$15,000 BRD Redshift SM Electric Motorcycle is fast and furious

BRD Redshift SM Electric MotorcycleIn the age of environmental awareness and eco-consciousness, the demand for vehicles that match up to their fossil fuel editions seem to be heating up too. The eco-friendly bike space, especially the ones that use electricity to propel themselves in comparison to fossil fueled has indeed evolved and now become a crowded one. Some of the cutting edge examples would include the electric HarleyDetonator chopper, the YikeBike electric, and also the Evolve Tron lightcycles, which used the ‘zero-emission’ technology to good effect. Now for those who get their kicks out of dirt biking, the BRD Redshift SM electric motorbike is on order for $15,000 a piece. Using a tri-color paint scheme, an aerodynamic light frame, and a electric engine based propulsion system, the bike has every ingredient to please the dirt bikers, as well as eco-conscious nature lovers. READ ON

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