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Charlie Hunnam | Photo Credits: Prashant Gupta/FX  Read more:[WARNING: The following story contains major spoilers from Tuesday's episode of Sons of Anarchy. Read at your own risk.]
"What went down today was us burying the last piece of a very broken past." Jax Teller
Sons of Anarchy has long been known for late-season switcheroos that get the outlaw motorcycle club out of a tight jam. But Tuesday's episode took that strategy to another level. READ ON


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Showrunner says network is interesed in exploring SAMCRO's origins

(CBR) The sordid tale of Jax Teller and the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club: Redwood Original has yet to conclude, but Kurt Sutter already has his eyes on a future road — or, perhaps more accurately, a past road he’s yet to explore.

Sutter’s desire to create a "Sons of Anarchy" prequel series, focused on the founding of the club by Jax’s father, is well-documented at this point. But as the FX series comes closer to an end (the show is on its sixth season, and is earmarked to end after season seven), both Sutter and the network’s interest in such a series is seemingly heating up. READ ON

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Betsy Huelskamp, of California, is featured in a Boulder-based filmmaker's documentary about women motorcycle riders. (Alan Dewy/ Courtesy photo )The song of the motor stills my thoughts. It mutes the chaos around me. I push forward, and with focused relaxation I eye the ground beneath me. The rumble of the wheels gliding across it feels like an act of love. Of silent connection.

All that matters at this moment are my tracks. I'll just do one more round. Again. Then I'll turn it off and rejoin society. Maybe two more rounds.

This pattern feels so familiar. READ ON

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With FX's hit series Sons of Anarchy continuing to draw in stellar ratings in its sixth season, creator and showrunner Kurt Sutter has spoken about the possibility of extending the show beyond his initial plan of seven seasons during 'An Evening with Sons of Anarchy' event on Friday night, reports Deadline.

"There’s so many factors that determine whether a show continues or not," said Sutter. "I came up with the initial awareness that if this show was being done in sort of the same production model that The Shield was in – and I knew that The Shield had about seven seasons. READ ON