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Kurt SutterKurt Sutter, the man behind FX's wildly popular and brutal motorcycle drama "Sons of Anarchy," has a new pilot at the network, Deadline reports. This endeavor will see Sutter departing from California's Central Valley but sounds likely to maintain the intensity and the violence of his first TV show. Titled "The Bastard Executioner," the project will focus on a warrior knight in King Edward III's legion who tries to give up his sword-wielding ways, only to be further drawn into bloodshed and mayhem. READ ON

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Orange County ChoppersFrom family fighting to hiring, firing and everything in between, American audiences have seen a fair amount of drama on the reality show “Orange County Choppers.” But after the series was canceled by Discovery Network a year ago after a decade on the airwaves, Paul Teutul Sr. and his team have not only found a new home on CMT, but they’ve also got a whole new approach to business and reality television.

“Our separation from Discovery happened real quick, and I just knew we still had some legs, and I asked my agent to see if there was any other network that would want us, and [CMT] picked us up immediately,” Teutul told FOX411. “You will see a little less drama and a lot more bike building. Back to basics, and that was one of the things that was good about going to work for CMT. They just asked us to do what we did best. They didn’t put restrictions on us. Life is good that way.” READ ON

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Charlie Hunnam | Photo Credits: Prashant Gupta/FX  Read more:[WARNING: The following story contains major spoilers from Tuesday's episode of Sons of Anarchy. Read at your own risk.]
"What went down today was us burying the last piece of a very broken past." Jax Teller
Sons of Anarchy has long been known for late-season switcheroos that get the outlaw motorcycle club out of a tight jam. But Tuesday's episode took that strategy to another level. READ ON


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Showrunner says network is interesed in exploring SAMCRO's origins

(CBR) The sordid tale of Jax Teller and the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club: Redwood Original has yet to conclude, but Kurt Sutter already has his eyes on a future road — or, perhaps more accurately, a past road he’s yet to explore.

Sutter’s desire to create a "Sons of Anarchy" prequel series, focused on the founding of the club by Jax’s father, is well-documented at this point. But as the FX series comes closer to an end (the show is on its sixth season, and is earmarked to end after season seven), both Sutter and the network’s interest in such a series is seemingly heating up. READ ON