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Captain America's Supercharged Electric Motorcycle

Captain America's Supercharged Electric MotorcycleIt might surprise you that the Harley-Davidson Motor Company—inventors of the asphalt-shaking V-Twin engine—is making an electric motorcycle. It might surprise you even more that the e-bike actually rides like, well, a Harley. READ ON

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Bryan Carroll/James Walker Talk 'I Am Sturgis'

i am sturgism Bear Butte to the Badlands, Sturgis is mystical. Its voice whispers in the winds whistling around Devils Tower. It burbles in the brooks of Spearfish Canyon. Close your eyes and you can feel the spirits of Pearl and Pappy Hoel, from Main Street to the campgrounds east of town. It sings in the Jackpine Gypsies short track races and for the past 74 years has become a summer pilgrimage for bikers from the four corners and beyond.  READ ON

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Katey Sagal's closing words on 'Sons Of Anarchy' — The Final Ride

With only three episodes left before the series end of 'Sons Of Anarchy' — the brutal drama about the criminal inner workings of an outlaw motorcycle biker gang — Sagal opens up on the journey's end for her character and the groundbreaking FX series.  READ ON

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'On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter' : Spectacular Feast of 2 Wheeled Lunacy

Sunday afternoon spins with the family look a whole lot different in On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter, a documentary about the love of motorcycle riding, and the daredevils who use them for speed and stunts. READ ON

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An excellent adventure! Keanu Reeves, 50, arrives at the Formula One Grand Prix on a motorcycle

Keanu Reeves was only one of several celebrities attending the United States Formula One Grand Prix on Sunday, but he may have made the most notable entrance. READ ON


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