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Riding down cancer

VANCOUVER - What better way for Rob Kolenc to channel his anger toward cancer then by riding his motorcycle?

“I hate cancer and I love riding motorcycles,” the Vancouverite said. “What could be more satisfying than riding motorcycles to kill cancer?”

The motorcycle enthusiast and family man will make his third trip through the Arctic, his first during the winter season. Kolenc is raising money for the fight against cancer and he hopes to punch cancer in the face, the aptly named title of his campaign, raising money for Motorcycle Ride For Dad charity.

“My best friend recently got diagnosed with cancer and he’s the fellow who introduced me to riding motorcycles in the first place,” he said. “His situation strikes me as ridiculous and unfair. After his aggressive treatment it looks like his odds for a full, long life are good but it makes me angry that this disease is still taking so many good people from us.”

Kolenc will leave Whitehorse on March 29 to begin his journey along the Dempster highway all the way to Tuktoyaktuk and then back again to Vancouver, a trip logging around 3,000 km.

“There is no end to the possible challenges that we’ll experience,” he said, adding he will have a support vehicle with him, driven by his good friends Wayne Lundin and Konrad Iten. “I don’t know how this story will end but I find that quite stimulating."

Kolenc admits the cold will be a major factor on his trip, but he said the training and gear he has will help him weather the frigid Northern temperatures.

“Proper riding technique, a well-prepared motorcycle and warm gear are going to be critical,” he said. “I hope the bike holds together. I don’t want to fix it on the side of the road in those temperatures.To read the rest of the article:http://nnsl.com/northern-news-services/stories/papers/mar27_09bik-nwt.html


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