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Friday, 31 August 2018 11:41

Preparing for A Long Road Trip on Your Motorcycle

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motorcycle travelIf you are someone who loves being out on the road on your motorcycle, then it may well be a dream of yours if you take a long trip and see some exciting new places while also enjoying a road trip with your bike.

If you are considering doing this sort of trip, whether with your friends, as a family, as a member of a motorcycle club, or even riding solo, then it is a good idea to do some forward planning to make sure that everything goes without a hitch and you get the most out of your journey.

Here are some tips for planning a long road trip on your motorcycle, which apply whether you are traveling in your own country or going abroad for a different kind of adventure!

Plan Your Route and Schedule

It may seem like an interesting idea to simply find a road that looks interesting and goes across the country. So, you follow it and see what happens along the way. As romantic as this sounds, it can lead to you running into all kinds of issues, such as running out of fuel, not having anywhere to stay, and getting lost.

It is far better to do your research and plot out a route, even if you are not strict about when and how long you will stay at each point along your planned path. The research stage of a trip like this can actually be a lot of fun. You can plan the roadside things you want to see, the towns you want to visit, and the places where you would like to ideally stay the night on your trip. There are plenty of resources online that can help you plot a route that takes you to everywhere you would like to go, and if you leave your itinerary fairly open then you will still have plenty of opportunities to explore, should you see something interesting that wasn't in your plans while you are on the road.

Research the Roads

Planning the route is not the only thing that is worth doing in this research phase. It is also a good idea to look at the roads themselves and the amenities that are available along the way. This will enable you to plan where you will need to refill, and where you will need to stop. You should also be able to tell from your research in this phase whether or not you will be traveling on any roads that have special conditions that you will need to prepare your motorcycle for.

If you mainly plan to stick to major roads then this should not be an issue, however, you may find that you want to venture into other types of more remote place, and in those situations you may need to make some preparations to your bike, to help it cope with the kind of roads you will be encountering. Knowing what to expect will make it far easier to make sure you are prepared for anything that you may come across as you explore and enjoy your journey.

Plan Your Bike Luggage, Wardrobe, and Supplies

Going on a long trip by motorcycle can seem like a challenge in terms of what you will be able to take with you. However, with good motorcycle luggage, such as good panniers and good top box, you should be able to fit more than you might expect on to your bike. If you have a bike designed for touring, then this is even better as it will be equipped to cope with that kind of extra weight and you should be able to carry everything from a tent and camping supplies to plenty of extra clothing for when you are not riding. Almost any kind of bike can handle some luggage, so you should be able to equip yourself for your journey with some supplies.

Planning this out is an important part of preparing for the trip. You will need things like a first aid kit, tools in case you need to do any minor maintenance on your bike, and supplies like water for yourself, and clothing.

Planning out what you want to take will enable you to buy anything that might help in advance, such as extremely lightweight versions of products that you might need, designed exactly for this kind of purpose or for camping.

Make Sure You Have Good Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance packages are also one of the most important things you can prepare in advance of a motorcycle journey. Look for the best deals before you sign up and find a company that offers the best and fastest response should anything happen to you on your trip. You can find out more about roadside assistance and whether it is suitable for motorcycles at

Check Road Rules and Regulations if Travelling in Another Country

If you are an experienced motorcyclist, it is likely you are already fully aware of all the rules and regulations in your own area when it comes to using the road. However, if you are planning to go on a motorcycle road trip in another country or region where laws are different, it's very important to learn what they are and what you may need to carry to comply with them. You may need to make some modifications to your bike in some cases and knowing about these in advance will prevent a lot of problems later on.

Have Fun!

Planning your trip can be fun in and of itself, however, the real fun starts once you set out on the road. Knowing that you have got a path in mind and places planned out to visit and stay can let you set off in confidence and enjoy a great time.

These are just some of the ways you can ensure that your motorcycle road trip goes as smoothly as possible and that you come back with plenty of great memories. And also that no major hiccups occur while you are away!

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