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Rider Training and Safety

Rider Training and Safety

Motorcycle lane splitting: Better for riders, better for drivers, and safer than sitting in traffic

Motorcycle lane splitting: faster and safer for riders, plus it makes the journey quicker for everyone else. (Photo: Loz Blain/Gizmag)Recent research has confirmed what many motorcycle riders have known for years. "Lane splitting" – or riding in between lanes of traffic – obviously saves riders a lot of time, but it's also considerably safer than sitting in traffic and acting like a car, as long as it’s done within certain guidelines, and contrary to what many drivers think, it actually speeds up traffic for everyone else on the road. Riders, please pass this information on to the drivers in your lives.  READ ON

Suzuki recalls motorcycles with shifting issues

Suzuki Motor of America is recalling 23,073 model year 2011-2014 GSX-R750 and 2009-2014 GSX-R1000 motorcycles.

If a gear is missed while upshifting, the strain applied to the drive chain after the next shift may cause the rear axle to move, damaging the left-side drive chain adjuster. The damage could cause the drive chain to come off, removing power to the rear wheel and increasing the risk of a crash.  READ ON