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Monday, 15 April 2019 01:14

How to Choose the Right Motorcycle Lift

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motorcycle liftA motorcycle lift is a device that is designed for your motorcycle to hoist it from its resting height.

In its core, it's fundamentally a steel plate, strong enough to mount and lock your bike in. It has a base attached to wheels (usually) and the flat and coarse steel surface can move upward and downward. The power that lifts the platform comes from compressed air, hydraulics and electricity. Most lifts have a clamp which anchors the front wheel and some include a hatch at the rear side to make access easy to the back wheel.

Do You Really Need It?

Riding a motorcycle has many gains. One very important one is it is cheap. But the problem with bike riding is it requires regular maintenance. Now, if you are unable to carry on regular checkups and elementary maintenance like changing the fluids, constricting the chain, cleaning the break-shoes, changing tire etc, you will soon find the maintenance costs are building up and your bike will not be able to perform at its optimum level.    

But without having a proper lift, it is required to hunch over or lie in the cold, damp floor. And that is not good for your health.

Also being able to clean, service or do regular maintenance will be of no use, if you don't have the proper tools. And a good motorcycle lift should always be at the number one spot in that list.


There can be a number of variations of a motorcycle lift. With distinctive features, each can be selected for your relevant necessity. A few words for each of them are as follows:


  • Floor Lifts -

It operates using mechanical efficiency and quite like a car jack. It is cheap, very easy to use and move it around. Typically it has a lever which does the work of lifting using compressed air and the lever can be functioned by hand or feet. It normally works on the similar principle like a socket or a wrench.

  • Hi Lifts -

This variation can take the bike higher off the ground and enables to perform serious maintenance work. This lift use air, air and hydraulic fuel at the same time or electricity to take the platform upwards. They can be expensive but offers convenience, smooth functioning and can take up huge weight consistently. Also they are customized for balancing perfectly.  

  • Lift Tables -

Instead of moving the bike upwards, the table lifts itself up. It's basically a hi lift with a table and a bit higher price tag. Working in lift table is quite easy.

How to Choose

Now its decision time and it should be taken only by you. Since you just have learnt about the lifts,  you have to factor in every aspects logically before making a buy. I have tried to point out a few rationalities in the form of questions to help you make the decision:

  • How much money do you plan to spend on the lift?
  • What is the size of your garage?
  • What kind of a bike are you riding now? Do you have any plans to upgrade the model and make in the near future?
  • What about your technical know-how? How much maintenance work you know about and can actually do?

After getting the answers of the above questions, you have to do a bit of a research. But first jot down the limiting factors that will influence your decision. Money may not be an issue here, but still, before going for the fanciest one, from which you can never get the full potential, you should think objectively.

Now go through the below questions. When you will be able to get to the bottom of each one, it will help you take the final decision -

  • Do you need your lift to be moveable?
  • How much clearance can you get from the lift?
  • How far upwards can the lift go? What is the best height for your bike?
  • What is the size of the platform that will be a best fit for your bike?
  • What type of lift will be most suitable for your particular bike?
  • What is the make and model of the lift?
  • What materials were used in the production process?
  • Does the manufacturing company follow the green-earth policies?
  • Can the lift take the weight of your bike?
  • Will the lift be taken from the local distributor or will it be direct purchase from the manufacturer?
  • Do you want an import?
  • What is covered by guarantee and warranty?
  • How is servicing agreement look like in the fine prints?

You also should remember that lifts are not made specifically aiming to fit any particular brand. Any lift will work for Yamaha,  Honda, BMW, or Suzuki,

But if you think research is best done by other people, there are professionals out there and you can pick their brains easily.

I hope, you now have the nuts and bolts of buying a motorcycle lift on your own.Once you sort out your priority, you can start shopping.

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