A retired University of New Brunswick professor is calling on the provincial government to include motorcycles, motorized scooters and other motorized bicycles in its annual vehicle inspection program.

 Tony Short, a professional engineer with degrees in mechanical engineering, said the change would make a lot of sense.

"Things such as trailers are included, while fairly complicated devices that have people riding on them, who are unprotected (and have no) seatbelts, air bags, no rollover protection, like motorcycles, are not protected," Short said.

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SAINT JOHN - Police seized cash and alcohol from the Bacchus motorcycle clubhouse in the city's south end where bikers were believed to be operating an illegal bar.

The Saint John Police Force said Friday the street crime unit executed a search warrant at the Pitt Street clubhouse earlier this week and found the money, booze and "related items." Read On: http://telegraphjournal.canadaeast.com/city/article/1451741

Rev. Lindsey Burt calls it a miracle.

On Sunday night, he was returning to Saint John from a weekend trip on his motorcycle, and took the Ashburn Lake Road exit off Highway 1. To roadbed in the area is being resurfaced, and where the exit lane peels away from the highway, motorists must turn into a straight-edged, vertical shelf of pavement, hitting it at an angle. Read On: http://telegraphjournal.canadaeast.com/opinion/article/1447476

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