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Motorcycle News & Reviews (Misc)

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This giraffe wants to be part of the (motorcycle) gang.

Although generally it's not advisable to hang too close to wild animals, this giraffe was pretty friendly when he stumbled across a group of motorcyclists on the road. The animal tried to clamber up on top of a bike, his spindly legs slipping against the side. READ ON

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The last thing a rider wants to do on a motorcycle is lose control, but that's what some Harley-Davidson riders say happened to them.

To riders such as Vince Herre, the bikes are a status symbol. "I like it just because it's Harley-Davidson," Herre said. READ ON

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Talking about custom motorcycle trends is a bit of an oxymoron. Building motorcycles is about breaking away from the norm and creating something different from the factory and other bike builders. Even in this sea of uniqueness, some builders have, perhaps unconsciously, established themes and trends along the way. READ ON

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I think we have all seen some wild dashcam footage of close calls and near misses. But this? It has to be the wildest motorcycle crash ever. A high-speed crash ended with the motorcyclist on top of the car he hit in a high-speed crash. READ ON