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Wednesday, 18 April 2018 07:23

Motorcycle Safety for New Riders

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motorcycle greenRiding a motorcycle for the first time is an otherworldly hits you with a cocktail of feelings; from excitement to danger, thrill to panic.

Regardless of whether you are riding for the convenience of beating traffic or the adrenaline rush that comes with revving the engine of a two-wheel, riding a motorcycle is a completely different experience from driving a car. Not even driving an SUV with the windows rolled down or a convertible with the top down comes close.

Obviously, the build of a motorcycle is completely different to that of a vehicle, and this has its pros and cons. The advantages being you can navigate a wide range of terrains and tight space with a motorcycle than you would with a car. Also, motorcycles are cool and chances are you will never experience mechanical issues like Cherokee Driver Seat Replacement with a motorbike.

In a real-life example of “to whom much is given, much is expected,” motorcycle riding requires a great degree of self-discipline and regard to safety precautions. You don’t have the privilege of safety features like air bags, seat belts and the body in a motorcycle and therefore one needs to regard their own safety before hit the road.

These tips will help you stay safe on the road.

Always wear safety gear

You may have seen seasoned riders or stuntmen riding without helmets but as newbie, you should not try that at home or anywhere else. That may be for the TV cameras and even if they were real, these are battle-hardened riders who have several years of experience on two wheels and therefore are quite comfortable handling a motorcycle.

As a new rider, always wear your safety gear. Helmets will protect you against head injuries in the event of a crash. Get one with an adjustable face shield which you can lift when you want to feel the wind on your face.

Also, wear thick leather clothing and riding boots to protect your body against injuries should you be involved in accident. A pair of gloves with good grip will help you have better control of your motorcycle.

Make yourself visible

The all black attire has somewhat become the signature of the motorcycling community but black is not that much of a visible colour.

Choose brighter colours for your riding gear but it is still fine if you want to go with black; wear a reflective vest or jacket on top though to improve your visibility on the road.

Follow traffic rules

Yes, traffic rules still apply to you. Observe lane discipline and use turn signals when changing direction or lanes.

More importantly, don’t focus on looking cool at the expense of your safety. Trying tricks you haven’t mastered well will get you run over or in trouble with the police.

Also, never ride while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Frankly, that is just silly and you are putting your life and that of other motorists in danger.

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