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Thursday, 22 November 2018 16:10

Everything You Need to Know About Finding Your Dream Vehicle

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dream carThe reality of Canada is that we go through severe winters year after year. There is no sunny state we can escape to without crossing the border.

As such, it is not realistic to assume that you can enjoy the freedom of the open road on your motorcycle year round. Having a great winter vehicle and cross-country vehicle for when the weather takes a turn is a must to keep you adventurous and your motorcycle in peak condition.


Choosing the right vehicle to carry you through the other half of the year is not something that should be done lightly. Maintaining two vehicles is expensive, after all, and not investing the right time to research and negotiate on the final price will end up hurting your financial stability and end up being a bad investment in the long run.


You owe it to yourself to be careful with this second investment vehicle, and as such you should follow this guide so that you can love your wheels year round, not just in the summer.


Your Financing Options

The first step to buying a new vehicle is to always look into your financing options. If you don’t have great credit, or you want a better loan option than what your bank is giving you, or if you simply want to know what else is out there and if perhaps you can consolidate a few loans to make the repayment process easier – there are so many different choices to make.


Say, for instance, you have had to previously file for bankruptcy. With some lenders you can get the loan you need regardless of your history, so long as you have 10% of the loan total in savings that will act as a down deposit [link]. Without looking into your financing options, you will never be able to know what’s out there. Your credit history is history, but only if you know where to turn to when you need a loan.


Your Model Options

Once you have the money secured it is time to look at your options. There are plenty to choose from. You can opt for a Canadian-made option to help boost the local economy, an American vehicle, German, Japanese – the choices are widespread. If there is one thing that Canada is not lacking in it is the choice of cars. After all, our country is so large that not having one can leave a person terribly isolated, especially in winter.


New vs. Old

Regardless of what make or model you are looking at, always consider whether it would be better to buy new vs. old. If you need to use the vehicle for your work, then buying new can help you cash in on the warranty and of course all the modern conveniences and tech of today. If you need it for personal reasons only and only have a small budget to work with, then a used car might be the better fit.

If you choose a new car, you will need to be careful. Buying directly from the previous owner can save you a lot, but if you don’t know what you are looking for you could have paid for a seriously bad vehicle that is on its last legs and is a huge safety risk. To avoid this, opt for used car dealerships where they have to check the safety and certify the car’s condition before selling.


Towing Capacity

Canada is a massive, beautiful country, but it can be far too big to drive cross-country on a motorcycle. This is where your vehicle can come into play. Say you want to travel from Ontario to British Columbia, and then ride on your bike through the Rocky Mountains. You can, but only if the vehicle you choose can tow the weight of a trailer and your bike. Check beforehand so that you have this option available to you.


It is not feasible to assume you can drive your motorcycle throughout the year. Even if you lived right on the border of the United States, you can expect cold, icy winters that stretch from October right into April, and that’s if you are lucky. This doesn’t mean you should give up on your motorcycle and love of the community, but only that you will also need to invest in a great vehicle that will serve you well when it is too cold to race through the streets on a motorcycle. Choose well, and the extra money and extra costs won’t seem like a challenge to you, but rather the opportunity to explore more of this great country than you have had before.

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