REGINA - A new report says Saskatchewan should increase requirements for getting a motorcycle learner's licence and make additional gear mandatory for new riders.

The recommendations are from a motorcycle review committee formed by Saskatchewan Government Insurance, which is trying to find ways to reduce claims and save money.

SGI spokesman Don Thompson says some of the changes could be in place for the upcoming riding season if the government approves them. READ ON


CMC BREAKFAST Well Happy Ho Ho and Merry Jingle Jingle to all... Now that it is December, there is not much getting away from the Christmas music. On the upside, a pretty good sized chunk of winter is behind us, so here’s hoping for an early spring.

Since we are beginning a new month, It is breakfast time again... Come on over the Regent Family Restaurant on Sherwood Drive at9:30AM, on Saturday morning, for some eggs and bacon with the CMC crew... Where are the best off-season deals on accessories? Who has the biggest snowblower? Who wants to help plan some events for next year? Can I get extra bacon with that? All these questions and more can surely be discussed.

Also, our traditional 6:30 Thursday evening meetings at the Regent have not been especially well attended this year... Where has everybody been? Why aren’t we seeing you out? Last year, the winter meetings were bigger than some of our rides! There has been some talk about moving the meetings back a bit later, to make it easier to fit into everyone’s schedules. Would it work better/worse for you if we switched over to 7:30PM after this weeks meeting?... P.S. Feel free to come out tomorrow J

I still haven’t found a bike deal that I couldn’t resist so far, but since it is the middle of winter and all... I haven’t put too terribly much time into it. I guess on the upside, I won’t have to worry about whether or not mine will start in spring.

As an additional side note... Did you hear that the Saskatchewan Roughriders won the Grey Cup... WOOOOOOOHHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Talk to you soon,


CMC Regina - #042


I received a call today from Hugh Patterson, who is with a video movie company in Regina doing a movie called “Wolfcop”.  They are looking for a number of bikers for their movie, and I was asked to see if I could get some of the bikers I know to come down to the Sound Stage behind the CBC to see if they could be used in the film.  The plan is to have bikers arrive at the Sound Stage at 1:00 PM on Friday the 20th of September, 2013.  Those attending are asked to wear usual biker apparel (vests, chaps, etc.) to look like mean ruff type bikers.  This is to see if they’ll be able to select the amount of bikers they need and give any additional information that is required.   The filming would likely be in October, this is just to do the initial selection…

If you, your group, or any of your friends are interested in this please give me a call at 306-570-7661 (my cell), or send me an email and let me know you’ll be attending.  I’ll be in contact with members from the company and can let them know how many people will be coming.

Sorry for the short notice of this but I just got the request late this afternoon.


Ron Donison

(Captain Ron)


Caen Unit - CAVMU

“Vires et honestas”

The Canadian Legion of Riders (CLR) is holding a gigantic fund-raising event for military veterans at the North Battleford Branch 70 Legion Hall and area this Saturday (Sept. 14).

“We’re having a family day in conjunction with Belt Drive Betty’s (BDB) Cross Country Conga raising money for three veterans’ charities,” CLR Secretary Kevin Jones says.  READ ON


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