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New 2013 Zero Police and Security Motorcycles

Zero Motorcycles Police EditionZero Motorcycles, the global leader in the electric motorcycle industry, today announced the launch of its all-new 2013 Zero Police and Security line-up. In 2012, the highly popular Zero DS Police Motorcycle led the market as the only law enforcement product offering by Zero, but 2013 will see both the Zero S and Zero DS outfitted for law enforcement and security details. Appropriately titled the Zero S Police/Security and Zero DS Police/Security, both were developed specifically for police and security agencies. Zero Motorcycles set out to offer two distinct models this year because the company saw a significant increase in demand for street and dual sport police motorcycles on a global level with many Asian, European and South American countries taking interest. North America continues to be in high demand as well. After launching the 2012 Zero DS Police Motorcycle, many law enforcement agencies have now had the model in the field for more than a year and demand continues to rise for the popular motorcycle. Law enforcement agencies have found the motorcycle to be incredibly reliable, maneuverable and economically feasible. Zero continues to work directly with a variety of international law enforcement, security and military agencies. This new model is the result of these collaborative efforts. READ ON

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Zero Motorcycles Rolls Out New Website

Zero MotorcycleZero Motorcycles, the global leader in the electric motorcycle industry, today announced the launch of a brand new website as its 2013 lineup arrives in dealerships. The premium site delivers a host of great information on Zero’s cutting-edge technology and includes an abundance of high-end new multimedia. Whether interested to learn more about electric powertrain technology, a fan of the brand or simply intrigued to watch Zero Motorcycles customer videos, the site will capture viewers attention and is guaranteed to entertain.
Among the new videos are the first ever taken of the new 2013 electric motorcycle lineup in action, and in case viewers would like to actually hear the unique sound of the motorcycles, the videos are available with or without music. In a separate “customer video” gallery viewers can watch customers ride and speak about their personal experiences of owning their Zero. Some videos even feature models from as early as 2008. In addition, the site contains a wide variety of beautiful photography. READ ON

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Zero Motorcycles 2013 Double Horsepower And Range

Electric motorcycles have come a long way in a few years years and Zero Motorcycles has made them easy, affordable and simple. This year, they double up to impress us further.
Zero Motorcycles has diversified its electric motorcycle nicely over the last few years while steadily perfecting them. The little dirt bike we once knew in 2009 has morphed into a street bike and other sportier versions. This year promises more horsepower, faster charging and most importantly, better range. READ ON 


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Zero Motorcycles Delivers 2013 Model Line With Double the Horsepower, Over 130 Miles Range and a CHAdeMO Accessory to Recharge to 95 Percent in One Hour

Most Advanced Electric Motorcycle Lineup Yet - Arriving in Dealerships January 2013 --

SANTA CRUZ, Calif., Oct. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Zero Motorcycles, the global leader in the electric motorcycle industry, today announced its 2013 model line which features an average power increase of 99 percent and the world's longest-range production electric motorcycle: the Zero S, capable of 137 miles in the city. To attain such leaps in performance, Zero designed a revolutionary new Z-Force™ motor that is incredibly powerful while also highly efficient, passively air-cooled and compact. Integrated into every 2013 motorcycle, the motor operates using a new higher voltage Z-Force power pack. Providing riders the option to charge faster than ever, each Zero can now be charged to 95 percent in an hour or less using CHAdeMO charge stations by way of an optional accessory. Perhaps most exciting, Zero plans to begin initial deliveries of its complete 2013 model line to North America inJanuary 2013.

(Photo:  http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20121001/NE84907 )

Nearly every element of each motorcycle has been refined to embody the sophisticated technology and elemental simplicity of riding a Zero. From highly innovative mobile phone integration to eye-catching styling, the 2013 lineup is impressive at every level. Using Bluetooth, riders can now sync their iPhone or Android mobile phones to see detailed motorcycle information and even adjust the performance characteristics of the motorcycle. Riders will appreciate the sleek new bodywork on the Zero S and Zero DS, which includes neatly integrated storage in the "tank" area and flows elegantly into a comfortable two-tier seat. To accommodate the new look and advanced powertrain, Zero redesigned the frames for every model with an emphasis on improving rider ergonomics and expanding compatibility with aftermarket accessories.

"With up to 137 miles range in the city, a top speed of 95 mph and a CHAdeMO accessory that allows recharging in around an hour, the 2013 model line is truly exceptional," saidRichard Walker, CEO of Zero Motorcycles. "This year's lineup offers breathtaking acceleration, new eye-catching designs and the innovative ability to customize the riding experience to each individual's preferences via a mobile application. We invite consumers to discover the experience of riding a 2013 model by contacting an authorized dealer to sign up for a test ride or to place an order. The new lineup arrives in January."

Among the many highlights of the 2013 lineup, Zero Motorcycles introduced the Zero FX as the ultimate "do anything" and "ride anywhere" urban rebel motorcycle. It is the fastest accelerating motorcycle in the company's lineup with 70 ft-lbs of torque, 44 hp and a low weight of only 275 lbs. The Zero FX, as well as the Zero XU and Zero MX, now features the world's first truly modular quick-swap power pack technology. Riders can now use one or two battery modules and can upgrade any of the previously mentioned models from 2.8 kWh to 5.7 kWh in seconds. With increased range, vastly improved handling and impressive power, the now full-sized Zero MX is capable of comfortably launching off significantly larger jumps at the motocross track.

Continuing a design philosophy of "sophisticated simplicity" for 2013, Zero Motorcycles focused on maximizing the exhilaration of riding and minimizing needless complexity. The new Z-Force motor and overall powertrain is completely air-cooled on account of its highly efficient and innovative design. With instant torque, a nearly silent belt-driven system and no shifting, riders need only focus on enjoying the ride. For the owner, there is no routine powertrain maintenance and the "fuel" cost is only a penny a mile. Whether a longtime rider or someone who is just getting into motorcycles, the Zero Motorcycles 2013 lineup offers consumers exciting new reasons to go for a ride.

Pricing information: Each Zero Motorcycles model is 100 percent electric and, as a result, may qualify to receive government rebates or credits. Zero sells its motorcycles through authorized dealerships. Each street-legal motorcycle comes with a two year limited warranty, while the Zero MX comes with a one year limited warranty. Initial deliveries will commence in January 2013 for North America and in February 2013 for Europe. Authorized dealers will begin accepting orders on Oct. 2, 2012, from consumers who would like to secure a 2013 model. The pricing for each model is below.

Zero S

  • MSRP: (ZF8.5) $13,995* | €13,995** | £11,695**
  • MSRP: (ZF11.4) $15,995* | €15,995** | £13,495**

Zero DS

  • MSRP: (ZF8.5) $13,995* | €13,995** | £11,695**
  • MSRP: (ZF11.4) $15,995* | €15,995** | £13,495**

Zero FX

  • MSRP: (ZF2.8) $9,495* | €9,495** | £7,995**
  • MSRP: (ZF5.7) $11,990* | €11,995** | £9,995**

Zero XU

  • MSRP: (ZF2.8) $7,995* | €7,995** | £6,995**
  • MSRP: (ZF5.7) $10,490* | €10,495** | £8,995**

Zero MX

  • MSRP: (ZF2.8) $9,495* | €9,495** | £7,995**
  • MSRP: (ZF5.7) $11,990* | €11,995** | £9,995**

*MSRP in USD is identical to CAD. Does not include local shipping, applicable taxes, PDI or road registration fees.
**Includes Product, Shipping and VAT. Additional PDI, local shipping and road registration fees may apply.

More on CHAdeMO 
The CHAdeMO fast charging standard is the most widely adopted DC Fast Charging standard and has over 1600 installed stations worldwide, with an additional 1000 in Europeexpected before the end of 2013.  According to Nissan estimates, 2000 fast chargers will be installed in the United States by the end of 2014, with at least 400 in California alone, supported by government electric vehicle infrastructure spending. Based on Pikes Research estimates, 115,000 of these chargers will be installed by 2017.

About Zero Motorcycles 
Zero Motorcycles is committed to transforming the motorcycling experience by bringing to market highly innovative electric motorcycles that offer exceptional value and performance. Zero is powered by innovation, driven by passion, guided by integrity and measured by results. Through extensive research, insight and experience, Zero combines the art and science of motorcycle development to create and manufacture products that excite consumers and inspire brand loyalty. Zero is determined to be the preeminent global electric motorcycle company.

Follow Zero Motorcycles on Twitter @ZeroMC, become a fan of Zero Motorcycles on Facebook and check out what Zero is doing on YouTube at www.youtube.com/zeromotorcycles.

Media information: Phone: (951) 719-1040 / Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Videos, photos and more press related information: www.zeromotorcycles.com/press 
General product or company information: www.zeromotorcycles.com

SOURCE Zero Motorcycles

Web Site: http://www.zeromotorcycles.com 


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Zero Recalls Electric Bikes that May Stall in Traffic

Electric-motorcycle maker Zero Motorcycles Inc. is recalling certain S and DS bikes from the 2012 model year to fix an electronic problem that can cause their electric motors to suddenly lose power.

In a document filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration the Scotts Valley, Calif., company said the affected vehicles have motor encoder position signals that may drift, or change over time. READ ON

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