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Rawhide Blues Brothers

Clayton Bellamy Edmonton Motorcycle Show 2012

Toronto musician aims to pay for his next recording with Canadian Tire cash

The underground anthem “Canadian Tire Money” is giving Toronto folksinger Corin Raymond a chance to fund his next album with the kitchy currency. “Every day these stuffed envelopes arrive,” he said Wednesday of fans mailing stacks of 5-cent and 10-cent bills in response to a Facebook plea for enough Canadian Tire currency to fund the project. “The mailman must think I’m the Godfather.”  READ ON

Wind & Fire just won Album Of The Year on Total Biker FM in London England!!!

The bluesy rock album by Canadian Biker/Singer Pat Savage just won the Album of the year from Total Biker FM in London England

Here is the link to the review that was done by Total Biker FM:

Dramatic Reading of LMFAO "Sexy and I Know It" by Ira David Wood

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