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Tuesday, 18 December 2018 19:20

Bike Trends that are ruling the roost in 2018

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bicycling photoApart from slight modifications here and there, the basic structure of a bike remained mostly unchanged for a very long time, at least up until the last few years.

In the past couple of years alone we’ve seen several changes in the modern-day bikes, compared to a long time before that. As with anything, bikes are also not immune to the changes brought about by technology. For instance, bikers these days can also access Google Maps meant specifically for them. The bikes being produced today are seriously advanced level machines that are causing performance enhancement in areas that were never touched before. Bike technology is moving forward very rapidly and no one is complaining! Let’s go over some latest bike trends that are ruling the roost in 2018!

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Hydraulic disc brakes are more mainstream these days

While disc brakes themselves aren’t strictly a 2018 trend in bikes, as they’ve been around in different forms for many years now. However, what we are referring to is the quality of disc brakes that are being offered to bikers today! They are nothing short of astounding! The icing on the cake is that these new brakes are being offered even on many standard bikes. It implies that cyclists of all budgets are getting access to new age hydraulic brakes technology. Here’s a piece on the future of disc brakes on road bikes. These new-age brakes are less vulnerable to overheating, are powerful and responsive.

Carbon fibre frames are at the core of performance bikes

If you had talked about carbon bikes even half a decade ago, people would have thought that you’re referring to some latest performance bike which only a handful could afford. However, nowadays carbon frames have gone down significantly in price, all thanks to the cool new technologies that have brought up the quality, while bringing down the price point. It’s a bike like this that enabled this Aussie veteran to bicycle across Australia and raise money for another Vet. In fact, today cyclists of any budget can gain access to quality carbon fibre frame bikes. The advantages offered by these frames are inexplicable. The only way to understand what all the hoopla is about is by taking one such bike for a ride and experiencing it first-hand yourself!

Evolution of the bicycle tyre

After having been overlooked for several decades, the bicycle tyre is finally getting plenty of attention these days. The only change that was done to bicycle tyres long ago was decreasing their width, so as to minimise resistance and improve speed. However, it had strength and instability issues. Bike technology has gone into a different dimension today and is causing an increase in the tyre width. In fact Tour De France teams are also opting for wider tyres these days. With gear systems also witnessing significant improvement, these new-age tyres give you the best of both worlds – which is minimum resistance and the sturdiness to handle any obstacle.

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Advancements in the bike suspension systems

The suspension systems of the bikes is another area that is witnessing plenty of action these days. The springs and shocks have become more comfortable and durable today. The performance mountain bikes have gotten significantly better in the suspension department, enabling riders to target even bigger obstacles than before.

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