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Thursday, 05 March 2020 06:16

5 Iconic Motorbikes

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bmw1200 Maybe it is the attitude wrapped up in the mechanical interpretation of form meeting function.

Or perhaps it is the complexity mixed with equal parts simplicity that promises fast but straightforward transportation. Whatever it is, motorbikes strangle attention like an addict to an Indian cricket betting site. With their artful engineering, motorbikes have since been a countless combination of beauty, freedom, sex, design, and speed. 

But found between these two tires are five specially picked motorbikes that imbue iconic vibes. Making the top 5 best motorbikes of all time, the list comprises of:

  • The Ducati 916 For The Superbikes
  • The Brough Superior SS100 For The Classics
  • The BMW R1200GS For The Adventure
  • The BSA Goldstar Clubman For The Café Racers
  • The Harley Davidson Sportster For The Cruisers


Ducati 916

Massimo Tamburini created the Ducati 916 in a bid to improve aerodynamics and increase tire swaps in the pits. The result was a racer with a single-sided swingarm and an under-seat exhaust that exudes sexuality. 

A Desmodromic L-twin engine powered the motorbike. However, compared to the Japanese inlines, the bike had less power. But it made up for this with its omnipresent torque.

This is what resulted in the capture of four out of five World Superbike Championships during the late ’90s. The Ducati 916 was also featured at the Guggenheim Museum in The Art of the Motorcycle exhibit.  

Besides, the Ducati 916 found itself on many teenagers’ walls in place of Pamela Anderson. 


Brough Superior SS100

Dubbed the Rolls-Royce of motorcycles, the Brough Superior SS100 was a marvel of engineering and craftsmanship in the 1920s. Each motorbike hit 100mph.

By 1928, the Brough Superior SS100 run up to 130mph under the guidance of George Brough. The Brough Superior SS100 was also responsible for the inception of the use of helmets for motorcyclists.

This happened after the motorbike death of the famous Lawrence of Arabia. He owned three Brough Superiors.



The BMW R1200GS is known as the iconic motorbike for adventure because it was created to handle any terrain. This getaway tool is comprised of wide and flat footpegs, long-travel suspension, and an upright seating position.

The BMW R1200GS is the swiss army knife of bikes. It also made the bestseller list in the Motorad division. These bikes have, for years, been the favorites for bikers who like to take the paths that are less traveled. 

Therefore, it is a bike that makes the bucket list. Besides, the looks on the bike do not hurt. 


BSA Goldstar Clubman

After coming out of retirement in 1937, Wal Handley hoped on a BSA and made a record speed of 107.5 mph. This marked the birth of the BSA Gold Star. 

The Gold Star motorbike was then awarded to riders that could do a lap around the Brooklands circuit at an average speed that was north of 100 MPH. 

Now that BSA had tanks that were in demand, they dedicated their efforts to creating motorbikes that dominated the Clubman TT. Towards the end of 1956, BSA hand-assembled the 500cc single-cylinder Goldstar.

In later models, the motorbikes had an optional first gear that could hit 60 before it was necessary to shift. The bike was first cataloged as a racer and not suitable for the road. This only made them more accessible. 


Harley Davidson Sportster

The Sportster has been in the market since 1957. It is one of the best-selling motorbikes that is branded with the Bar and shield.

Initially, the bike was made for flat track racing. But, the bike was high-speed and agile, making it gain favor among the speed riders.

The power on the bike is in the form of a 45 degree V-Twin. The bike also has a factory forged variant that will suit every style. Five versions are available in the market today. 

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