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Motorcycle News & Reviews

Motorcycle News & Reviews (Misc)

The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show

handbuiltHand Crafted. In Austin it's a high art. Only in its second year, the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show is an invitational showcase for hand crafted motorcycles that has rapidly set the custom bike builders' world on its ear by raising the bar for custom shows. Builders from across the USA assembled in Austin during the MotoGP weekend to display their work in a three day event that's a mecca for the top talent the motorcycle industry has to offer.  READ ON

Shatner's Rivet motorcycle to enter limited production with CTS-V engine

William Shatner has entertained the world for decades, from playing Captain Kirk on Star Trek to covering songs like Rocket Man and Common People. Now in his 80s, Billy Shatz has embarked on one of his weirdest projects yet: helping to design the wild Rivet One trike with motorcycle fabrication company American Wrench. Now, you can order one too with power as crazy as the three-wheeler's design. READ ON