After approval from the province, the bylaw will stop excessive noise from motorcycles

BATHURST - A new bylaw will cost motorcyclists $125 for revving their excessively noisy motorcycle engines in city limits.

Bathurst city officials have introduced the revision that will keep motorcyclists from emitting the thunderous sounds out of their engine pipes on the streets.

"The problem comes with bikes without a muffler. The ones that just have a straight pipe and nothing to muffle the sound cause problems," says Bathurst city councillor Graham Wiseman.

"What gives motorcyclists the right to make adjustments and take apart bikes that have been put together by a manufacturer? The bikes adhere to bylaws before they're ripped apart, but afterwards they can get disruptive."

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Bernice MacNaughton High School Bike Klub Ride

The Bernice MacNaughton High School Bike Klub, Moncton, is hosting an open house for everyone to come in to check out there shops, current projects and meet the kids. There will be some prizes and hot dogs. It would be great to get as many bikes out there as possible to help support these kids who do really amazing work, if you have every seen it before.

The open house starts at 11 and runs till 4 Saturday June 18th.

Everyone interested in coming, does not matter what your riding, meet at tims on mountain road for 11 on Saturday. We will wait 30 minutes then do a group ride to the school and show our support for the kids, then anyone interested in doing a ride down to shediac for some beer and grub is welcome.

Hope to see a large crowd out, these kids deserve support for all there creativity & hard work.


Police set up a roadblock in Grand Bay-Westfield Saturday afternoon to conduct vehicle checks during the annual bike run for the Bacchus Motorcycle Club.

About 60 motorcycles passed through the roadblock, and one ticket was written for a motor vehicle infraction, said Sgt. Lori Magee of the Saint John Police Force.

The Rothesay Regional Police, the RCMP and the provincial commercial vehicle enforcement also participated in the roadblock. Magee said the motorcyclists were aware they would be stopped as they made their way to the Kingston Peninsula.

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Organizer plans to lobby council to enact bylaw to deal with violators

SAINT JOHN - When Sam Blue was walking uptown with his daughter one day, the growl from an after-market motorcycle muffler was so startling that she dropped her ice cream cone to the ground with a plop.

On another occasion, a performer at Harvesting the Arts in King's Square had to suspend their music because of the deafening rumble of motorcycles as they drove up the street.

"When you pick a place to live, you have some basic expectations that you can maintain a certain quality of life," Blue said in an interview.

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