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Rider Training and Safety

Rider Training and Safety

Killer left turns await motorcycle riders

CFRB host and comedian Mike Bullard still limps as a result of a crash two years ago when he slid his Harley Davidson under a Hummer.

“I was at South Service Rd. and Indian Rd. in Mississauga when a Hummer pulled out to make a left turn and then stopped,” he says. “Apparently it was her first time driving it and she had a problem making the turn because of a wall there. There was a guy in front of me and he stopped to yell and her and blocked the road so I had nowhere to go. READ ON

5 myths that make motorcycle riding less safe

5 mythsI have ridden over 500,000 miles on motorcycles. I have trained thousands of riders using the curriculum of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and have trained hundreds of instructors. I have exposed these riders to the dangerous myths of motorcycling and I hope by outlining them here some of the needless deaths — such as the latest one Sunday — can be avoided.  READ ON