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Tuesday, 03 July 2018 10:08

Do fuel injectors need periodic cleaning

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motorcycle engineIs it really necessary to clean fuel injectors?

You may have had someone tell you that the fuel injectors in your vehicle need cleaning every time your car is serviced, but this is not necessarily the case. Take a look at your car's recommended maintenance program and you will see that this action is not part of it.

This does not mean that you should never ask a specialist in auto repairs to clean the fuel injectors for you. It just means that this only needs to be done when there is a sign that the fuel injectors are clogged or when you car has been driven for a significant amount of time or distance.

What are fuel injectors and what do they do?

It helps if you know what the job of fuel injectors is. The injectors pressurize the fuel that is needed to run the engine of your vehicle. They pump the fuel to the engine as a spray. Doing this makes it easier for fuel to ignite. As it burns the fuel can deposit debris into the aperture through which it is pumped to the engine. This causes the function of the fuel injector to be less effective and the spray reduces to a drip that is not reliable.

How can you tell if a fuel injector is clogged?

There are several signs that you can look out for which may suggest that a fuel injector has become clogged.

  • Hard starting of the engine.
  • Rough engine sounds when idling.
  • Poor performance of the car in general.
  • Getting less miles from gas than you used to.

Of course, there can be other reasons why your vehicle's engine is performing poorly. If you have any concerns, it's a good idea to have it checked by a professional. Even if you do not spot any signs of a clogged fuel injector, it's still a good idea to have cleaning carried out at some point. As a rule of thumb, cleaning is normally required every 36 months or every 45,000 miles. While this is not a manufacturers requirement, you should notice the difference in the performance of your vehicle once it has been done.

Why professional grade cleaning systems are the best option

Cars that have been manufactured since 2004 are less likely to need their fuel injectors cleaning often, due to modern designs and fuel additives. However, all fuel injectors need to be cleaned at some point. You can attempt to clean fuel injectors yourself and you may be able to do a reasonable job.  However, auto repair specialists use professional grade cleaning systems to do the work. You have to pay for the service but you get clean fuel injectors that have a positive effect on the engine performance and fuel efficiency of your vehicle. It's worth making the investment.

Fuel injectors do not necessarily need to be cleaned when your vehicle is serviced. However, if they are in need of cleaning, doing so can improve engine performance and make running your vehicle more cost effective.

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