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Friday, 11 March 2016 23:43

Syd's Fun Run receives letter from Kaslo & Area Chamber of Commerce regarding noise issue

Written by Ian McLeod


kaslo picture perfectMarch 10th, 2016 - Dear Mr. McLeod, 




The Kaslo and Area Chamber of Commerce, representing our membership of local businesses and NGO’s would like your group to know that Kaslo and Area “D” welcomes all Tourism traffic within the North Kootenay Lake Region. Our Chamber is also represented within the Nelson Kootenay Lake Tourism DMO (Destination Marketing Organization) and the West Kootenay Tourism Alliance, all who support ‘rubber to road’ Tourism traffic.

Before I contacted you, I attended a meeting that was organized by the group that circulated the anti-noise petition, to observe whether or not it was actually directed at motorcycles. Although the originator of the petition mentions motorcycles with illegal mufflers or straight pipes, he made it clear that the petition was about the problem of excessive noise. Some Chamber Board members and membership who attended this meeting expressed their concern that misinterpretation of the intent of the petition could negatively impact tourism in our area. The meeting resolved to clarify that the petition was about unnecessary and illegal noise by any vehicles—signifying a lack of consideration and courtesy to the peaceful rural communities that happen to be located on some of North America’s best motorcycling routes. That message has unfortunately been distorted by the media and some letter writers, something our community has resolved to correct through education and the promotion of our ‘Healthy Communities.’

The Chamber will be contacting, through social media, as many of the ‘rubber-to-road’ groups to promote our area as ‘tourism friendly’ for all forms of traffic (whether vehicular, air or water traffic). All we ask of visitors is courtesy and consideration.

We welcome you to our communities and to ride the connecting roads that make up some of the most scenic and beautiful countryside in the Kootenays. We hope that riders will be cognizant of concerns about excessive and unnecessary noise while our communities will continue to welcome all tourism traffic. Besides the natural scenery we wish to continue to offer rural serenity in our quaint mountain villages.

Please contact me, at your convenience, if you would like to discuss this further, thank-you.


John Addison, President

Kaslo & Area Chamber of Commerce



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