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With the substantial increase in gas prices, traffic and congestion- many drivers are leaving their cars and SUV’s at home in favor of a motorcycle as a primary mode of transportation. Riding a motorcycle or scooter is one of the easiest and most economical ways to get around, Not only do motorcycles reduce traffic congestion, but parking downtown is much easier to do than with an automobile.
We, the City of Calgary propose, the current parking by-laws be amended to allow scooter and motorcycle operators to park their vehicles free of charge, in existing, designated on street parking spaces, without having to purchase Pay and Display tickets..
Given the small size of scooters, the City of Calgary amend the relevant right of way and parking by-laws to allow scooter operators to park their vehicles on the sidewalks, so long as they are not obstructing pedestrian flow, similar to the way in which non-motorized bicycles are permitted to be parked on the sidewalks.
By utilizing these otherwise unusable parking areas, the City can effectively increase the number of parking spaces downtown without cost, or at the expense of metered spaces, and can accomplish this without reducing any current on-street automobile parking spaces. More parking means more people patronizing area shops and business. By amending this by-law Calgary will be joining some of the major Canadian Cities, like Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver.
We, the undersigned, petition the City of Calgary to amend the by-law allowing scooters and motorcycles to park on city streets without having to pay and display. Also to amend the by-law for the allowance of scooters to park on the sidewalks, as long as they are not obstructing the pedestrian flow.



Dalton Timmis    
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