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Motorcycle News & Reviews (Misc)

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Face recognition technology is enabling motorcycle riders in Canada to get a license from the comfort of their home. When MSI Motorcycle Safety Institute rolled out an online system for folks to take courses and get a motorcycle license, the Canadian government asked for verification that the online students were who they claimed to be. - READ ON

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Dynacycle, a HIGH PERFORMANCE 20W-50 engine oil, is specially formulated for oxygenated engines (air cooled) to provide superior lubrication under the most demanding and severe operations. Its outstanding low temp fluidity ensures easy cranking and excellent post startup protection.

Dynacycle is guaranteed to lower your engine temperature up to 30°F over conventional oils and up to 15°F over most full synthetic oils. It INCREASES OIL PRESSURE and REDUCES FRICTION...INCREASING YOUR HORSEPOWER and TORQUE. As a residual effect, you can expect improved fuel mileage and extended engine life. Record Holders Use Dynacycle Oil…Daniel Dunn, owner of NRHS V-Twin Performance and his NRHS Race Team have set the record for the "Fastest American V-Twin" at the Bubs at Bonneville, 5 of the last 7 years, including 2009 when they broke the record going 186+ mph…(See complete PR Release)

Please feel free to call me at 714-280-8537 if you have any questions pertaining to this PR Release.

As always…many thanks for your time and consideration regarding this matter…

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The CV Performance EZ-Just Mixture Screw makes fine tuning your Harley CV Keihin carburetor a snap.  Once installed, a quick turn with your fingers allows you to adjust and fine tune the air idle mixture, giving you better idle control, low speed performance, while eliminating hesitation. This simple to install screw kit works great for bikes with a few miles on them, as well as new build ups. It gives you more tuning options without burning your fingers or fumbling with a screwdriver.

Available for all Constant Velocity CV carburetors used on 1990 - 2006 Harley Big Twin, Twin Cam and all Sportster models from these model years. The suggested retail price for the EZ-Just Mixture Screw is $26.95.  CV Performance also offers a variety of other CV Harley carb tuning and recalibration kits starting at $24.95.

CV Performance specializes in manufacturing and distributing performance parts for Harley V-Twin motorcycles, including CV carburetors and intakes.  All CV Performance exclusive products are precision CNC machined and thoroughly rider tested. We only sell what we would install on our own bikes.

EZ-Just Mixture Screws come with detailed written instructions. Plus, there is a comprehensive installation video available on our website:   and CVP tech support is available on our Tech Forum:.
Install an EZ-Just Mixture Screw on your bike now! Available at CV Performance Authorized Dealers and International Vendors, plus on our website.

For more information, please contact us at:   or visit our website:   New Dealer Inquires Requested. 


 Visit Our Website...Click Here!

Rick Raus

V-Twin Marketing


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This time last year, the only two things I knew about Harley-Davidson VLs were that they were made in the 1930s and one model had a cool art deco tank design.  READ ON