Viking motorcycle conceptDanish custom motorcycle company Lauge Jensen unveiled its new Viking Concept motorcycle at the Top Marques show in Monaco. The new Viking concept has been designed by Fisker co-founder Henrik Fisker, renowned automobile designer, who previously run design teams at Aston Martin and BMW. READ ON

Aprilia 750 Pegaso V2 Crossover Concept by Oberdan BezziOberdan Bezzi brings forth a new concept, an Aprilia 750 Pegaso dubbed V2, and which could very well become a bestseller for the Italian manufacturer.

I am definitely not the only rider who would like to see the middleweight dual-sport/ crossover restored to the glory it once enjoyed. And that is because the bike sin this class have an unique recipe which makes them perfect, no matter where you live. For commuting, city errands, shopping, leisure rides and vacations, these bikes are one of the premium choices. READ ON

2015 Chak MolotMolot is Russian for “sled.” The Chack Molot should have also received some prefix, such as “super” or “ultra,” as we're dealing with a completely different type of fun. Molot is a new Russian superbike concept advertised as being the safest machine in the business. Let's make the introductions...

A “safe motorcycle” is a term that’s sometimes met with a smile, as motorcycles have never exactly been the safest transportation method around. READ ON

HMC (Herald Motor Company) Super ClassicTHIS single-cylinder café racer is one of the new bikes to be unveiled at this week’s NEC motorcycle show.

The HMC (Herald Motor Company) Super Classic is a concept but we can expect a production version in 2015, according to Sales Manager Michael Fish.

The Super Classic is billed as ‘a British-built small-medium capacity single-cylinder classic-style bike with great reliability, great fuel economy and great style – all for £4,500.’  READ ON


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