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New Motorcycling Series from the Producers of 'The Aviators' to be Distributed by LA-Based GRB Entertainment (Intervention, Untold Stories of the ER, Growing Up Gotti)

LOS ANGELES, March 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Building off its astounding track record with The Aviators, the docuseries which has reached 50 million viewers in 100 different countries around the world, FourPoints Television Productions has announced its latest TV series, 'The Bikers.' 'The Bikers' -- which will employ a similar documentary formula as its resoundingly successful sister production 'The Aviators' -- explores the essence of motorcycling to its core through rich storytelling and stunning videography.  

The new series, which begins filming this summer, is slated for release during spring of 2015 and will be distributed by LA-based GRB Entertainment, producers of 'Intervention,' 'Untold Stories of the ER,' and 'Growing up Gotti.'

The potential fan base for 'The Bikers' is enormous: in 2010, an estimated 25 million people rode motorcycles in the U.S. alone -- more than 20 percent of these riders were women. An integral part of our global culture, motorcycling is much more than a method of transportation. It is a lifestyle that is deeply rooted in the cultural identity of millions of people around the world, with its own heroes, myths and legends. 

The creative team at FourPoints Television Productions, most of whom are motorcyclists themselves, seek to gain an intensely passionate and loyal following using several of the creative production techniques and distribution methods it employed for 'The Aviators,' which earned that show no less than 50 million viewers around the world in just five years.

"As a passionate motorcyclist myself for many years, I am intimately familiar with both the subculture of riding as well as the pride and camaraderie that bikers feel as part of a vastly larger community," commented Producer and Creator Anthony Nalli. "Having witnessed the chart-topping success of 'The Aviators' over the last several years, we felt that our creative team was perfectly suited to bring the culture of motorcycling to viewers in our own, unique way. 'The Bikers' will have great appeal not only to current bikers, but also to anyone who has an aspirational or tangential interest in motorcycles."   

From a content perspective, 'The Bikers' will feature an assortment of motorcycle profiles, historical segments as well as popular destination spotlights. Some of series' planned feature segments will include:

  • "Murdercycles: Are bikes really that dangerous?"
  • Women bikers: Not just a pretty accessory
  • Getting on two wheels for the first time since you were a kid
  • Gatherings: Thousands of Bikers in One Place
  • Bikers Give: All About Charity Rides

According to Motorcycle Industry Council President Tim Buche, "Household penetration of motorcycles over the last five years has increased by 1,516,610 or 20 percent. As an activity, two wheeling has made significant inroads among various key demographics and is a larger part of American culture than ever."

'The Bikers' will premiere in the spring of 2015. 'The Aviators' and FourPoints' latest show 'Air Boss' collectively air in the US on PBS, in Canada on iChannel and Travel+Escape, overseas on Discovery and Travel Channel as well as digitally on iTunes, Hulu, and Amazon.

To learn more about The Bikers, please visit the new TV series' website at

About FourPoints Television

FourPoints Television Productions was launched in 2008 in Toronto, ON, by a group of aviators whose increasing involvement in television development and marketing led them to eventually focus their material on their own passions.  Founded by long-time pilot Anthony Nalli, FourPoints began work on its first major initiative and flagship program, the documentary series "The Aviators," in the spring of 2009.  The Aviators now boasts more than 50 million viewers per week across the globe.

FourPoints' mission is to tirelessly support the creation of exciting television programs to entertain and educate viewers with unique, compelling content, while serving as an attractive vehicle for sponsors and broadcasters.  The company maintains production facilities in Toronto, ON; Oshkosh, WI; and Los Angeles, CA. To learn more about FourPoints Television Productions, please visit our website at

SOURCE FourPoints Television


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Why we ride - the movieThe movie, Why We Ride, is being talked about amongst motorcyclists all over the country as being the next great moto-flick, arguably on the same level as On Any Sundayand Faster. But if you haven’t seen it yet, it has just been announced that the film is now available for worldwide download.

For the first time, fans the world over will be able to share in the documentary that has brought the motorcycle community together in a celebration of what it means to be a rider. Why We Ride will be available across all of iTunes’ and Amazon’s  stores worldwide.


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"Sons of Anarchy" creator Kurt Sutter has been on a Twitter tirade against the new biker show "The Devil's Ride," calling the new show a rip-off of "Sons of Anarchy." According to PWS on Feb. 15, Jason Hervey defended his reality show by claiming it "couldn't be further from the truth."

"Sons of Anarchy" is a one-hour drama television series that focuses on a motorcycle gang who is also associated with organized crime. It is based loosely on Shakespearean drama, specifically the story of "Hamlet." READ ON

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Good looks and motorcycle skills must run in the family [A&F/FACEBOOK]STEVE MCQUEEN'S grandson looks dashing in the latest advertising campaign of American sartorial brand Abercrombie and Fitch. It looks like talents on a motorcycle, being achingly cool and devastating good looks must run in the McQueen family.
Namesake and grandson of Hollywood legend Steve McQueen seems genetically destined to make heterosexual females go weak at the knees.

Star of The Vampire Diaries, Steven R McQueen has been unveiled as the leading hunk in Abercrombie and Fitch's new advertising campaign, with involves him riding a motorbike shirtless in their stylish jeans.