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Monday, 12 March 2018 18:23

Top tips for safe spring driving

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drive safeSpring might be well on the way, but there is no reason why you should neglect your car and motorcycle maintenance, now that the weather is getting warmer.

While you might have taken time to book in service for the winter months, it is vital that you follow up and make sure that your overall auto and bike maintenance is in check ready for the warmer months too. Even if you only use your wheels at the weekends, or for picking the kids up from school, then it is vital that you keep these top tips in mind if you want to keep safe on the roads this spring.

Check your tires

It is crucial that you keep an eye on your tire pressure, especially during spring. During the colder months, tire pressures can decrease, meaning that you will have filled up your tires even more than usual during the winter. With spring on the way, warm air will cause your tires to increase, affecting your overall driving experience, and the amount of miles that you can use on each tank. So, if you are keen to keep safe while out on the roads this spring, then it is vital that you stop at your local garage or visit your local dealership to get your tire pressure levels checked. You may also find yourself needing a new set of tires also, in particular, if you have been clocking up the miles during the colder months on country roads and lanes. While this is a large expense, make sure that you listen to your local garage and auto parts store if they advise you need a new set of tires – this is vital to keep you safe while on the roads.

Keep an eye on the roads

Spring weather conditions can have a serious effect on the condition of road surfaces, and your overall driving experience. Spring showers and melting snow can make driving conditions wet and treacherous. If you drive down a road that regularly floods or gets covered in water, then make sure that you go slow to avoid hydroplaning or suffering a serious accident. Summer may be the season for roadworks and road improvements, but snowplows, harsh conditions, and salt can also affect the roads and highways during the spring months also. Keep an eye out for potholes and cracks in the road surfaces, as these can cause serious damage to your bike or car- damaging bodywork or even your motor. Now that the weather is better you will need to keep an extra eye out as to the type of traffic sharing the roads with you. Be sure to check your mirrors extra carefully for cyclists and bikers and be sure to give them plenty of space to avoid accidents while you are out and about. You should also be sure to keep an eye out for deer and other animals, especially if you live in a rural area. Keep an eye out if you drive past a spot that is famed for being an animal crossing, and make sure that you watch the side of the roads carefully if you want to keep safe on the roads this spring.


Check your brakes

Do you check your brakes regularly? In fact, many road users fail to check this vital part of car and bike ownership. Brakes are essential for keeping you safe while on the roads, so you will need to make sure that they are responsive and in full working order when you are out and about. Your car’s brake pads are the first place to check to see if your brakes need some serious attention, as if they look worn and tired then they may need replacing. Keep an ear out for screeching and high-pitched noises if you think that your pads are getting old, you will also notice more dust on your car wheels if they are damaged. If your brake pads are damaged, then you also risk causing increased damage to the rest of your car. If you are a biker, then it is vital that you check your pads; you can do this at home by looking out for the wear groove, molded into the surface by most manufacturers. If this indentation has disappeared, then it is time to invest in new brake pads. No matter the size of your ride, then make sure that you check and change your pads at least every six months.

Invest in a new pair of wheels

Spring is also the ideal time to start shopping around if you are looking for a new set of wheels. Now that the weather is better, you can make good use of the improved weather conditions and enjoy yourself while staying safe on the roads. First, you will need to make sure that you decide on your budget. If you splash out on a new car or bike, then you may want to shop around to make sure that you can get the best deal for you and your family. Some dealers will offer you a discount if you pay in cash, or you may even be able to sign into a credit plan that allows you to pay off your new ride over the next few months or years. Make sure that you visited trusted dealers such as Park Mazda so that you can book in for a test drive and try out several models.

You may take time to get your car or bike ready for the road during the winter months, but it is equally important that you stay alert during the spring months too. Make sure that you check your tires to ensure that they keep you safe while out on the road. Keep your eyes open while you are behind the wheel for wildlife and potholes that can cause damage to you and your car or motorcycle. Be sure to test your brakes to make sure that they are fully responsive. Finally, shop around and take your time if you decide to invest in a new pair of wheels.

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