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More Police Depts Using Victory Motorcycles

Motorcycle buyers are, justifiably, demanding. “It’s got to be a great bike for me to lay down my cold, hard cash for it,” can be heard in every dealer showroom. 

But how great does a bike have to be for a rider to trust it with his life? That raises a bike’s expectations up several notches, doesn’t it? READ ON

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MEDINA, MN (March 5, 2012) - Victory Motorcycles is introducing the Victory Military Priority Demo Program to invite active members of U.S. military branches and the U.S. Coast Guard to move to the front of Victory demo lines at major summer 2012 events. Active U.S. military and Coast Guard personnel who present their current military IDs at Victory demo registration will receive special wrist bands giving them priority access to the Victory demo fleet.

“We have long supported members of the military in numerous ways, and we view this as an opportunity for our customers and staff to thank military personnel for their service,” said Steve Menneto, Polaris VP, Motorcycles. “We have always respected and participated in the riding community’s support for the military, and we know our riders will gladly step aside to let our nation’s defenders move to the front of the demo line."  READ ON

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Victory Motorcycles & Steve Menneto

Steven Menneto's rise to VP of Motorcycles for Polaris Industries is one of those rare, ground floor to the corner office success stories. If you want to start from the beginning, Steve's journey was sparked by riding dirt bikes - as he phrased it, "as a little guy."

Polaris History

Edgar Hetteen is thought by many as the father of the snowmobile. For this he was inducted in the Snowmobile Hall of Fame, and yes, there is an actual Snowmobile Hall of Fame, located in Saint Germain, Wisconsin. Read On: http://www.allaboutbikes.com/motorcyle-news/industry-news/6723-victory-motorcycles-steve-menneto

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Polaris opens throttle on motorcycle lines

SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA -- Polaris Industries' motorcycle plant is revving up, with a new brand of bikes set to come roaring into its sprawling complex next year.

The factory already cranks out multiple models of Victory bikes. Heavyweight cruisers and touring models stream through 20 workstations on a horseshoe-shaped assembly line, while forklifts zip in to feed the stations with parts. Read On: http://www.startribune.com/business/139542563.html


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2012 Victory Hard-Ball

Sticking to the winning formula that brought us one of Victory’s top sellers, the blacked-out, Vegas-based High Ball, Victory’s newest Hard-Ball model is a blacked-out Cross Roads with height-adjustable ape hangers. Except for minimalist red pinstriping, the entire bike is slathered in flat black paint. Like all models in Victory’s 2012 lineup, the Hard-Ball is powered by the 106-cubic-inch, 50-degree, air/oil-cooled Freedom V-twin, which is fuel-injected and belt-driven with a six-speed transmission. Read On: http://www.ridermagazine.com/latest-news/2012-victory-hard-ball.htm

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