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Rider Training and Safety

BMW Motorrad, Honda and Yamaha join forces to advance motorcycle safety

bmwblog.comRecently in France, the three motorcycle manufacturers announced their cooperation on C-ITS, an acronym for Cooperative-Intelligent Transportation Systems. READ ON

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P.E.I. highway traffic deaths in 2015

A man died in Stanley Bridge in August when his truck left the road. (RCMP)Six people died in P.E.I. highway accidents in September, the deadliest month of 2015. READ ON

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Touring Tip: Five Common Sources of Motorcycle Accidents & Strategies For Avoiding Them

roadrunnerONCOMING, LEFT TURNING VEHICLE: This is probably the most common cause of motorcycle accidents. The driver of an oncoming vehicle doesn’t see a motorcyclist and makes a quick left turn directly in the rider’s path, leaving little or no time to avoid hitting the car. READ ON

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Man on motorcycle takes both hands off handlebars to text during high-speed chase

Texting while driving is generally a bad idea. Texting while riding a motorcycle, even more so. READ ON

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OPP officer giving up his motorcycle after seeing dangerous driving

Ontario SIU investigators probe a motorcycle crash on Riverside Drive. An OPP officer has decided to quit driving his motorcycle after visiting with three crash victims in the past week. (Alex Brockman/CBC)PP officer is getting off his motorbike and calling for all drivers to respect each other on the roads after three serious motorcycle crashes in less than a week. READ ON

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