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Tuesday, 30 January 2018 05:53

Choosing the Best Small Car for Town Living

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 motorcycle infographicProbably the best vehicle for zooming around a large town or city is a motorcycle.

However, if you are unable to use your motorcycle for some reason, then you need a suitable alternative. There is more to choosing a good town car than just going for the smallest; you also have to choose one that does the things you need and has a good all-around safety. Here are some of the things you can look for when you need to choose a small car.

Assessing Your Needs

Before you start trawling through the car ads, you need to think about what you are looking for in a small car. You might think that most small cars are created equal, but there can be some big differences that could make the difference to you. Firstly, you should think about space; often there are variations in the design with some cars having just two seats while others have four. You can also get a big difference in boot size and the overall size of the car. If you want to travel with the family, then you will need four seats, and if you plan on bringing any shopping home, you will need at least some boot space. You also need to think about where you will be going, for longer journey’s you will want a car that has a smoother drive with less swaying than a car just for town use.

Engine Size

Though many small cars don’t come with big engines, they do come with a range that can match the suitability you need. A car with a small engine around one liter will be fine if you are only driving into town and back, but, for highway driving such a small engine can sound screechy and could be placing quite a strain on it. At least part of your decision has to be getting an engine size that will complement the type of driving you do.

Boot Space

Small cars by definition are not going to have a large boot. However, they do vary according to make so you need to think about the types of uses the car will have. A car that is going to be used for the weekly groceries will need a boot that has the capacity for at least a few bags. It is especially true if you will also be having people in the rear or they may find themselves having bags on their laps. However, if this small car is just going to be used to get to work and back, then boot space is not such an issue. Neither will much space inside be a problem, and you will still have at least one spare seat for the occasional passenger.

Fuel Efficiency

Most small cars will be fuel efficient for the most part, but there will be some variation depending on the engine size and the size of the car. If fuel efficiency is an issue for you, then you need to do some research. Try to look at the various small cars and see what the manufacturer says about it fuel efficiency. Although this is a good guide, you shouldn’t assume that this will be the complete answer. For that, you will need to speak to other drivers to see how it compares. There are many forums online that can help you with the fuel efficiency of the car you are thinking of buying. There may well also be posts about the best efficiency as judged by the drivers themselves.


One of the things that most drivers want is a car that will be reliable. There is nothing worse than having to keep taking the car back to the garage because of another problem. There are many review sites online that can provide you with details of the reliability of a variety of car models. There will be specific posts on many of the small cars you are looking at, along with any known issues they have. Some cars have more inherent issues than others, and they can vary in severity, so it is best to take a close look at all of them before you decide. You should also see any announcements of a recall from the manufacturer because of a fault. If the car you are looking at has this recall, you should make sure that it has been fixed before you consider buying it.


Most manufacturers have a standard warranty that usually lasts around three years. These include the usual problems that can occur with a new car that has been deemed to be a manufacturer fault. Although they are generally the same, it is important to look through it, so you know exactly what is and isn’t covered. It is also important to know what will happen after the warranty has expired. For something such as Smart car maintenance, there may be a variety of things that the manufacturer recommends are done every so many miles you travel. These are the guides you need to follow to ensure you get the best performance from your car as it gets older.


When it comes to servicing a small car, there are going to be more issues due to their compact shape. It can take longer to reach a component, or the mechanics may have to remove more things to reach it than in a larger car. While this isn’t an issue in itself, it can mean more hours of labor that you will need to pay. Going to a dedicated dealer can sometimes prove beneficial, they may have the specialized tools to do the job quicker than another mechanic. You should also weigh up the cost of parts for your car; if they are hard to find, then they will become more expensive and take longer to repair.

Whatever small car you decide to buy, it is important that you have looked at all of the possibilities and the pros and cons before you make an informed decision. That way, you will have a car that will be perfect for you.

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