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MV Agusta

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MV AgustaClaudio Castiglioni, big boss of MV Agusta, would like to put everyone’s minds at rest regarding the future of MV Agusta. During the Misano launch of the MV F4 1000R he gave a personal promise that now his company has been re-structured and re-financed, it is totally secure and will always be there for its customers. Like fellow Italian marques Aprilia, Benelli, Bimota, Ducati and Mondial, MV Agusta has been through turbulent times recently, but as always their phenomenal Latin passion will see them through, so for that they must be applauded.

MV Agusta claims its bikes are the most beautiful in the world. A biased opinion of course, although not at all near the truth. While past models have looked and sounded like they would take on all comers, I believe they failed to deliver – especially on the track. The tables have now turned, however, as two of the current models recently finished third and fifth in the European Superstock Championship at Monza. Finally, it seems, the modern MVs have some credibility. READ ON


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MV Agusta F4RRLap time: 1:53.86
Top speed at end of straight: 163.6mph
Max braking (g): 1.19
Max lean: 41.62

Why it’s so special
MV Agusta F4s are the ultimate poster bikes. The iconic Massimo Tamburini-designed lines haven’t really changed over the years, just tweaked, refined and polished, but even today, 14 years after the original F4 750 was released, this latest evolution is unutterably beautiful.  READ ON

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2013 MV Agusta Rivale 8002013 MV Agusta Rivale 800 Naked Sportbike

MV Agusta will not be releasing the supermoto-style Rivale 800 until mid-year 2013. The Rivale 800 builds on MVA’s line of inline three motorcycles, joining the F3 675, the Bruatle 675 and the all-new Brutale 800.

The most important thing to know is that this bike puts out 125 horsepower and in dry condition weighs a mere 375 pounds. READ ON

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MV Agusta F3 675The 2012 MV Agusta F3 675 is already shaking things up in the supersport class, stepping onto the scene equipped with a fully adjustable Marzocchi fork, a single-sided swing arm supported by a Sachs shock, variable power maps and eight stage traction control system. It's first and most recognized target competitor is the excellentTriumph Daytona 675R. READ ON
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The designer of MV's new F3 Adrian Morton has told MCN what the bike is like to ride. Naturally he thinks it's good, but given it's his first ever ride on the machine he styled, and he's a regular rider just like the rest of us rather than a superhero Stig-style tester, his observation the handling feels 'unusual but intuitive' is worth listening to. The easy turning of the reverse-rotating-cranked F3 certainly seems anecdotally confirmed by the latest video to emerge, which shows Giacomo Agostini parading the bike in Italy:  Read  on to see the photos and video: