Hoverbike - the Twin Rotor BMW Boxer Powered Flying Motorcycle

If Chris Malloy's Hoverbike works as it's designed to work, there's going to be a long line of customers waiting for a chance to get on board, this twin rotor BMW boxer powered hovercraft flying motorcycle will do more than give you the feeling of flying, you'll BE flying.

The carbon fiber Hoverbike weighs 231 pounds with a maximum takeoff weight of 595 pounds. On just the primary fuel tank it has a range of 92 miles at 80 knots (92 mph), with a theoretical top speed of 172 mph and a maximum altitude of 10,000 feet! So far, all tests have been tethered so these performance figures are somewhat speculative, but if he gets into the next phase of actual untethered flight, we'll know whether those numbers can be achieved. Read On: http://thekneeslider.com/archives/2011/06/09/hoverbike-the-twin-rotor-bmw-boxer-powered-flying-motorcycle/


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