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Sunday, 29 January 2017 02:10

Why Freelance Writing Is Every Biker's Dream

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When it comes to biking, there is nothing else in life that means as much as an open road.

The only problem is that when you finally hit the road and there is nothing ahead of you but miles and miles of highway, you just don’t want to turn around and go back. Why should you, after all? It you’ve a dead end job that you simply can’t take anymore and a bike that’s begging to go cross country, there are plenty of jobs you can take on the road with you. Have you considered a freelance writing job like those mentioned in this Uvocorp Review? If you have a laptop or tablet, and a proficiency in English, you can write your way around the country. Thousands do it every year and you can too.

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Believe It or Not – Your Skills Are Needed

While there is a huge need for freelance writers who can put together a grammatically correct sentence or two, your skills as a biker are in great demand. No one is better equipped to hit the road running than a biking hobbyist and travelling the country gives you plenty to see, do and most importantly, write about. Do you know just how many travel articles are outsourced each and every year? You are looking at a huge market, especially in spring and summer when the travel bug bites the average person who is getting ready to go on summer vacation.

Take your biking and writing skills and put them to the work for you. People love to hear about exotic places and there is nowhere you can’t travel with just a bike. While some areas are too remote for vans and luxury vehicles, a bike can travel some of the most remote country roads with ease. Journal your travels so that you have ‘research’ the next time you get an order for an article about a place you’ve been.

It Sure Beats Day Labor!

There was a time when bikers would travel from town to town, hitting the day labor pools in each new city or state. They’d earn a day’s wage (or two), gas up and hit the road again. If you have any writing skills at all, you can freelance in each new stop and with the money you are paid you’ll be able to keep on going. Some bikers like being able to stay out in the backwoods. They aren’t interested in all the usual tourist traps so they go ‘primitive’ camping in state and national parks.

If you are Canadian, crossing the border for a summer in the good ol’ US of A, there are plenty of national and state parks where you can pitch a pup tent for free and stay at least a week or two before the rangers ask you to move on out and on your way. Some of these parks have Wi-Fi in the paid camping areas, so you can mosey on over, do a bit of writing and head back to the solitude of your camp with no one there but your bike and Mother Nature. You might run into an occasional critter or two, but don’t worry. They don’t eat much and aren’t looking to steal your ride.

You Can Live Your Dreams!

If you’ve ever dreamed of having no responsibilities, no roots and nothing to tie you down, this is the perfect opportunity to live your dream. Of course, if you have a family it’s another story altogether, but for the loner who simply wants to see something and do something more than what they now see, freelancing is the perfect opportunity to finance your travels. You can start out with next to nothing and earn as you go.

The only thing you need besides your bike and an adventurous spirit is a mobile computer from which to write. A PayPal account will hold your money until you transfer it to your bank, or you can apply for a PayPal credit or debit card to take your funds immediately from your account. Don’t wait like so many do until that day when responsibilities are weighing them down. If you’ve a bike, a will to travel and a way with words, the world is yours to see.


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