The ease at which the Valkyrie is swinging side-to-side matches the bike’s sure-footedness as we test lean angles up the mountain, the next-gen Valkyrie hustling up the grade with an ease none of its forebears could match.   READ ON

Motorcycle Review: Indian is 61 years young

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You could say this 2014 Indian Chief Vintage is a motorcycle that enthusiasts have been waiting 61 years to ride.

Indian motorcycles, the historic brand founded in 1901, has seen its share of short-lived, under-financed and over-promised revival attempts since it went out of business in 1953. READ ON


2014 Honda Valkyrie | First Ride Cruiser Motorcycle Test

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2014 Honda ValkyrieThe Honda Valkyrie is back for 2014, but it is no longer the classic style cruiser and bagger it was in the 1990s and early 2000s. Instead, it returns as a power cruiser – still on the Honda Gold Wing platform – that is something of a cross between the 2003 Valkyrie Rune and the new CTX1300.  READ ON

Honda's 750cc NM4 Vultus: A new species of motorcycle

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Honda's 750cc NM4 VultusHonda has announced a new motorcycle – the 750cc NM4, which will be known as the Vultus in European markets – and it's a new species of motorcycle that represents such a bold departure from tradition that it could become a landmark in the evolution of motorized two-wheeled transport.  READ ON

Can ‘Captain America’ Help Harley-Davidson Sell Motorcycles?

03-04-2014 Hits:520 Harley-Davidson News Wall Street Journal - avatar Wall Street Journal

Captain America rides his new Harley-Davidson in a scene from “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” Marvel EntertainmentMoviegoers are expected to line up when Marvel’s “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” opens Friday. Motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson hopes the highly anticipated film will also help drive crowds into its dealerships.

In the new film, a sequel to 2011’s “Captain America, The First Avenger,” the superhero played by Chris Evans rides a Harley-Davidson Street 750 in pursuit of his rival the Winter Soldier. The Milwaukee, Wisc., company hopes the bike, a new design unveiled late last year, will get the attention of the young consumers in the audience. READ ON

Triumph Announces 2013 Dealer of the Year Award Winners

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ATLANTA, GA – April 1, 2014 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Triumph Motorcycles America Ltd. is proud to announce the winners of the 2013 Triumph Dealer of the Year Awards. The award recognizes dealers for their achievements in sales and delivering an exceptional customer experience.

The winners in the following categories are:

No. 1 Retailer, United States: Southern California Triumph, Brea, Calif.
No. 1 Retailer, Canada: Blackfoot Motosports, Calgary, Alberta
No. 1 Single Line Triumph Dealer: Cascade Moto Classics, Beaverton, Ore.   READ ON


Honda scores top three best selling bikes in UK for March

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The Honda CBF 125 was the second best-selling bike in the UK last monthHonda is continuing to dominate the UK motorcycle market with the company boasting the top three most popular models for March.

According to the latest market data from Glass's Guide, Honda's PCX 125, CBF 125 M and NSC 110 WH were the top selling bikes in the UK last month and this looks likely to continue over the coming months. READ ON

Road test: 2014 Honda CTX1300

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It may be styled like a cruiser, but the 2014 Honda CTX1300 doesn't suffer from a case of "form over function." PHOTO: Handout, HondaPOTRERO, Calif. — The battle between form and function — the two-wheeled version at least — has always been fought on the basis that riding a motorcycle is a participation sport, and therefore performance has had to be more important than looks and comfort more than colour. Motorcycles that were reliable (Honda and BMW), fast (Kawasaki) and lithe (Ducati) always garnered more respect than the merely stylish. Tourers and sports bikes got their props: cruisers not so much. Being cool, as Steve McQueen might have said, was more important than looking cool. READ ON

2014 Aprilia Caponord 1200 First Ride

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MV Agusta's Rivale 800 And Brutale 800 Dragster To Come Wearing Pirelli Diablo Rosso II Tires

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The supersport tire from the Italian brand equips the latest models from the Schiranna Company, solidifying its position as the best choice for the most exclusive and high-performance motorcycles recently launched on the market  READ ON


RUMOUR: Fiat to buy out MV Agusta

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The Dragster 800 is the latest MV to roll off the production lineCould Fiat be preparing a bid for MV Agusta?

Speculation has been growing the Italian car manufacturer could be ready to approach the motorcycle company.

Reports from Italian sports newspaper Corriere dello Sport suggest that the two could enter into talks about a possible takeover which could ease the financial pressure that MV Agusta is under at the moment. READ ON

2014 Honda CTX1300 First Ride

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2014 Honda CTX1300Honda targets a different kind of touring motorcyclist with its uniquely styled and V-Four-powered CTX1300 (starting at $15,999). Part cruiser, part touring bike, the CTX appeals to riders seeking an authentic riding experience, with elevated levels of comfort and technology, compared to what other brands offer.  READ ON

2014 Moto Guzzi California 1400 Review: No Translation Necessary

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2014 Moto Guzzi California 1400 Custom in action. Photo © LovellMoto Guzzi is quick to boast that the all-new 1,380cc engine powering the new California 1400 is the biggest twin-cylinder engine produced in Europe, but with a curb weight of up to 742 lbs (for the Touring model), you wouldn't think this big boy could hustle through the corners. Those suspicions are reinforced when you climb aboard the 29.1 inch saddle and fire up the big engine, which settles into a loping idle which vibrates the handlebars quite visibly.  READ ON


Hyosung GV650 Aquila Pro Review: Chubby Hustler

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Hyosung GV650 AquilaThe Hyosung GV650 Aquila Pro has been one of the more successful products to come out of the DSK-Hyosung alliance since the DSK Group acquired the exclusive distributorship of Hyosung motorcycles in India. To its credit, the Aquila GV650 managed to sell 145 units within 2 months of its launch last year. We recently took the motorcycle for an exhaustive spin in Pune putting the cruiser to high speed tests on the wide NH4 and tested its cornering prowess on the twisties of Tamhini Ghats. And then, just to be sure, we also took the Aquila to the broken interior trails for gauging the cruiser’s comfort level. So how did the Korean colt fare? Here’s our report in this detailed Hyosung GV650 Aquila Pro review.  READ ON

Exclusive. Interview With Steve Menneto, Polaris Industries’ Vice President Of Indian And Victory Motorcycles.

24-03-2014 Hits:547 Indian http://cyrilhuzeblog.com - avatar http://cyrilhuzeblog.com

Seven months after the re-launch of the Indian brand and a few weeks after the introduction of a new 2015 Victory model (the Gunner), while in Daytona for Bike Week. I sat down with Steve Menneto for an interview. -  READ ON

Honda NM4 concept motorcycles channel Akira

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Honda NM4 concept motorcycles channel AkiraHonda has rolled out a pair of new production-intent motorcycle concepts at the Osaka Motorcycle Show in its home market of Japan, and they're our first glimpse at the company's "neo-futuristic" NM4. Shown in both stealthy black and an eye-catching white, the NM4s are sharp creations that feature interesting riding positions.  READ ON

Chasin' History on the 2014 Indian Chief Classic

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2014 Indian Chief ClassicThe day dawned with visions of grandeur, a couple hundred mile loop through St. Augustine, Palatka and the Ocala National Forest before landing back in Daytona Beach. The sun was a striking yellow, the blue of the sky broken by a few wisps of white, temperatures creeping toward idyllic.   READ ON

2014 Moto Guzzi Griso 1200 8V SE

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Moto Guzzi Griso 1200 8V SEThe Moto Guzzi Griso 1200 8V SE is an imposing roadster that features a nonconformist style. The motorcycle is built on a high-tensile tubular steel twin cradle frame which is combined with a single-sided aluminium rear swingarm. The frame sits on 43 mm forks which are adjustable for rebound and compression, and there is also a rear fully adjustable monoshock.  READ ON

Harley-Davidson's Bid In The Growing Luxury Motorcycle Market In India

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Harley-Davidson is a renowned manufacturer and distributor of classic heavyweight motorcycles. By introducing a pair of lightweight motorcycles on a new platform after nearly four decades, the company established its commitment to evolve with shifting market trends. Sales of the lightweight Street motorcycles being assembled at Missouri and in India will be crucial to the automaker’s aim of shipping 279,000-284,000 motorcycles this year, up 7-9% from 2013 levels. The automaker hopes to ship 7,000-10,000 Street 750 models in the U.S., India, Italy, Spain and Portugal this year. The Street 750 was launched in the U.S. this month, and its bookings also started in India in January. Harley is already the market leader in the 800 cc+ motorcycle marketin India, with over 4,000 customers in the country. With the launch of the Street motorcycle, the company will look to grab a significant portion of the sub-800 cc motorcycle market in India. READ ON

Canadian Court Grants Harley-Davidson Rights to “Screamin’ Eagle” Trademark

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March 11 --Iconic motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson could continue to use its “Screamin’ Eagle” trademark on clothing despite the ownership and use for 20 years of a “Screaming Eagle” trademark by a Canadian clothing store chain, the Federal Court of Canada ruled on March 4 (H-D U.S.A. LLC v. Berrada , Fed. Ct., No. T-605-07, 3/4/14).

Jamal Berrada, president of 3222381 Canada Inc. and El Baraka Inc., which operated the Canadian clothing stores, failed to establish that H-D U.S.A. LLC's sale of “Screamin’ Eagle” clothing caused confusion for consumers or depreciated his stores' goodwill, the court ruled.

“This Court finds that Harley-Davidson is entitled to distribute, advertise, offer for sale, and sell collateral items, including clothing, in connection with its trademark Screamin’ Eagle, in association with its registered trademark Harley Davidson, throughout Canada, but exclusively at Harley-Davidson dealerships, as this will not infringe any valid rights of defendants,” the court said.  READ ON

KTM Has Highest Sale Year, Sells 123,859 Motorcycles in 2013

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2014 KTM 1190 Adventure RDespite decline markets, the Austrian-based KTM set a sales record in 2013.

KTM reports that 123,859 motorcycles were sold worldwide, including motorcycles sold in India by partner Bajaj. This shows a 15.6-percent in sales over 2012.

KTM attributes much of the success to the new 1190 Adventure and the 390 Duke.  READ ON

2014 Suzuki GSX-R1000Z

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Suzuki GSX-R1000ZThanks to its racy DNA, the Suzuki GSX-R1000Z has always managed to stay ahead o the pack when it comes to high speed performances. This Japanese machine was created for the adrenaline-hungry riders, so it has all it needs to reward you with a thrilling riding experience every time you jump on its saddle.

The Suzuki GSX-R1000Z is propelled by a 999 cc, 4 stroke, liquid cooled, DOHC engine which is mated to a six speed constant mesh transmission with slipper clutch. In terms of power, the unit generates 136.10 kW (182.50 hp) at 12000 rpm and 116.70 Nm (86.00lb.Ft) of torque at 10000 rpm. For enhanced versatility, the motorcycle is also fitted with Suzuki’s drive mode selector which includes three separate performance settings that can suit different sections of the road or track. READ ON

2014 Honda NC700X Motorcycle Review | Long Term Street Bike Test

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2014 Honda NC700X2014 Honda NC700X Motorcycle Review | Long Term Street Bike Test

The 2014 Honda NC700X may have styling nods to adventure bikes, but don’t let that mislead you. The NC700X is a pure street bike that is most at home in the urban jungle, yet configurable for some light duty sport touring.

It’s hard not to love Honda’s 2014 NC700X—once you get used to the ultra low 6500 rpm redline. It’s rev limiter hits early and it hits hard; it’s not the sort of thing you want to find out about when making a maneuver on the freeway, so pay attention to your tach. READ ON


MV Agusta F4 1000R

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2014 Ducati Multistrada S Pikes Peak Review

03-03-2014 Hits:1627 Ducati Motorcycle USA - avatar Motorcycle USA

2014 Ducati Multistrada S Pikes Peak ReviewAdventure bikes are traditionally stunted, aggressive looking half-breeds, designed to be good at nothing but survive everywhere. Ducati took a shotgun to that rulebook in 2010 and built the Multistrada, a bike aimed at the man who wants to ride tarmac fast in a comfortable upright position. 

What came was a gorgeous, fast, capable street bike. Since then niggles have been worked on, Pikes Peak races have been won and now, sat before us is the prettiest of the machines to grace the adventure bike class, the Multistrada S Pikes Peak.  READ ON

2014 MV Agusta Brutale 800

02-03-2014 Hits:3160 MV Agusta Top Speed - avatar Top Speed

2014 MV Agusta Brutale 800If you are looking for a fast, good looking and agile naked, then you should take a closer look at the MV Agusta Brutale 800, as it has all it needs to make you fall in love with it from the first sight.

At its heart lies a 798 cc three cylinder, 4 stroke, 12 valve timing system D.O.H.C engine with a total displacement of 798 Cm3 (48.68 Cu. In.). It delivers a maximum output of 92 KW (125 Hp) at 11600 rpm and 81 Nm (8.25 Kgm) of torque at 8600 rpm. All this power is sent to the rear wheels by means of a cassette style, six speed, constant mesh transmission with wet, multi-disc clutch. READ ON

Harley-Davidson Thinks Beyond 2 Wheels, Rolls Out 3-Wheeled Motorcycle In Japan

02-03-2014 Hits:287 Harley-Davidson News Yahoo Finance - avatar Yahoo Finance

There are certain American products that seem to do well overseas no matter what, and Harley-Davidson (NYSE: HOG) is certainly on that list.

The iconic motorcycles seem to occupy a certain place in the global consumer's imagination. For example, Pope Francis’ Harley, a 1,585cc Dyna Super Glide, recently sold sold for $328,169 at a charity auction in Paris.

Along with strong sales at home, Harley's latest earnings report noted worldwide retail sales of new Harley-Davidson motorcycles grew 5.7 percent in the fourth quarter of 2013 and 4.4 percent for the full year, compared to the same time periods a year earlier. READ ON

2014 Royal Enfield Motorcycles First Look

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Continental GT Racer Royal Enfield, India’s venerable motorcycle manufacturer with a history more than 100 years old, is taking an ambitious approach to 2014 by cutting prices and increasing production. Thanks to the recent construction of a 50-acre facility in Oragadam, Tamil Nadu, India, Royal Enfield expects to exceed 250,000 units in 2014. The expansion has allowed the marque to lower prices for the coming model year and now each of the six motorcycles available in the US ring in under six-grand. READ ON

We ride: Ducati 899 Panigale

21-02-2014 Hits:1628 Ducati IOL Motoring - avatar IOL Motoring

Quick turn-in breeds lots of rider confidence.Midrand - The 1199cc Panigale is the superbike for Ducati fans seeking scare-yourself-silly adrenalin and the quickest laptimes, but there’s now a middleweight version for riders who are less hardcore (and not quite up for the big gun’s R227 500 pricetag)

Successor to the Ducati 848, the 899 Panigale is the newest member of the Italian family and this “supermid” - as Ducati terms it - is designed to be more rider-friendly on the road than its more powerful stablemate. READ ON

Ducati Monster 1200 S preview

21-02-2014 Hits:1676 Ducati Zigwheels - avatar Zigwheels

Ducati Monster 1200 SWe take a magnifying glass to the new Ducati Monster 1200 S which is scheduled to go on sale in India by end of 2014

Ducati hasn’t had the best of time in India so far. Deliveries of motorcycles have been an issue and brand dealerships seem to keep sprouting up and disappearing with equal alacrity. And as a brand that’s the last thing you need. What people expect – and no matter how small the number – is stability; confidence that the brand is here to stay; to support a customer’s purchase. Soon though, Ducati will have that stability because like Porsche, Ducati is going to be present in India officially and move away from the importer based model it currently has. Some existing dealerships will stay while some might not. But, there will be new ones; ones that will be here to stay. READ ON

Motorcycle Stability Control retrofit

20-02-2014 Hits:4104 KTM Visor Down - avatar Visor Down

Motorcycle Stability Control retrofit now available for 2013 KTM 1190 Adventures

OWNERS of 2013 KTM 1190 Adventures and the Adventure R can now have Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC) retrofitted to their bike.

Bosch’s MSC incorporates the Adventure’s traction-control system and cornering ABS – allowing brakes to be applied mid-turn without locking the front wheel – and was fitted as standard to the 2014 model. READ ON


Nakagawa Named President At Kawasaki

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Kawasaki KLX110 Recalled for Fuel Leaks

16-02-2014 Hits:4391 Kawasaki AutoEvolution - avatar AutoEvolution

Kawasaki recalls more than 10,000 bikes in the US to repair a fuel leak issue.

The problem affects model year 2010, 2011 and 2012 KLX110 and KLX110L off-road motorcycles, but no accidents or injuries have been reported.

According to Kawasaki, fuel can leak between the tank and the fuel tap, increasing the risk of a fire. READ ON

Aeromach Releases Indian Motorcycle Heel Shift

13-02-2014 Hits:659 Indian Motor Sports Newswire - avatar Motor Sports Newswire

Indian Motorcycle Heel ShiftCHARLOTTE, NC – February 11, 2014 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Aeromach USA, LLC, a motorcycle parts manufacturer located in Charlotte, NC, today announced that they are now shipping their heel shift lever for 2014 Indian Motorcycles.  The heel shift lever attaches to the stock shift lever. READ ON


13-02-2014 Hits:1696 KTM Top Speed - avatar Top Speed

2014 KTM 125 EXC SIX DAYSThe KTM 125 EXC Six Days is a tough off roader that is ready to follow your lead with obedience every time you feel the taste of adventure.

The motorcycle is propelled by a 124.8 cc, 1-Cylinder, 2-Stroke, Water-Cooled, engine with reed intake and exhaust control. For enhanced performances, the engine has a redesigned reed valve housing featuring Boyesen high-performance reeds. It is mated to a 6 gear, claw shifted transmission with wet multi-disc clutch.  READ ON


2015 Victory Gunner First Look

09-02-2014 Hits:4798 Victory Motorcycle USA - avatar Motorcycle USA

2015 Victory Gunner First“Trace your way back 50 years 
To the glow of Dresden, blood and tears 
In the black above by the cruel searchlight 
Men will die and men will fight, yeah” 

Opening lyrics to Iron Maiden’s “Tailgunner” 

Tailgunners in World War II were a breed apart. Victory aims to inject some of the same bravado and brashness of those tailgunners in its new cruiser motorcycle, the 2015 Gunner.


KTM Developing 500cc And 800cc Twins

07-02-2014 Hits:3813 KTM Motorcycle dot Com - avatar Motorcycle dot Com

KTM Developing 500cc And 800cc TwinsAfter setting a new company record for motorcycle sales on the back of small displacement models like the Duke line (like the 390 Duke pictured above), KTM is turning its attention to mid-sized models.

Speaking with Overdrive.in at the 2014 Indian Auto Expo, KTM Chief Executive Officer Stefan Pierer says the company has 500cc and 800cc parallel Twin engines in development, with new models expected to enter production within three years. READ ON


05-02-2014 Hits:784 Honda TWST - avatar TWST

  • Aggressive capacity expansion with New 4th plant at Gujarat in 2015
  • Ambitious showcase of 9 products powered by trusted Honda Technology
    • New Activa125 - the "King of Scooters" rides into India
    • New CBR 650R - Honda's higest displacement motorycle to be assembled in India
    • 4 Global showcases - RC 213V (2013 Moto GP champion), Goldwing (1832cc big bike), CBR500R (500cc performance bike), PCX 125 (Europe's much loved contemporary scooter)
    • 3 exciting 2014 editions - CBR1000RR SP (2014) , CB Trigger & Dream Yuga (new colours)
  • Welcome to the exciting Honda universe where 'Technology Meets Emotion'

GREATER NOIDA, India, February 5, 2014 - Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (Private) Ltd., Honda's motorcycle manufacturing and distribution company in India announced its 'Aggressive and Ambitious' Roadmap for market leadership in India at its high voltage press conference at the 12th Auto Expo 2014. READ ON


2014 Yamaha FZ-09 Review: Triple the Fun

01-02-2014 Hits:3816 Yamaha Basem Wasef - About Motorcycles - avatar Basem Wasef - About Motorcycles

2014 Yamaha FZ-09: Bottom Line, SpecsBottom Line

Yamaha has succeeded at building a naked middleweight that, at $7,990, is priced surprisingly well while delivering sharp, entertaining, stunt-inspiring performance. Its shortcomings are small-- among them a stiff saddle, suspension that can get squishy at the extremes, and a throttle that's sensitive in all but the softest settings. The lack of available anti-lock brakes may also annoy those seeking an extra layer of security. On the other hand, the FZ-09's magnetic personality and fun, visceral feedback make it hard bike not to fall in love with. Because of those qualities, the FZ-09 seems destined to become one of the great performance motorcycle bargains of the year, and one of the most rewarding and fun sportbikes to ride in a long time. READ ON

Indian Motorcycles Finally Rev Up to Speed for Polaris

01-02-2014 Hits:746 Indian Bloomberg Business Week - avatar Bloomberg Business Week

2014 Indian Chief motorcyclesIt turns out six decades of collecting dust may have been just what the Indian motorcycle brand needed.

Polaris (PII), which resurrected the nameplate in August with three new bikes, said this morning that “pent-up demand” has fueled a slew of orders for the first models rolling out of factories. The long-defunct brand may put a dent in Harley-Davidson(HOG) after all. “The shipment ramp-up was a little slower than we would’ve liked, but the initial quality is through the moon,” Polaris Chief Operating Officer Bennett Morgan said on a conference call this morning. Customers, he added, “love the styling, they love the future refinements, and it’s really kind of a lovefest.”  READ ON


Exclusive: 2014 Indian Chieftain first ride

23-01-2014 Hits:3720 Indian Overdrive India - avatar Overdrive India


Triumph opens dealership in Hyderabad; to have nine outlets by March

23-01-2014 Hits:3009 Triumph MSN Autos - avatar MSN Autos

Smiling on the Triumph Motorcycle - photo by ReutersHyderabad: Iconic British motorcycle brand Triumph has opened a dealership facility in Hyderabad named Rebel Motorcycles, offering over 10 of the 28 models from its stable. The motorcycle manufacturer plans to set up nine dealerships in India by March 2014. The first one was set up in Bangalore.

Vimal Sumbly, Managing Director of Triumph Motorcycles India, said, “We are in India to give brand lovers not just the product but an overall experience that they deserve from a globally renowned brand such as Triumph. The opening of the dealership advances our commitment to establish Triumph marquee in the local market and extend a comprehensive suite of after-sales services and support. READ ON


Indian motorcycles come to India tracking Harley-Davidson

23-01-2014 Hits:565 Indian Live Mint - avatar Live Mint

Chief Classic, Chief Vintage and Chieftain are all powered by an 1,811cc Thunder Stroke III engine, which has 139 newton meter torque and six-speed transmission. Photo: BloombergNew Delhi: Iconic US bike maker Indian Motorcycle International Llc debuted in India, with its least expensive bike Chief Classic priced at Rs.26.5 lakh. The other two bikes on offer are Chief Vintage and Chieftain, priced atRs.29.5 lakh and Rs.33 lakh, respectively. All prices are ex-showroom, Delhi.

These bikes will attract an additional value-added tax of 12.5% as they will be completely built units. READ ON

Review of the Ducati 899 Panigale: Baby BOOM!

23-01-2014 Hits:2170 Ducati The Mirror - avatar The Mirror

Ducati 899 Panigale“It’s a bit showy.” That was the verdict of a friend as I roared up on Ducati’s 899 Panigale.

“Yes,” I agreed. “Great isn’t it?”

The bike does look fantastic. The pearl white bodywork – the manufacturer describes it as “silk” – contrasted by the bright red, 10-spoke alloy wheels.  READ ON


2014 Aprilia Tuono V4R ABS review

23-01-2014 Hits:3500 Aprilia The Telegraph - avatar The Telegraph

The Aprilia Tuono V4R is one of the fastest and most accomplished naked bikes on saleAs the founding member and unofficial leader of motorcycling’s “super-naked” class, Aprilia’s Tuono is the bike that several of this year’s most exciting new models have been created to topple. The bad news for challengers including BMW’s S1000R, KTM’s 1290 Super Duke R and Ducati’s Monster 1200 is that Aprilia’s unfaired V4 has just raised the bar.

2014 Can-Am Spyder Quick Ride

22-01-2014 Hits:4481 Can-Am motortrend.com - avatar motortrend.com

It's tempting to call the Can-Am Spyder a three-wheeled motorcycle and leave it at that, but it doesn't do the vehicle justice. As a motorcycle rider, I can tell you it really isn't just a bike that doesn't tip over. On the other hand, as a driver, I can tell you it's not a car with one rear wheel, either.

Read more

Honda Motorcycle to roll out CB Shine from Karnataka facility

14-01-2014 Hits:572 Honda Deccan Herald - avatar Deccan Herald

Two-wheeler manufacturer Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI) is revamping its Karnataka facility, from where it plans to roll out the 125-cc motorcycle CB Shine amid rising demand for the model.

The company, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Japanese auto giant Honda, currently manufactures the model at its Tapukara plant in Rajasthan.

"It is a strategic decision taken by the company. In order to cater to the demand for the CB Shine, we are coming up with changes in our Bangalore facility. So CB Shine will become the fourth model to roll out from the Bangalore facility," HMSI Vice-President (Sales and Marketing) Y S Guleria told PTI.  READ ON

Indian Motorcycle / YMCA Twin Cities Charity Auction.

08-01-2014 Hits:423 Indian Robert Pandya - avatar Robert Pandya


Harley-Davidson, Inc. : Harley Fenders for Custom Motorcycle Builds and Baggers Now Available From Misfit Industries

08-01-2014 Hits:413 Harley-Davidson News http://www.4-traders.com - avatar http://www.4-traders.com

The new front steel motorcycle fenders from Misfit Industries are designed to fit Harley Davidson models, but can be easily modified to fit any motorcycle for builders working on a custom bike or bagger. These steel front fenders fit 21”, 23”, 26”, and 30” wheels. The new front Harley fenders come with pre-drilled mounting holes. READ ON

2014 Kawasaki motorcycles bring thrills at both ends of the spectrum

03-01-2014 Hits:4315 Kawasaki consumerreports.org - avatar consumerreports.org

The motorcycle industry is seeing a sales resurgence, with riders coming from different quarters looking for two-wheel escapism. Kawasaki is among the manufacturers freshening existing models and adding new ones to appeal to the shifting interests, luring new and returning riders, as well as discriminating wrist-twist veterans, into showrooms, as we were recently reminded.  READ ON


Motorcycle of the Year 2013: BMW HP4

28-12-2013 Hits:1622 BMW Motorcycle USA - avatar Motorcycle USA

BMW HO4Every year, a new crop of bikes raise the performance benchmark. In 2013 the production sportbike class saw a handful of new models, all featuring sophisticated race-derived upgrades – including traction control. Notable entries include Ducati’s Panigale and Kawasaki’s ZX-6R, but no bike impressed us more than BMW’s HP4, MotoUSA’s 2013 Bike of the Year. READ ON

2014 Aprilia Tuono V4 R APRC ABS Review | Naked Son of the Champ

26-12-2013 Hits:3905 Aprilia Ultimate Motorcycling - avatar Ultimate Motorcycling

2014 Aprilia Tuono V4R Test

2014 Aprilia Tuono V4 R APRC ABS Review Judging from the talk at our hangouts and aisle traffic at the recent IMS show in Long Beach, Calif., one of the most hotly anticipated segments in motorcycling today, at least by those who have discovered these niche-segment motorcycles, might arguably be naked high performance bikes.

Known scientifically as neo-hooliganus nakedus, I have reservations in applying the hooligan moniker here. Seems any wheelie-prone bike is called a hooligan but this new crop is way beyond that.  READ ON


Motorcycle review: Kawasaki Ninja is lightweight fun

23-12-2013 Hits:3923 Kawasaki USA Today - avatar USA Today

Kawasaki NinjaLess is more these days in motorcycling. Small motorcycles are always a smart choice for a beginner. But advances in technology and design mean entry level bikes like the Ninja 300 from Kawasaki one can pack surprising power, punch and handling fun – and can remain enjoyable and practical long after you've gained experience and confidence as a rider. READ ON

Indian Motorcycle Unveils The Big Chief Custom

14-12-2013 Hits:898 Indian US Rider News - avatar US Rider News

At the Indian Motorcycle display inside the International Motorcycle Show (IMS) at the Javits Center in New York City, Indian Motorcycle®,  revealed a fully customized, Indian Chief Classic conceptualized and designed by Indian Motorcycle’s Industrial Design team. The “Big Chief Custom” is the first custom Indian Chief created around the 2014 models introduced with great fanfare at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally this past August.

Indian Big Chief CustomSpearheaded by the head of Polaris Industries’ Industrial Design team Greg Brew, a small and dedicated team undertook the task of customizing a stock 2014 Indian Chief Classic.  It features an array of Genuine Indian Motorcycle aftermarket accessories along with a custom paint scheme and billet girder front fork. This Big Chief Custom was designed to spark owners imagination on how to customize, enhance and personalize the 2014 Indian Chiefs.


Indian Motorcycle Unveils Co-Branded Jack Daniels Vintage Custom

08-12-2013 Hits:882 Indian Motorcycle Cruiser - avatar Motorcycle Cruiser

Operation Ride Home Custom Bike Is Result of Partnership With Jack Daniel's  Read more: http://blogs.motorcyclecruiser.com/6831423/maintenance-and-modifications/operation-ride-home-custom-bike-is-result-of-partnership-with-jack-daniels/#ixzz2mt6rMpOLIndian Motorcycle unveiled its one-of-a-kind custom 2014 Chief Vintage motorcycle yesterday at the International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach, Calif.

The Company will donate the ‘No 7’ serial number machine to support "Operation Ride Home," a partnership program between Jack Daniel's Distillery and the Armed Services YMCA designed to help junior enlisted service members and their families travel home this holiday season. READ ON


2014 Honda CB500X

03-12-2013 Hits:971 Honda Topspeed - avatar Topspeed

2014 Honda CB500XEspecially developed for adventure lovers, the Honda CB500X is a versatile motorcycle that puts comfort, reliability and performances on top of its priorities list.

Thanks to its flexible character, the 2014 Honda CB500X feels similarly comfortable both in the city and on the tougher tracks, being ready to reward you with an enjoyable ride every time you fire up its engine. READ ON

Triumph Motorcycles Marks India Entry with 10 Models, Prices Start at ₹5.7 Lakh

28-11-2013 Hits:3281 Triumph IB Times - avatar IB Times

A worker walks beside newly built motorbikes at the Bajaj Auto Ltd. plant in Pune, about 130 km from Mumbai August 9, 2007. (Representational image)Britain's largest motorcycle manufacturer Triumph Motorcycles on Thursday announced its official entry into India's auto market, nearly two years after its appearance at the 2012 Auto Expo in Delhi. READ ON



Video: Kawasaki Z1000 first ride

28-11-2013 Hits:4774 Kawasaki MCN Motorcycle News - avatar MCN Motorcycle News

The Z1000 has been the most serious Japanese 'super naked' since 2003, and Kawasaki have determinedly reinvented it ever since.

For 2014, it's re-styled and eschews electronics in favour of refinement, quality and value. It's a bold move and could be a clever one. Click here to see the video


KTM to roll out Husqvarna bikes from Bajaj's plant in two years

21-11-2013 Hits:4199 KTM Post - avatar Post

KTM to roll out Husqvarna bikesThe company will use its partner Bajaj Auto's Chakan plant to roll out the bike. It also is gearing up to launch a sports model under KTM RC series that will hit the market by the end of next year.
"Our current focus is the KTM bikes, but in the next two years you will see the Husqvarna bikes coming from the Chakan plant," KTM Sportmotorcycles AG CEO Stefan Pierer told reporters here.
Earlier this year in January, Pierer, who owns a majority stake in KTM, had acquired Husqvarna from Germany's BMW. READ ON

2014 Honda Valkyrie First Look

20-11-2013 Hits:4758 Honda Motorcycle USA - avatar Motorcycle USA

2014 Honda Valkyrie After a decade of playing it safe, Honda returns to the big displacement muscle cruiser segment with a revamped, but still six cylinder-powered 2014 Valkyrie. This motorcycle infuses sportbike-derived handling with the brawn of Honda’s 1832cc water-cooled Flat Six equating to a regal and potentially tire-smoke-infused ride. 

Available in three colors (Black; Dark Red Metallic; Blue Metallic), the Valkyrie gets its might from an automobile-sized, horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine that’s used to power Honda’s Gold Wing and Gold Wing F6B luxury tourers. The single overhead cam unit sports two valves per cylinder and is fed via fuel-injection. It puts power back to the 17-inch cast aluminum rim shod in a 180/55 Dunlop tire via a five-speed transmission and shaft final drive. Contrary to the Gold Wing reverse isn’t offered. READ ON

Honda CTX700 auto is smooth ride

18-11-2013 Hits:5270 Honda Greenbay Press Gazette - avatar Greenbay Press Gazette

Andria Yu is about to take a spin on the CTX700 / Courtesy of Andria YuTry as I might, I could not stall Honda's 2014 CTX700 DCT, its automatic cruiser-style motorcycle. In a world of automatic vehicles, especially in the U.S., this may be no big surprise, but being accustomed to manuals and learning (the hard way) how to feather a clutch in maneuvers such as U-turns and pulling into traffic while stopped on a slope, this was pretty neat.

Honda has opened up the world of motorcycling with the automatic, allowing those who have difficulty with the clutch-and-shifter concept to jump on and ride.  READ ON

MV Agusta Sales Double Digits again in 2013!

17-11-2013 Hits:3668 MV Agusta Examiner.com - avatar Examiner.com

In 2012 , MV Agusta posted double digit sales growth of 86.5% and revenue 49.% thanks to a master stroke of both business planning, balanced with bold introduction of a new 3 cylinder engine platform of the F3 675cc. So covering both racing and street sport makets. The 657 Brutale models. Moved MV Agusta into affordable performance to customers world wide. READ ON

Harley-Davidson goes L.A.M.S approved

17-11-2013 Hits:485 Harley-Davidson News The New Zealand Herald - avatar The New Zealand Herald

The new 500cc Harley Street has been designed to suit riders of all skill levels.$12,000 bike sure to lure new punters, writes Jacqui Madelin

Harley-Davidson has announced a learner-approved bike with all the streetwise attitude the American brand demands but New Zealand won't officially see it until January 2015.

Called the Harley Street, it's expected to lure hip and label-conscious young buyers, as well as older guys and gals who have a licence, but not a bike, and want a grown-up image without the intimidating size that usually comes with it. READ ON

Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom Review | Cruiser Motorcycle Test

15-11-2013 Hits:4568 Kawasaki Ultimate Motorcycling - avatar Ultimate Motorcycling

Kawasaki Vulcan 900Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom Review | Cruiser Motorcycle Test

The Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom is an eye-catching mid-size cruiser that strikes a winning balance between easy handling and cruiser attitude. First and foremost, the 900 Custom is a non-intimidating, sharp-looking ride. The welcoming 27-inch seat height invites almost everyone to sit flat-footed in the saddle, and nothing spells confidence like being able to easily reach terra firma at a stop.  READ ON 

Triumph Motorcycles to open its first Indian dealership in Bangalore

14-11-2013 Hits:3064 Triumph Motoroids - avatar Motoroids

Triumph Bangalore dealershipThis pic comes from Team BHP member ‘livyodream’ and it is being said that Bangalore would become the first Indian city to get a Triumph motorcycles dealer. The Triumph Bangalore dealership is shaping up on Residency Road and will be soon followed by dealerships in New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Cochin and Ahmedabad.

The highly awaited British bike marque will officially enter India on November 28 and we just can’t wait to have a rendezvous with the very promising Triumph models. Bike aficionados would remember that Triumph unveiled its product portfolio for India way back in early 2012 at the last edition of Indian Auto Expo and even announced model-wise prices. READ ON

Harley-Davidson's Downfall: Baby Boomer Demographics

13-11-2013 Hits:456 Harley-Davidson News Forbes - avatar Forbes

Harley-Davidson HOG -0.54% is a true American icon.  Its motorcycles are so distinctive that the company actually tried to trademark the “Harley sound,” that familiar rumble of the bikes’ exhaust, back in the mid-1990s.

It’s also a well-managed company and one of those true rarities: a successful turnaround story. This is a company that was facing bankruptcy in the early 1980s yet managed to rebuild itself into the pride of American manufacturing … and the subject of countless case studies in MBA programs worldwide. READ ON

Is this affordable new Harley from India? Or Kansas City? We tell you the complete story.

13-11-2013 Hits:339 Harley-Davidson News Cycle World - avatar Cycle World

H-D 750 StreetThere seems to be some confusion online about where the new Harley-Davidson Street 750 and Street 500 models are going to be built. Perhaps because these small, liquid-cooled bikes (priced at $7,500 and $6,700, respectively) will become the entry-level Harleys when they arrive in the second quarter of 2014, more than a few people on our website have speculated that these first all-new HDs in 13 years will be built in the company’s Bawal, India, plant, the complete knock-down (CKD) facility that has been assembling bikes since 2011.  READ ON

Official: Harley Davidson NOT to produce 250-300cc motorcycles

11-11-2013 Hits:559 Harley-Davidson News Motoroids - avatar Motoroids

It’s official! Harley-Davidson is not getting into the 250-300cc motorcycle market. Only a couple of days back, we brought to you a speculative story originating at Economic Times which pointed at the possibility of the American motorcycle maker getting into the 250-300cc market, especially for India. We had also expressed our reservations about the company’s idea at the time, pointing out the dangers of brand equity dilution as one of the possible repercussions. READ ON


2014 Triumph Thunderbird LT

09-11-2013 Hits:2716 Triumph Topspeed - avatar Topspeed

2014 Thunderbird LTTriumph launched its new 2014 Thunderbird LT at EICMA. The motorcycle is loaded with a long list of comfort features which make it a great choice for touring lovers.

It is powered by a 1597 cc, Liquid-cooled, DOHC, Parallel-twin engine that delivers a maximum power of 86PS at 4850 rpm and 146NM of torque at 2750 rpm. The engine is fueled by a 22 liter fuel tank and is mated to a six speed constant mesh transmission. READ ON

Harley 500: More pictures New pocket-sized Harleys to go on sale in the US and Europe next year

07-11-2013 Hits:521 Harley-Davidson News Visor Down - avatar Visor Down

New Harley 750HERE are more pictures of the new Street 500 and 750 models unveiled by Harley-Davidson at the EICMA Milan motorcycle show this week.

The firm says they will be on sale next year in the US, Italy, Spain, Portugal and India, and more countries in 2015. READ ON


Aprilia motorbikes to return to MotoGP in 2016

06-11-2013 Hits:1659 Aprilia Global Post - avatar Global Post

RHO, Italy (Reuters) - Aprilia motobikes will start competing again in the MotoGP Championship in 2016 after last racing in that category in 2004, the chairman of the company that owns the brand said on Tuesday. READ ON


2014 Honda Street Bike First Looks

05-11-2013 Hits:584 Honda Motorcycle USA - avatar Motorcycle USA

 CBR1000RRWhile Honda’s CTX1300 and CBR1000RR SP were the big announcements in Big Red’s 2014 motorcycle line-up, a few existing models also receive upgrades and a number of mounts come in fresh new colors for the new model-year.

"Whether you're a new rider or an experienced enthusiast, this announcement of new street models offers something exciting for you," said Honda Press Manager Bill Savino. "Over the course of the last two years, Honda has introduced many exciting new models across all segments, and we will continue to strengthen our model line-up as evidenced by this announcement.  READ ON

EICMA 2013: 2014 Honda Crosstourer

05-11-2013 Hits:756 Honda Motorcycle.com - avatar Motorcycle.com

2014 Honda CrosstourerThe Honda Crosstourer was launched in 2012 as Honda’s range-topping adventure sports touring motorcycle. The original design team set out to create a machine that gave the rider a sense of challenge and the facility to explore. Powered by a 1237cc V-Four, it became a unique contender in its class.

Despite not being sold stateside, the Crosstourer was improved for 2014 to enhance rider comfort, evolve its existing technology and apply new touches. The new Honda Selectable Torque Control system allows the rider to select three different levels to control engine torque and resultant drive to the rear wheel; the system can also be switched off. Honda’s six-speed DCT gearbox has also received software refinements to deliver an even more intuitive and natural performance, whether on highway or back road. READ ON

First Look: Harley-Davidson unveils new Street 500 and Street 750

04-11-2013 Hits:383 Harley-Davidson News latimes.com - avatar latimes.com

Harley-Davidson on Monday blew the covers off two dramatic new motorcycles for 2014: the Street 750 and Street 500.

The bikes represent an aggressive attempt to expand Harley's already massive reach to younger, newer and smaller riders by offering them a substantially lighter and more manageable urban street cruiser.  READ ON


01-11-2013 Hits:2726 MV Agusta motorcyclistonline.com - avatar motorcyclistonline.com

According to new company president Giovani Castiglioni—named, like parent company Cagiva, after his grandfather (CAstiglionio, GIovani di VArese)—MV Agusta has increased production and market share in a time when most of the motorcycle industry is down. In fact, MV has sold more units than Aprilia recently, making it the fourth-largest European manufacturer behind BMW, Ducati, Triumph, and KTM.

Read more:

Authority Reborn: The Reinvented 2014 Harley-Davidson Police Motorcycles

30-10-2013 Hits:432 Harley-Davidson News Police One - avatar Police One

After 110 years of producing American-made, reliable and meticulously crafted motorcycles, some companies might rest on their laurels and rely upon their previous model designs to keep their customers satisfied.  

Harley-Davidson, however, has continually pushed the envelope of refinement by improving their machines year after year, and this year has turned their attention squarely upon making significant improvements to their law enforcement motorcycle line – relying not only upon their century-plus of experience, but upon feedback from a wide variety of officers who lay boots on pedals day in, day out, across all different environments throughout the United States.  As a result, by going literally back to the drawing board and bringing officers along for the ride, Harley-Davidson has been able to come up with the ultimate law enforcement machine.  READ ON

Norton into the USA

25-10-2013 Hits:1603 Norton Norton Motorcycles - avatar Norton Motorcycles

Today we are very pleased to announce we have shipped the first batch of Norton Commando 961 bikes to the USA. A huge and historic step for Norton as the USA is a large and important market for Norton. The shipment is the first delivery of new Norton bikes for some 30+ years.. Norton Motorcycles USA CEO Dan Van Epps has assembled many of the best US dealers to reperesent Norton, the US dealer contact details are available on our website at www.nortonmotorcycles.com any other enquiries regarding the US should be addressed to infousa@nortonmotorcycles.com  READ ON

2014 Yamaha TW200

25-10-2013 Hits:2802 Yamaha Tho Wheel Mania - avatar Tho Wheel Mania

2014 Yamaha TW2002014 Yamaha TW200: Leaves Room For Growth

Sometimes, the biggest benefit of a dual-purpose motorcycle is that you have the freedom to learn how to ride in all conditions. Whether you want to spend the bulk of your time learning the ropes of motocross, traveling the trails through the wilderness or navigating the streets of your hometown, the 2014 Yamaha TW200 provides you with just what you need. READ ON

KTM RC390 set for EICMA debut

25-10-2013 Hits:3527 KTM AutoCar India - avatar AutoCar India

KTM RC390 set for EICMA debutThe KTM 390 Duke’s faired sibling, the sporty looking RC390 is all set for a global unveil at EICMA, coming up shortly in Milan, in the first week of Nov. The RC390 is a widely anticipated motorcycle that wraps the incredible performance of the 373cc motor with sharp sportsbike aesthetics, a combination sure to bump KTM’s success story in India to a new level. READ ON

It’s Official! Triumph India Launch on November 28

24-10-2013 Hits:1630 Triumph Motoroids - avatar Motoroids

It is official! Triump motorcycles, the much awaited British bike marque, will officially set its foot on Indian soil on November 28! This means that the day is not far when any bike aficionado in the country can simply grab his cheque book and head to the local Triumph dealer, to buy himself the coveted Daytona  or equally attractive Speed Triples. Also coming our way are a host of other models, including the Triumph Tiger XC (seen in the teaser image above).  READ ON

2014 Honda CRF150R

24-10-2013 Hits:486 Honda Topspeed - avatar Topspeed

2014 Honda CRF150RBuilt with the less experienced riders in mind, the 2014 Honda CRF150R is a great platform for learning how to deal with the dirty tracks.

The Honda CRF150R is propelled by a liquid cooled single cylinder, four stroke engine with a displacement of 149 cc. READ ON

City to spend $2.6 million on 100 Harley-Davidson motorcycles for NYPD

24-10-2013 Hits:384 Harley-Davidson News Daily News - avatar Daily News

The city will spend more than $2.6 million to replenish the Highway Patrol Unit's motorcycle fleet. Here, the NYPD at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2003.   The NYPD traditionally uses the Harley-Davidson Road King and Electra Glide, which both range from $18,000 to $24,000. Officials say the hogs are used to patrol streets and highways, escort dignitaries and lead parades.

The NYPD’s going hog wild!

The city will spend more than $2.6 million on at least 100 Harley-Davidson motorcycles to replenish the Highway Patrol Unit’s current fleet.


Ducati 1199 Superleggera Official Pictures Revealed [Photo Gallery]

23-10-2013 Hits:880 Moto Guzzi Autoevolution - avatar Autoevolution

Ducati 1199 SuperleggeraNow, here we go with the official photos of the Ducati 1199 Superleggera, the stripped-down, ultra-lightweight and more powerful version of the 1199 Panigale R.

According to Ducati sources, three quarters of the limited 500-piece run are already sold, which exceeded the initial expectations. Touted to raise the bar as far as the power-to-weight ratio is concerned, the Ducati 1199 Superleggera is leading the chart for production motorcycles.  READ ON

Honda reveals revamped models

23-10-2013 Hits:451 Honda Visor Down - avatar Visor Down

http://s4.visordown.com/uploads/images/large/62342.jpgJUST days ago we revealed that the CBR250R was to be replaced by a new CBR300R ‘global’ model with more capacity – but now it seems the CBR250R is back again.

Some markets will get a version of the existing 250cc machine with the same new styling as the CBR300R, in particular Japan where the 250cc bracket is still an important stepping stone. The revamped CBR250R will be shown for the first time at the Tokyo Motor Show in late November. READ ON


Triumph 250cc motorcycle revealed in spy shots?

21-10-2013 Hits:1647 Triumph Rushlane - avatar Rushlane

Triumph 250cc?The news about Triumph Motorcycles, the British manufacturers, working on a smaller engined motorcycle was already reported earlier this year. But, it is for the first time that this rumored motorcycle was snapped up by photographers from RideApart.

With demand for entry level bikes on the rise, especially in countries like India, more and more manufacturers are joining in the list to launch a bike in the 250 cc segment. Earlier today, BMW-TVS 250 cc bike news was shared, while some time back it was the 250 cc Harley Davidson motorcycle which is expected to be premiered at the 2013 EICMA next month. READ ON

Bye-bye CBR250R, hello CBR300R

17-10-2013 Hits:967 Honda Visor Down - avatar Visor Down

HONDA has revealed a surprise update to its CBR250R – giving it new bodywork and a bigger engine for 2014.

The new bike was revealed today in China, but has been confirmed as a ‘global’ model, to be made at the firm’s factory in Thailand just like its 250cc predecessor. READ ON


Harley-Davidson issues voluntary recall of certain '14 motorcycles over hydraulic clutch issue

17-10-2013 Hits:471 Harley-Davidson News Times Colonist - avatar Times Colonist

MILWAUKEE - Harley-Davidson is voluntarily recalling some 2014 motorcycle models because of a possible safety issue.

The Milwaukee-based company says the recall of about 29,000 bikes includes a "Do Not Ride" notice to owners and a "Do Not Deliver" notice to dealers until the motorcycle is fixed. READ ON

Aprilia Cutting Production For Rest Of October

16-10-2013 Hits:1814 Aprilia Motorcycle dot Com - avatar Motorcycle dot Com

Aprilia Cutting ProductionPoor sales and a weak Italian economy has forced Aprilia to place 360 workers on furlough through at least the end of October, bringing a partial halt to production. The affected employees work at Aprilia’s factory in Scorzè‎, Italy; the 300 workers at Aprilia’s other factory in nearby Noale are not affected at this time, though further workers being put on unpaid leave may not be out of the question. READ ON

2014 Ducati 899 Panigale First Ride

16-10-2013 Hits:2083 Ducati Motorcycle USA - avatar Motorcycle USA

http://images.motorcycle-usa.com/14-panigale.jpgNot every rider needs a 200 horsepower Superbike on the street. That’s why Ducati created the 899 Panigale. With a more manageable engine size and attractive price tag (starting at $14,995), the 899 opens up the Ducati superbike experience to a bigger audience. But can the Junior Panigale deliver the thrilling experience of its bigger Twin? READ ON

Indian Motorcycle back in business again

12-10-2013 Hits:336 Indian theglobeandmail.com - avatar theglobeandmail.com

After a dizzying number of bankruptcies, owner changeovers and legal wrangling, Indian Motorcycle is back. Again.  READ ON


Is a Kawasaki scooter coming down the pipe?

11-10-2013 Hits:3462 Kawasaki http://canadamotoguide.com - avatar http://canadamotoguide.com

Italian website Insella has spy shots of what appears to be a Kawasaki scooter. Well, sort of.   READ ON

KTM claims new 'cornering ABS' makes the 1190 Adventure the "world's safest motorcycle"

11-10-2013 Hits:3465 KTM insidemotorcycles.com - avatar insidemotorcycles.com

The 2014 KTM 1190 Adventure and 1190 Adventure R feature a truly revolutionary rider assistance system: the riding dynamics control MSC (Motorcycle Stability Control). This system makes a long held dream come true – ABS that even works perfectly while cornering.  READ ON

Indian Motorcycles Look for a Different Breed

20-09-2013 Hits:426 Indian http://www.craveonline.com - avatar http://www.craveonline.com

The minds behind Indian Motorcycles have waited for this time — for the moment when America’s oldest motorcycle maker could put themselves back on the international map as a builder of elite, eye-capturing bikes.


An Interview With Steve Menneto, Vice President Of Indian Motorcycles

18-09-2013 Hits:407 Indian http://www.forbes.com - avatar http://www.forbes.com

As Forbes Staff Writer Joann Mueller has reported, Indian Motorcycle recently released details about its new 2014 Indian Chief family of motorcycles.  READ ON

Castrol® Gives Away 2013 Triumph Motorcycle At Local Pep Boys

16-09-2013 Hits:1590 Triumph prnewswire.com - avatar prnewswire.com

WAYNE, N.J.Sept. 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The grand prize winner of the Castrol® Triumph sweepstakes Anthony Fields ofDecatur, GA will claim his prize, a 2013 Triumph Street Triple motorcycle, on Saturday, September 21. The presentation will be conducted in conjunction with "Bike Day" at the 5380 Covington Highway Pep Boys store.  READ ON

First drive: 2014 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Limited

14-09-2013 Hits:606 Harley-Davidson News theprovince.com - avatar theprovince.com

Avon, Colorado — The myth is as much aural as it is visual. For years, Asian motorcycle manufacturers have been trying to replicate the off-kilter, seemingly random drumbeat that is the 45-degree Harley-Davidson V-twin. Whether it be quiet (as in the rare-as-hen's-teeth stock Harley-Davidson) or impossibly loud (virtually every Harley with aftermarket pipes), the sound/noise/apocalyptic din is as unique as the company's styling.  READ ON

Harley-Davidson Reveals Latest ‘Captain America’ Motorcycle

14-09-2013 Hits:393 Harley-Davidson News http://blogs.wsj.com - avatar http://blogs.wsj.com

Marvel Entertainment unveiled the Breakout, a low-slung, chopper-like motorcycle during San Diego Comic-Con. The bike will be the signature ride for the Steve Rogers character’s in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” READ ON

Harley-Davidson Freedom Jacket

10-09-2013 Hits:381 Harley-Davidson News Editor - avatar Editor

The Freedom Jacket has traveled the globe collecting the stories of passionate Harley-Davidson riders. One of its stops was right here in Medicine Hat at the Alberta Hog Rally. It’s a lot more than leather and stitches. Make sure to take a look at it's journey and where it stopped along the way.  http://110.harley-davidson.com/en_CA/jacket

Harley-Davidson to launch 500cc learner bike ... and maybe an electric?

03-09-2013 Hits:581 Harley-Davidson News gizmag.com - avatar gizmag.com

Just checking … no, it's not April 1. During its 110-year anniversary celebrations, iconic American manufacturer Harley-Davidson has dropped a couple of brand-twisting bombshells – firstly that it's building a 500cc learner bike, and secondly that an electric Harley is under serious consideration.  READ ON

Castrol Rocket Aims For World Land Speed Record

29-08-2013 Hits:1721 Triumph triumphmotorcycles.com - avatar triumphmotorcycles.com


Indian Motorcycle Unveils the ‘Indian Motorcycle Assurance Program’ — The New Benchmark in Premium Motorcycle Ownership, Service and Support

22-08-2013 Hits:420 Indian financialpost.com - avatar financialpost.com

In conjunction with the launch of its new 2014 Indian® Chief®platform, Indian Motorcycle®, America’s first motorcycle company, announced the “Indian Motorcycle Assurance Program” — a new standard for premium motorcycle ownership, service and support.  READ ON

Iconic Indian Motorcycle Brand Takes on Harley Davidson

07-08-2013 Hits:442 Indian adrants.com - avatar adrants.com

If you're not familiar with American motorcycle history, you may never have heard of Indian Motorcycle. Up through World War II, Indian Motorcycle was a popular motorcycle brand. In 1953 it went out of business leaving the just one American bike maker standing, Harley-Davidson. - READ ON


30-07-2013 Hits:3373 Kawasaki bikeexif.com - avatar bikeexif.com

Santiago Chopper’s Alain Bernard is a vintage Kawasaki fan from way back. And when he’s not building trikes, he likes to have a little fun with streetfighter-ish Z1000 customs.  READ ON

New 2014 Indian Motorcycle Sneak Peek

30-07-2013 Hits:749 Indian Editor - avatar Editor


This Trike Motorcycle Concept Is Like A Big Wheel For Adults

11-07-2013 Hits:1839 Concept Trikes popsci.com - avatar popsci.com

There's something about being perched above three massive plastic wheels that imbues ordinary crybaby toddlers with a terrifyingly kick-ass, gelled-hair attitude. Unfortunately, there's something about adult trikes that is really, really uncool. Now designer Charles Bombardier, one of the creators of the three-wheeled Spyder roadster and grandson of the inventor of the snowmobile, has developed a trike motorcycle concept that looks just as fabulous to ride as your childhood Big Wheel.  READ ON


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Husqvarna owners, riders and racers are encouraged to bring their motorcycles to AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days, on July 19-21, to participate in the what is shaping up to be the largest gathering of Husky fans and bikes in the country. This years’s event will showcase the champions and riders of Husqvarna, and as part of that, the AMA will be putting Husky owners front and center at the country’s premier celebration of vintage motorcycles and motorcycling heritage.  READ ON

Suzuki Announces 2014 RM-Z Motorcycles

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Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. (SMAI) continues its introduction of 2014 vehicles by announcing the 2014 RM-Z450 and RM-Z250. The company recently announced the expansion of the Suzuki Boulevard cruiser line.  READ ON

Holy Harley: Motorcycle maker scores marketing coup with the Pope

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When you think of Italy, you don’t think of Harley-Davidsons. You think of little Vespas, slithering through traffic like snakes on skates, missing cars by millimetres. Can’t do that on big, fat Harleys.  READ ON

Motorcycle manufacturer fined $175,000 by Air Resources Board (Photos)

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California's Air Resources Board announced yesterday that it had fined Piaggio Group Americas, Inc. $175,000 for violating state air pollution regulations. The violations were associated with the company's Aprilia brand of motorcycles.   READ ON

2013 Kawasaki Versys 650 Sport

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From the moment you jump on the saddle of the Versys 650 Sport you are assaulted by a rush of adrenaline. This aggressive motorcycle was created for those who want a strong and versatile partner for their short or long journeys. Needless to say that thanks to its versatility, the Versys 650 Sport can join you in any adventure on two wheels.  READ ON

Honda's 2014 MotoGP Production Model Teaser

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Honda has released a teaser image of the production model it’s developing for use in the 2014 MotoGP World Championship. There’s little information available regarding specs and no official name for the bike yet, but it’s intended to give non factory-backed teams a more affordable racing platform. Honda’s full press release is included below. - MotoUSA   READ ON

Honda to release $1.2 million motorcycle in late 2013

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Yes, that seems like a whole lot of money for a motorcycle, but Honda will unveil a whole new production model by the end of 2013. It's an over-the-counter MotoGP racer with a target price of €1 million (US$1.3 million), and a level of power that will make it competitive in the CRT class of MotoGP in 2014. Oh, and the bike is designed to save money. READ ON

2014 Star Motorcycles Bolt

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The Bolt is powered by a 942cc (58 C.I.) 4-valve, air-cooled, 60-degree V-Twin engine. (Photo: Ken "Hawkeye" Glassman)In 2006, Yamaha introduced the Star brand, to separate their cruiser lineup of motorcycles from their sport bikes, dirt bikes, dual sports, and sport tourers. They had been making cruisers for years, with their Virago line, and later the V-Star 650’s and 1100’s. Those bikes were traditional looking cruisers, and sold in large numbers. More recently they branched out with modernized, almost Art Deco looking cruisers, like the Roadliner and Stratoliner, and V-Star 1300. All of those models are very popular with the Baby Boom generation, but Star knew they needed something to bring in the younger Generation X and Y crowd – those individuals who are between 20 and 36 years old.  READ ON 

Deeley family linked to Healeys

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This weekend is personally special for me as the annual All-British Field Meet sets up Saturday at VanDusen Botanical Gardens in Vancouver.

Austin Healey, celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, is the featured marque.

As some readers may know, my father Don Hutchins bought a new Austin Healey in the early '60s, and upon hearing the 1966 model would be the last, ordered one of those, too. Thecar arrived shortly before my baby brother Jeff, and we kept them both. READ ON

Triumph recalls more than 1,100 motorcycles

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Triumph Motorcycle America is recalling up to 1,186 units of the model year 2012-2013 Explorer and Explorer XC motorcycles due to installation of incorrect Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GCWR) labels. READ ON

Mexico City Celebrates Harley-Davidson 110th Anniversary

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Mexico City Celebrates Harley-Davidson 110th Anniversary2013 Harley-Davidson 110th Anniversary Celebrations

Thousands of motorcyclists gathered in Mexico City on Saturday, May 11, to celebrate the 110th Anniversary of Harley Davidson.

Part of a global celebration taking place on six continents throughout the entire year, Mexico City’s motorcycle parade, which was open to anyone who owned a motorbike, had more than 5,000 participants, making it the largest parade of its kind for the destination. READ ON

Chinese Motorcyclists Show Their Love For Harley-Davidson

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REUTERS/Carlos BarriaHarley-Davidson may be a quintessentially American brand, but that doesn't mean it's not beloved around the world.

On Monday, about 1,000 motorcycle enthusiasts from all over China traveled to Qian Dao Lake, in Zhejiang Province. READ ON


Ultimate Superbikes 3rd place: Aprilia RSV4 Factory

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Aprilia RSV4 FactoryLap time: 1:49.8
Top speed at end of straight: 164.4mph
Max braking (g): 1.38
Max lean: 48.2

Why it’s so special
The 1199R and HP4 may be the latest and greatest superbikes to arrive, but neither can boast two World Superbike championships like the RSV4.

Reputed to have been made for Max Biaggi from the beginning, the Aprilia made the world take notice when it was released in 2009, with its compact, powerful V4 engine and some of the smoothest, most refined electronics in the business – Aprilia’s own APRC system. READ ON

Ultimate Superbikes 4th place: MV Agusta F4RR

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MV Agusta F4RRLap time: 1:53.86
Top speed at end of straight: 163.6mph
Max braking (g): 1.19
Max lean: 41.62

Why it’s so special
MV Agusta F4s are the ultimate poster bikes. The iconic Massimo Tamburini-designed lines haven’t really changed over the years, just tweaked, refined and polished, but even today, 14 years after the original F4 750 was released, this latest evolution is unutterably beautiful.  READ ON

2014 Honda CTX700 First Ride

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2014 Honda CTX700Have you ever wanted to reap the benefits of motorcycling but have always been intimated by the art of riding? Honda has the answer with its 2014 CTX700 (starting at $7799 plus $310 destination fee). The CTX blends some of the finer attributes of both cruiser and sport motorcycle genres while infusing new technologies, creating the ideal two-wheeled platform for those who have ever dreamt of swinging a leg over a motorbike. READ ON

Hyosung has improved the GT650R’s looks to make it appear sleeker

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Hyosung has been doing quite well in India since its second coming. Its present offerings in our market have been well received. The GT650R has been the company’s flagship since it entered the Indian market two years ago.   READ ON

DSK Motowheels to set up bike plant in Maharashtra

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Chennai, April 24 (IANS) The Rs.42 crore turnover DSK Motowheels that assembles and sells high-end South Korean Hyosung motorbikes plans to set up a fullfledged motorcycle plant in Maharashtra, a company official said Wednesday.  READ ON

KTM confirms electric scooter for 2015 release

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KTM electric scooterKTM has confirmed that its cheeky electric E-SPEED concept scooter, which was shown at the Tokyo show, will be joining the range line-up as a 2015 model.

Harald Plöckinger, KTM Executive Board Member for Production and Business Development, said: “We believe in electro-mobility on two wheels. Because off-road sport is our core area, we have developed an E-Crosser, the Freeride E, but we are convinced that electric mobility can succeed in urban areas. READ ON

New Aprilia built for the long road

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Travel Pack comes with semi-active suspension that measures the energy transmitted by bumps on the road and continuously tunes the front and rear damping to suit.The growing adventure-bike segment is about to get some Italian flair with the arrival of the all-new Aprilia Caponord 1200 Travel Pack -which shares nothing but its name with the earlier 998cc Caponord.

The latest version's 1197cc 90-degree V-twin engine is derived from that of the Aprilia Dorsoduro, retuned to deliver 92kW - that's 27.5 percent more than the old Caponord - and 115Nm at 6800 rpm. READ ON


2014 Ducati 1199 Panigale R

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2014 Ducati 1199 Panigale RSurviving long-term motorcycle riding requires a healthy dose of fear and the heightened awareness that accompanies it. Nothing suffers fools quite as ruthlessly as two-wheeled transport, an axiom that has been relentlessly reinforced by YouTube. The exposure of riding is bound to catch up with thrill-seekers hungry for speed, knee dragging, and all the potential disaster that comes with tapping into a sportbike's vast reserves of performance. READ ON

Harley-Davidson gifts Hunger Task Force with $2.5 million donation

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — The Hunger Task Force received an almost $2.5 million donation from Harley-Davidson this week. The gift will be used to fund the Task Force’s farm in Franklin.

“Well the largest gift we’d ever gotten in the past was $125,000 and so this is obviously ramping that up dramatically,” said Hunger Task Force Director Sherrie Tussler.

The substantial donation will help keep the farm running over the next three years. Tussler says the farm provides not only food, but job opportunities. READ ON 




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KTM - E Speed ScooterJust four weeks after the first presentation of KTM’s E-Scooter Studio at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show, the E-SPEED made its first appearance in Europe when it was shown to the domestic market at the bike-austria Exhibition – in Tulln, Austria. And with good reason. READ ON

2013 MV Agusta Rivale 800 | Quick Look

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2013 MV Agusta Rivale 8002013 MV Agusta Rivale 800 Naked Sportbike

MV Agusta will not be releasing the supermoto-style Rivale 800 until mid-year 2013. The Rivale 800 builds on MVA’s line of inline three motorcycles, joining the F3 675, the Bruatle 675 and the all-new Brutale 800.

The most important thing to know is that this bike puts out 125 horsepower and in dry condition weighs a mere 375 pounds. READ ON

Star Motorcycle Bolts Down One Very Fun Ride

20-04-2013 Hits:2263 Yamaha Crave Online - avatar Crave Online

The 2014 Bolt from Star Motorcycles is a cruiser designed to get ahead on the urban street.Star Motorcycles knows what it’s about, and its new Bolt cruiser proves that.

The cruiser and touring bike division of Yamaha, Star builds that Japanese giant’s non-sport/racing motorcycles. While younger and more adventurous riders might want keep their knees down with a metric sports make from Yamaha, casual riders and enthusiasts who happen to be a little older come to Star.

However, Star knows it can’t sit still and let the racing/metric Yamaha side be the more youth-centric brand identity. Star needs to keep attracting younger riders, too. Enter the Bolt – a sporty and affordable street cruiser built for quick acceleration and easy riding. READ ON

Moto Guzzi California: Ponch, Your Ride Is Here

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2014 Moto Guzzi California 1400MOTORCYCLE RIDING is sketchy enough that these days I do it infrequently and with great care. I really have to want to ride a particular bike, not professionally but personally. And I wanted to ride this bike, the new Moto Guzzi California 1400 Touring ABS—a bull fiddle of a motorcycle, a massive Italian-built custom-cruiser with its crankshaft stuck in the wrong way. With a honking 1,380-cubic-centimeter V-twin cackling amidships and a long, lurid, more custom-y stance, the California (in Touring and Custom trim, $17,990 and $14,990, respectively) is the big reveal in a $54 million product modernization by corporate owner Piaggio (the California went on sale this week). This reboot of Moto Guzzi will test the appeal of what has always been an exceedingly niche-y bike, defined by its quirks (6,664 global sales in 2012). If Moto Guzzi were any more of a cult, you'd need a chicken. READ ON

2013 Ducati Hypermotard 821 | First Ride

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Ducati HypermotardWe love the idea of a street-legal supermotard, but the everyday reality, well, sucks. A converted motocross machine is mostly miserable in any street setting—uncomfortable, over-stressed at freeway speeds, and absolutely lacking versatility. Fun, sure, for a little late night jackassery, but almost useless as a day-in, day-out transportation device. READ ON


Harley-Davidson Touring Bike Oil Change

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Presumably, if you ride a touring bike you're at least throwing down moderate amounts of miles. The net result of all this riding is the need to change oil frequently. While the official factory manual only mandates every 3000 miles, many riders in the know do so at least that much, if not more.  READ ON

A clean-sheet V-Twin engine for the new 2014 Indian Motorcycles line

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Indian Motorcycles has once again risen from the dustbin of history. Purchased by Polaris Industries in 2011, the 2014 model year involves a complete redesign of the Indian motorcycle line.  READ ON

Weekend Route - The Escape

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Thomas Gray

On a clear day I can look out my home-office window across the Eucalyptus trees and see the fog dissipating into the Pacific. After doing this throughout the week you begin to get a little on edge, waiting for Saturday morning to hit, eager to get out and ride.

Its spring, the days are longer, the flowers are in bloom, and the...

The Cool Rider Project: a Net Connecting Stories, Novels and Music About Bikers

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Hi HDForums, and a big thank you for hosting me today! I'm writing from small-town Minnesota, where I live with my hubby and two young children.
In addition to running our family motorcycle business, Leader Motorcycle Accessories, I am also an award-winning fictional author and musician. I love digging deep into a character and exploring...

Motor Mouth: Harley’s new paint job is too incredible for words

17-03-2013 Hits:460 Harley-Davidson News nationalpost.com/ - avatar nationalpost.com/

“Why would anyone buy a Harley-Davidson?”

It’s a constant refrain, often querulous, from my many sport bike riding buddies, their simple skepticism hiding all manner of derogatory implications. Sometimes, it merely infers a general antipathy towards anything cruiser.  READ ON

Boy Wonder designer does magic with Harley-Davidson Breakout

17-03-2013 Hits:639 Harley-Davidson News nationalpost.com/ - avatar nationalpost.com/

Daytona Beach, Fla. — Ben McGinley must be the envy of all his peers. Barely out of short pants, the 24-year-old graduate of the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design is one of Harley-Davidson’s new designers. And, despite his tender years, Harley isn’t restricting his stylistic talents to merely designing luggage racks and signature jeans. No siree, Bob!  READ ON

Incoming! The Kawasaki Ninja 300 will be launched by March-end!

12-03-2013 Hits:2848 Kawasaki Business Standard Motoring - avatar Business Standard Motoring

Should be in showrooms soon; Ninja 300 brings more power, more tech to the party!It's confirmed! Bajaj-Kawasaki will be bringing their Ninja 300 to India by the end of this month. Our sources at the dealership level confirm that the motorcycles will be on display at the showrooms shortly. Price? We don't know yet but going by the fact that it's got much more technology and more power, we don't expect it to be cheap. If the 250 was anything to go by, this one should be a crackin' motorcycle. READ ON

Thunder Stroke 111 - Indian Motorcycle's V-Twin

10-03-2013 Hits:776 Indian Motorcycle USA - avatar Motorcycle USA

Thunder Stroke 111The pulse of the new Indian Motorcycle Thunder Stroke 111 powered to life Friday night in front of a packed house at Dirty Harry’s on Main Street when elated American Picker Mike Wolfe flipped the switch. After whetting the appetite of the public with sound bites of the first Polaris-developed Indian V-Twin over the course of the last few months as the Indian display traveled across the country with the IMS, the striking new powerplant with the ribbed heads was a hit with the large Bike Week crowd gathered to witness this next evolution of Indian Motorcycles. The striking engine will power the 2014 Indian Motorcycle projected to launch toward the end of this year.  READ ON

2013 Star V Star 1300 Deluxe First Ride

09-03-2013 Hits:1830 Yamaha Motorcycle USA - avatar Motorcycle USA

2013 Star V Star 1300 DeluxeWhether you’re shopping for groceries, or a new motorcycle, many consumers demand value. Star Motorcycles recognizes this philosophy is more than a trend and entices price-minded motorcyclists with its V Star 1300 Deluxe ($13,690). This all-new bike blends the rugged looks of a boulevard cruiser with the practicality and touring comfort of a bagger. For all the juicy technical details refer to Cruiser Editor Bryan Harley’s 2013 V Star 1300 Deluxe First Lookarticle as this report focuses on its road performance.  READ ON

WJ Davidson to join Africa Bike Week

08-03-2013 Hits:443 Harley-Davidson News IOL Motoring - avatar IOL Motoring

Bill Davidson has been riding motorcycles since he was seven.A member of what can only be termed motorcycling royalty will be in South Africa at the end of April to join Harley-Davison's 110th anniversary celebration at Africa Bike Week in Margate on the KwaZulu-Natal south coast

He's William J 'Bill' Davidson, vice-president of the Harley-Davidson museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, great-grandson of co-founder William A Davidson, and the son of the legendary “Willie G” Davidson, who invented the factory custom bike in 1971 and has been the Motor Company's recognised styling guru ever since. READ ON

Triumph Motorcycles New 'Spirit' Magazine Is Now Available

08-03-2013 Hits:1299 Triumph Autoevoltion - avatar Autoevoltion

The Triumph Motorcycles Spirit magazine Issue 7 is now available for free, and you can read it on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

This interactive digital magazine showcases some of the newest Triumph bikes, such as the Tiger Sport and the beastly Rocket III Roadster. Featuring rich imagery from around the world and high-octane video content, the Spirit magazine will prove an exhilarating experience. Even more, if you've got your own Triumph-related multimedia content, you can submit it and get the chance to be featured in the next issue. READ ON

Watch a Wonderful Aprilia Caponord 1200 Presentation [Video]

08-03-2013 Hits:2289 Aprilia Autoevoltion - avatar Autoevoltion

Large touring bikes are a distinct species and on these grounds, its the minute details which make the difference. Here's a very nice piece of footage advertising the new Aprilia Caponord 1200, possibly one of the contenders in this very hard fought battle of big adventure bikes.

One thing is clear: the Caponord 1200 was not created to blow the likes of KTM 950/990 Adventure or BMW R1200GS out of the water. We incline to believe that the direct adversary for the big Aprilia is not even the freshTriumph Tiger Explorer 1200... but the Ducati Multistrada. READ ON


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2013 DUCATI HYPERMOTARD/HYPERMOTARD SPAll-new 821cc, liquid-cooled Testastretta delivers supermoto goodness.

Ronda, Spain—If there was one complaint we had about the first-generation Ducati Hypermotard, it was a lack of versatility. Its unforgiving riding position and wedge-like seat made escaping even your own neighborhood an uncomfortable exercise in willpower. But if you did manage to venture out and find a tight, twisty road, the payoff was awesome.

Comfort, however, is not an issue with Ducati’s new 2013 Hypermotard. Its riding position is far more relaxed, thanks to a taller handlebar and more than 3 extra inches of space between the bar and seat. Additionally, the footpegs have been moved forward by almost 3 inches, helping to create a more upright riding position. READ ON

Harley-Davidson opens Manila dealership with a loud bang

08-03-2013 Hits:439 Harley-Davidson News Enquirer Business - avatar Enquirer Business

Harley-Davidson is now in the Philippines. In the year of its 110th anniversary, the legendary American motorcycle brand has opened its first dealership in the country—only the sixth in Southeast Asia.

Conceptualized and executed by Ace Saatchi & Saatchi, “Let Freedom Roar” was the theme of the day, starting with the official opening ceremony at the dealership located along Edsa in Quezon City. Doing away with the traditional ribbon, bolt-cutters were used to cut through steel chains to signify the launch. Special guests were Harley-Davidson Asia-Pacific’s vice president and managing director Marc McAllister, and director of sales and business development Frank Albrecht, Rick Riker, chief of Security Cooperation Division of the Embassy’s Joint US Military Assistance Group; and San Juan Mayor Guia Gomez. READ ON

Harley-Davidson Celebrates 110 Years in New Zealand

08-03-2013 Hits:515 Harley-Davidson News Crave Online - avatar Crave Online

New Zealand's motorcycle lovers gathered to celebrate Harley-Davidson's 110th birthday.The world tour celebrating Harley-Davidson and its 110th birthday continued recently with a stop in gorgeous Auckland.

The world tour celebrating Harley-Davidson’s 110th birthday continued recently with a stop in gorgeous Auckland. More than 1,000 motorcycles rumbled through New Zealand’s biggest city, filling the Ellerslie Horse Racing Grounds for the better part of four days in February.

The global #HD110 celebration officially kicked off in the brand’s hometown with a massive kickoff in front of the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, Wisc. (Aug. 30 to Sept. 2). However, the international side of the global party actually started Aug. 4-9 with a ride across the Tibetan Plateau READ ON

Harley-Davidson to Assemble More Motorcycles in India

05-03-2013 Hits:394 Harley-Davidson News wsj.com - avatar wsj.com

MUMBAI--Harley-Davidson Inc. HOG +1.02% said Monday it will assemble three more of its motorcycle models in India and cut their prices to make them more affordable to the country's price-conscious customers.  READ ON

Harley-Davidson Lowered to “Underweight” at EVA Dimensions (HOG)

05-03-2013 Hits:332 Harley-Davidson News aliv15 - avatar aliv15

Harley-Davidson (NYSE: HOG) was downgraded by research analysts at EVA Dimensions to an “underweight” rating in a report released on Tuesday.  READ ON

Harley-Davidson to assemble 3 more models in India, price to be cut by Rs 4.55 lakh

04-03-2013 Hits:405 Harley-Davidson News Hindu Business Line - avatar Hindu Business Line

US-based iconic cult bike maker Harley-Davidson today said it will start assembling three more models in India that will result in slashing of prices by up to Rs 4.55 lakh, close on the heels of the government increasing customs duty on imported superbikes in the Budget.

The company’s Indian arm Harley Davidson India will now assemble models Fat Boy, Fat Boy Special and Heritage Softail Classic at its Bawal facility in Haryana.

The Harley-Davidson Fat Boy will now be available at Rs 14.9 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi) as against the previous imported price of Rs 19.45 lakh. Similarly, Fat Boy Special will cost Rs 15.6 Lakh (ex-showroom Delhi) as against the previous imported price of 19.70 lakh. READ ON

Star Motorcycles V Star 1300 Deluxe Preview

02-03-2013 Hits:1942 Yamaha Motorcycle USA - avatar Motorcycle USA


Just Announced: Dates for 3rd Annual Queens of the Road Southern Gathering

01-03-2013 Hits:312 Harley-Davidson News IB Administrator - avatar IB Administrator

Just Announced: Dates for 3rd Annual Queens of the Road Southern Gathering

by John Coyle

The dates have just been announced for the third annual Queens of the Road in Copperhead, Georgia. Hog riding ladies--and the folks who love them--will be descending on The Lodge at Copperhead in Blairsville, Georgia starting Thursday, June 27th, and will be terrorizing the local populace until the following