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Tuesday, 10 July 2018 02:37

Accessories you need to spice up your motorcycle riding experience

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motorcycle engineWho doesn’t love a good ride? The wind in your hair and freedom all around. For a motorcycle enthusiast, that’s an everyday thing.

But like any hobby, there’s always a way to improve one’s experience with it. For example, you can join a biker group and do cross-country tours together, or you can challenge yourself to do it all alone.

Another way to spice up the feel of your ride is to accessorize. Here are some cool stuff you can include in your gear and setup.

Carbon Fiber Accessories

Ever heard of carbon fiber? It’s the material used in manufacturing sports cars. It’s sleek, durable, and it looks really, really nice; however, it’s also expensive. Thus, buying outright a bike made entirely of carbon fiber can put a hole in your bank account (and possibly turn you liverless).

That said, you can build up your carbon fiber bike gradually. Start small by framing your license plate with carbon fiber. It’s an economical way of adding style to your ride. Then once you have the money, add carbon fiber bodyworks and pairings. Pretty soon, you’ll have a motorcycle that looks luxurious.

Motorcycle Gloves

Sweat and grime will accumulate over time on the handle grips if you’re using your bare hands to drive, especially when riding in hot weather. That may make driving uncomfortable. It may also cause your hands to slip, which can be dangerous when you’re doing eighty on the freeway.

That’s why wearing a pair of motorcycle gloves is a must. Most gloves are made of leather with silicon palms that enhance your grip. The best ones fit like a second skin; after you get used to them, you won’t even notice you’re wearing gloves.

Besides, you’ll never know when you’ll fall off your bike. If you’ve lost your balance before, you know that your first instinct is to put your hands out and to try to catch the ground to protect the rest of your body. Thus, wearing sturdy gloves can save your hands from abrasions and ouchies when you accidentally take a tumble while riding.

Riding Jacket

That said, you shouldn’t just rely on your arms to cushion your fall. You also need protection for your body. A normal long-sleeved shirt won’t be sufficient enough for that; you need a jacket that’s specifically built for riding.

Motorcycle jackets contain paddings that soften impact, and many can even shield you from any type of weather. On top of that, wearing one will make you look like a real badass and not just some pedestrian on a trike. You’ll be a more confident rider, which means you’ll be more focused on the road and less on your worries. Just don’t become too overconfident that you think you’re invincible to accidents.

If you want to wear something that’ll give you more protection, consider getting actual motorcycle body armor. They’re technically meant for racing and extreme sports, but don’t let that stop you from wearing one. None will judge you for putting safety first.

Phone Mount

Okay, you’ve got gear for your bike and your body. Now consider getting a mount for your phone.

A smartphone has a lot of uses, even for a biker. You can install a GPS on yours if you need guidance while you’re traveling, and if you’re driving through an unfamiliar city, you can look up what places to visit and what the best amenities are with just the flick of your fingers. However, you won’t be able to drive around while your phone is in your hands, but with a phone mount, you can keep using your GPS while cruising.

There are different kinds of phone mounts out there. The one factor you should weigh first is how they hold your phone. It’s better to get an adjustable mount as it can be used for any phone model.

Ride Well

Any of these items can amp up an ordinary ride while making it safer for you. So moving forward, get any of these four and maybe include some others of your own preference, and you’ll get more out of your motorcycle trips.

Just remember to drive carefully. No matter what gear you wear, if you’re driving like the devil, hell will be right at your heels.

Photo by Francisco Requena on Unsplash

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