There’s going to be a new Harley-Davidson dealer headquarters Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, and the owner is sparing no expense to make it an attraction.

Laurent Prémont is shelling out $15 million to build a 23,000-square-meter building for Premont Harley-Davidson franchise headquarters in Quebec City. Its crowning glory is to be a six-story tower museum that will be visible for miles around. Read On:

MONTREAL — Motorcyclists should pay a higher license fee for the additional risk they pose, according to the Quebec's Council of Experts on Automobile Insurance Contributions.

In their report issued Friday, Chairman Michel Sanschagrin expressed concern about an upcoming reduction in fees for motorcyclists announced in August by the Quebec's license bureau (SAAQ) for the years 2011-2015. Read On:

After crippling the Hells An-gels in Quebec over the past decade, police moved Wednesday to "neutralize" the gang's underlings who had taken control of the biker gang's drug operations.

Police arrested 25 people in a sweep in Montreal and across the South Shore. Most of those picked up are Hells Angels associates who had run three drug trafficking cells since a police task force arrested almost all of the Hells Angels full-patch members in Quebec in 2009.

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