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Rider Training and Safety

Rider Training and Safety

Motorcycle Deaths Down Since No-Helmet Option Became Law


(WLNS) – This year crash reports showed more accidents involving bikers wearing a helmet than accidents where the biker wasn’t wearing a helmet at all.
But what about motorcycle deaths?
6 News talked with officials Friday to see why they think the number of motorcycle deaths is so low.
“Strictly defensive watching for that car pull up to the intersection, I’m thinking, are they seeing me?” said
For years the only thing between a car and a motorcyclist was a helmet.
“You can snug is to the back of your head.”
But since Michigan passed a law making it optional to wear helmets, motorcycle deaths have actually gone down.
According to the Michigan Traffic Crash Report System, in 2014 there were 107 motorcyclist deaths, compared to 128 in 2013.  READ ON


Know your motorcycle: Back off, Jack

know your motorcycleLike most warriors, I’m extremely confident going forward, able to respond to conditions and situations, opportunities, and threats instantly and instinctively. Bring ’em on! But what scares the bloody hell out of me is not what’s up front but what’s behind me, unseen and totally out of my control: aggressive tailgaters in SUVs, that beat-up gravel truck that is desperately trying to stop for the traffic light where I’m already sitting, and sometimes even the cunning local constable out hunting for throttle jockeys. READ ON