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Thursday, 10 October 2019 16:30

Fall season motorcycle protection tips

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motorcycleThere’s nothing quite like enjoying the dazzling colors of changing leaves as you hit the asphalt with your two-wheeler this fall.

Most bikers who live for this season are now preparing to dust off their rides, planning for one big ride in some iconic route before parking their bikes for winter. Now, before we even talk of the joys and challenges of riding in fall, you need to ensure your bike stays in top shape this season.

Picture yourself on the side of scenic mountain range, with a flat tire, or failed brakes that caused you to skid almost hitting that traffic barrier. Throw in the occasional rainstorms and add to the misery.

I bet you are now wishing you’d taken some time for a little bike maintenance before hitting the road. But why wait until it gets that far? Take care of your bike for optimum performance and avoid occasional breakdowns most bikers experience.

Here are a few simple, but important tips to help you protect and take care of your beloved ride this fall.

Motorcycle protection tips this fall

Keep it in the shade

Or keep it covered. The extreme summer heat and sun rays exposure last season might have taken a toll on your bike’s wellbeing. Almost all the exposed parts including, seat covers, paint, plastics, and chrome plating received the degenerative effects of last season’s weather.

You shouldn’t let this continue this season. Continued exposure of your bike to the elements during the fall season can make the chrome parts to lose their luster, create cracks and even fade and warp the plastic parts.

Therefore, ensure that when not riding your bike, keep it in the shade or covered.

Beat the heat

 It is common for most bike engines to endure tremendous heat stress while riding for a long distance, especially during the summer season. While this season’s temperatures might not be as high, don’t throw caution to the wind by riding on low fluids. Fluids are important in keeping the engine cool and maintaining the optimum performance of your bike.

When going for a long road trip, always ensure that you carry enough of the vital fluids and constantly check their levels.  

Clean a little more frequently

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So will it perform better when cleaned? Not necessarily. Cleaning helps its parts to last longer.

Make sure to clean it a little more often, especially before taking it to the garage. This helps you to stay on top of any accumulating filth before it starts to corrode your shiny bike parts.

It is always a good idea to use your hands when cleaning it. Yes, it is easier to get the job done using high-pressure washers, but most of these high-pressure sprays can compromise painted surfaces, short out switches, and electric connections or even damage your radio. Therefore, don’t shy off rolling your sleeves, it’s always worth the effort.

Then polish

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It is always a good idea to polish and coat your bike after cleaning. Get a coating brand that will protect your bike from harmful sun rays, water, and dirt. These elements cause your bike’s paint to fade and lose its luster. A good coating product adds a layer of protection that will keep your bike safe even when left out in harsh weather conditions.

Replace worn-out tires

Rainy days will always call for occasional skids on slippery roads. To avoid this, ensure that you replace your tires before they go bald. A good tire should have at least 3mm tread depth to provide enough grip on wet roads. It also helps to avoid overinflating your tires to add on your tire’s grip.



Your beloved ride needs protection, care, and maintenance during this fall season to not only to stay in top shape, but also to prevent the degenerative weather effects of this season. 

Above all keep safety your priority and have fun before the season comes to an end!

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